The Tsundere personality is a perfect mix of "tsun" and "dere". One minute she's chastizing you, the next she's all over you. However hard she may be to predict, I think you'll always know what her true intentions are. I-it's not like she means to be that way! It's just... how she is, you know?! Baka!

Special Job

Work Time
Cooking School (Receive a random item upon completion.) 4hr 00min

Random Items Received Upon Completion

Gacha Ticket Gacha Coupon Timesaver 120 Timesaver 60 Timesaver 5
Gacha Ticket
Gacha Coupon
Timesaver 120
Timesaver 60-0
Timesaver 5
Closet Space +5 Closet Space +1 Choco Heart +100 Choco Heart +10
Closet Space +5
Closet Space +1
Choco Heart 100
Choco Heart 10

Note: It is possible to receive more than one of each item. However, this excludes Gacha Tickets.


Tsundere Stats

Must be Level 20 to unlock this Type.


  • [Girlfriend]: I think a button's come off your shirt there, [Player]. I guess I'll have to sew it on for you...
    • [Player]: Oh yeah, thank you. You'll make a great wife, [Girlfriend].
      • [Girlfriend]: D-don't get me wrong!! It's not like I'm practicing to be your wife or anything!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Good morning!
    • [Player]: Morning... You seem happy this morning.
      • [Girlfriend]: Who wouldn't feel happy on a beautiful day like this? How miserable do you think I am?
      • [Player]: I suppose you're right.
      • [Girlfriend]: Join me for a walk. You have to get some exercise somehow.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, um... could you tell me how to work this computer?
    • [Player Action]: Sure
      • [Player]: Sure. What do you wanna know?
      • [Girlfriend]: H-hey...! You're close! Far too close!!
    • [Player Action]: Read the manual
      • [Player]: No problem. Just read through the manual first.
      • [Girlfriend]: Read... the manual? You're not gonna teach me yourself?!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... lie down for a second.
    • [Player]: What? Lie down? Why?
      • [Girlfriend]: What are you blushing for?! I just thought I might give you a massage... just shut up and lie down already!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey [Player], who do you like more, Momoka or Yui?
    • [Player Action]: Momoka
      • [Player]: Hmm... Momoka.
      • [Girlfriend]: R-really... so you like shorter girls...
    • [Player Action]: Yui
      • [Player]: I guess Yui.
      • [Girlfriend]: Really?... The more mature girl... W-why do I ask? No reason!!
  • [Girlfriend]: *yawn*...
    • [Player]: You look tired. How about taking a nap?
      • [Girlfriend]: I'm not tired, I'm bored! Tell me something interesting, [Player]!
      • [Player]: I mean... when you ask me something like that... How about we take a nap together, then?
      • [Girlfriend]: ...?! Together?!... I-if you really insist, I suppose I'll have to...!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey...
    • [Player]: Hmm? What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: I can't get to sleep...
    • [Player]: Do you want me to join you?
    • [Girlfriend]: What?! Did I ask you to join me?!
    • [Player]: I guess not. Good night, then.
    • [Girlfriend]: H-hey, wait a second!! Don't just give up so easily!!
    • [Player]: Ahh, wow... Come on then, come over here.
    • [Girlfriend]: Just today, okay?! Don't you dare get used to this!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, don't just leave your underwear lying around!
    • [Player Action]: Don't stare!
      • [Player]: Well you don't have to stare at them like that!
      • [Girlfriend]: I-I'm not staring! Who's staring?! I'm not staring!! What are you saying?!
    • [Player Action]: Ahh, yeah...
  • [Girlfriend]: It's morning already, wake up.
    • [Player]: Just five more hours...
    • [Girlfriend]: Five hours? Are you insane?
    • [Player]: Fine... four hours...
    • [Girlfriend]: Are you trying to annoy me?!
    • [Player]: Mmm... nyam nyam...
    • [Girlfriend]: I-if you don't get up right now... I'm gonna... gonna... kiss you!!
    • [Player]: zzz......
    • [Girlfriend]: I-I will! Don't think I won't! I'm gonna do it!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Go and take a bath already.
    • [Player]: Okay... you could join me, if you want?
    • [Girlfriend]: W-what?! Are you joking with me right now?! G-get in there already!! I'm not gonna tell you again!!
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I thought I might... y'know... sleep in your room tonight, [Player]...
    • [Player Action]: Fine with me (+9)
      • [Player]: R-really? I mean, it's fine with me.
      • [Girlfriend]: A-are you sure it's okay? Phew, thank you... You'll be on the floor of course, [Player].
    • [Player Action]: Why's that?
      • [Player]: Why's that? Did you watch something scary on TV?
      • [Girlfriend]: N-no!! I just thought... it might be nice to be together, y'know... I-I mean, you'll be on the floor of course!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... I see... all about the give and take...
    • [Player Action]: What are you reading?
      • [Player]: Hmm? What are you reading?
      • [Girlfriend]: N-nothing! I'm not reading anything at all! I've never heard of "100 Ways To Get Your Man"!!
    • [Player Action]: What is that...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Could you... come to the bathroom, [Player]?
    • [Player Action]: ...
      • [Player]: ... You want to go to the bathroom with me?
      • [Girlfriend]: No I do not want to go to the bathroom with you!! It's just... there's a bug and... Just come already!
Kiss Mode


  • ...What are you looking at? Just... hurry up and kiss me already! Baka!
  • ...[Player]! Y-you'd better close your eyes at least!
  • I-I'm not gonna wait here all day, you know...!
  • ...You've washed your mouth out, right...?


  • ...What are you smiling at?! I... I... I love you, okay! There, I said it...
  • You're...very cute, [Girlfriend]... W-what? Nothing! I said nothing!
  • I should get [Player] to buy me some new clothes...
  • What? Are you going out somewhere?
  • Do you know where [Player] went? Honestly...
  • Does [Player] dote on you well enough?
  • I think you should give this a read.
  • I'm quite hungry... Is there anything to eat, I wonder...
  • Make me something delicious!
  • Hmm. Not a bad outfit you're wearing there...
  • You'd better make sure it's sunny tomorrow!
  • What exactly do you think you're doing?!
  • You want to play, do you...? Fine. B-but only today!
  • ... Is that it...? N-nothing! I didn't say anything!
  • W-what are you doing?!
  • Hey! That tickles, you know!!
  • I think... I've put on some weight...
  • I'm very thirsty here. Go and make some tea!
  • What? Do you want somethin?
  • What exactly are you doing?!

Touch During Date Mode

  • I'm very thirsty here. Go and make some tea!
  • W-what are you doing?!
  • ...Is that it...? N-nothing! I didn't say anything!
Girl To Girl Chat


  • Ugh... Why do I always cry like this cutting onions...? I know, I'll get [Player] to do it for me.
  • Well that sounds fascinating. Tell me more!
  • The fridge is almost empty. I was just about to go out for groceries, is there anything you need?
  • Oh, that reminds me...!
  • Wh-what is [Player] doing here...! [Other Girlfriend]! Take [Player] away with you, please! I'm trying to work!
  • This is delicious, but... I shouldn't eat too much, or I'll...! [Other Girlfriend]?! Y-you didn't hear me just now, did you...?!
  • They say your personality changes based on what kind of animals you like... I wonder if it's true.
  • [Player] asked if there's anywhere we'd like to go... It's hard to think when you're put on the spot like that...
  • There must be something here to suit [Player]... Let's search around.
  • This one store had a special about it on TV, and the next day there were lines down the street... We should avoid places like that for dates.
  • Oh, I almost forgot! There's another book I need. Will you come to the library with me, [Other Girlfriend]?


  • D-dating...? I mean, I suppose I'm interested, of course, but... you mean with [Player]...?
  • A surprise? For [Player]? I suppose we could, but-- Ack, [Player]?! Get out!
  • I had no idea this was your work, [Other Girlfriend]. Interesting.
  • I'm very sure Sayo will naturally gain confidence and eventually grow out of this clumsy phase.
  • Did I surprise you? I just wanted to see how you get on at work!
  • This plushie feels so soft... I could hug it all day long...
  • I had no idea that was even... I mean, really you just threw it all into one equation, right? I must have been overthinking things!
  • A day like today is just the worst for deciding on a single outfit...!
  • Hmm... I think the best present of all is something that really matches the other person's tastes.
  • We still have some time, don't we? Let's keep chatting.

See you later...

  • I should have some time later, we can talk all we want then...!
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: What? Do you have something to say?
  • [Player]: Me? No...?
  • [Girlfriend]: If there's something you want to say, then say it.
  • [Player]: But...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey! Don't go getting all sad on me now!
  • [Player]: Sure...
  • [Girlfriend]: Honestly...! Cheer up, or you're just going to bring me down too!
  • [Player]: Thanks [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I wasn't trying to be kind, you know...!

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: "I feel like... you're getting to know me a little better, [Player]."
  • [Player]: "You think so? I'm pretty sure there's still a lot left to go."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Of course there is. I'm not quite so easy to read, you know."
  • [Player]: "... I do know you're an extremely kind person, though."
  • [Girlfriend]: "W-what? Me?! B-baka!"
  • [Player]: "She says, tripping over words, face blushing..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "D-don't you dare get the wrong idea! I-I'm just... angry, that's all!"
  • [Player]: "Looks like you're slipping into that little tsun-tsun spiral now...?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Y-You don't know me! You still have so much to learn!!"


  • [Girlfriend]: "What a beautiful day. Perfect for a picnic."
  • [Player]: "You've been looking forward to it a while now, huh."
  • [Girlfriend]: "M-me? What are you...?! B-baka! I never said I was looking forward to anything!"
  • [Player]: "Oh yeah...? How about I ask that giant picnic basket you prepared?"
  • [Girlfriend] "Th-this is just... I just enjoy cooking, that's all! Nobody's forcing you to eat it!!"
  • [Player]: 'Sorry, sorry! I wanna eat, I really do. Wow, it does look amazing... Maybe we should invite Momoka and the girls too.."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Do what?! I made all of this just for you, [Player]!!'
  • [Player]: "Really? All of this... It must have taken forever. Thank you!"
  • [Girlfriend]: " ... I didn't mean it... It's that... Grr! Just shut up and eat with me!!"


  • [Girlfriend]: … Just thinking about you makes me feel all… funny inside…
  • [Player Action]: It must be love.
  • [Girlfriend]: "A-As if...! Baka!
  • [Player]: "But... I thought, it must be..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Why would you even think that?!"
  • [Player]: "I mean... do you want me to bring you a mirror...?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "A...?! Mirror...?! Are you trying to say it's written all over my face?!
  • [Player]: "It's more, y'know... in your body language..."
  • [Player]: "It's really... pretty obvious...
  • [Girlfriend]: "I-I mean, so what if I do love you?! It's not like I love you more than anything in the world?!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Don't think for a second that I do, okay!! Baka!!"
  • [Player]: (... Whyever would I think that?)

Would you prefer it was mutual?

  • [Girlfriend]: … Just thinking about you makes me feel all… funny inside…
  • [Player Action]: Love…? Nah, I don’t think so.
  • [Girlfriend]: It was just my imagination! Of course it was!
  • [Player]: Y-yeah… sure…
  • [Girlfriend]: Unbelievable! To think I was expecting…
  • [Player]: Expecting what?
  • [Girlfriend]: N-nothing! Nothing at all!!
  • [Player]: Come on, tell me~!
  • [Girlfriend]: I said it’s nothing at all! Baka!
  • [Player]: What does it hurt to tell me?
  • [Girlfriend]: I don’t want to! What if you didn’t reciprocate?!
  • [Player]: … Pretty sure you just let it slip…

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: "Ahh, I'm so tired! Why exactly did we have to come all the way to Hawaii?"
  • [Player]: "We'd have been crazy not to. I can't believe Yui actually got us tickets..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "I suppose we really should thank her... I'd have liked a little more time to... prepare myself for a couple's vacation, though..."
  • [Player]: "So you mean... You've been looking forward to this...? All excited...?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "A-are you entirely insane?! I don't remember saying... but, I mean... Fine! Yes! I couldn't even sleep last night!!"
  • [Player]: "[Girlfriend]... thank you. I've been really looking forward to taking this trip together too."
  • [Girlfriend]: "B-baka! B... b..."*mwah*
  • [Player]: "Wah?! Did you just...?! Kiss...?!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Well...! I... love you... [Player]... So you'd better love me too! Forever!!"
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]: "Why is it still so hot in September..."
  • [Player]: "I guess this is one of those long summers. "
  • [Girlfriend]: "I-I know that! I just... don't like the heat, is all..."
  • [Player]: "Really?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Air conditioning is expensive... I get all... sweaty and can't sit next to... N-never mind!"
  • [Player]: "What? What was that last one?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "I said it' s nothing!! Nothing at all!"

Winter Footsteps

  • [Player]: "Wanna go for a walk?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "If you have some errand to do... otherwise it's far too cold out."
  • [Player]: "Come on~! Where do you wanna go?"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Where? Erm... Mmm..."
  • [Player]: "Time's up! Good night~."
  • [Girlfriend]: "What?! Are you kidding me?! Wake up this instant!!"
  • [Player]: "But... time's up..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "It wasn' t my idea in the first place!!"
  • [Player]: "Mmm... zzz..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Unbelievable!!"

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:

Happy Valentine's Day

  • [Player]: Hmm? What are you doing?
  • [Girlfriend]: N-nothing!!
  • [Player]: Hmm...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey... Erm... Valenti---
  • [Player]: Definitely! Please! I'm waiting!
  • [Girlfriend]: Maybe I shouldn't give it to you after all~...
  • [Player]: Don't say that~! Gimme~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait! I'm just trying to figure out why on Earth I possibly should...
  • [Player]: Aww come on...!!
MR+ Scenarios

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Saki]: In sickness and health... And, yeah. Skip the rest. Please kiss the bride.
  • [Player]: Lesley... I love you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Dummy. I love you even more, [Player].
  • *Smooch♪*
  • [Player]: It's finally done~! Now, we are finally a happily married couple!
  • [Girlfriend]: That's right, [Player]... *hug*
  • [Player]: (Whoa?! The heck?! [Girlfriend], hugging me?! Is she going full on dere?!)
  • [Player]: {Oh man, it's been so long since she's been so dere.) [Girlfriend], can we kiss one more time?
  • [Girlfriend]: Silly. No one's watching... We can kiss as much as we want.
  • [Player]: *Ba-Bump!* Y-yeah, you're right. Well, I guess we should get going.
  • [Girlfriend]: *nods*
  • [Player]: (Oh man, she's so cute♪ Being married is great! Whoa! Oh man, this carrying the princess is a lot harder than I thought!)
  • [Player]: (Alright, gotta put my back into it.) Here we... GO! *RIP!*
  • [Girlfriend]: Eeek! W-what are you doing?!
  • [Player]: Oh crap! I stepped on the hem of the skirt! *slip* Whoa-whoa-WHOA?! *Thud!*
  • [Girlfriend]: Kyaaa~?! Ooooh, you dummy~!

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: *sigh*...
  • [Player]: Wh-what's the matter, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: We finally get a chance to go on an actual date together...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...and you take me to the river down the street.
  • [Player]: Yeah, sorry... Things are a little... tight, at the moment...
  • [Gabriel]: Don't worry, I wasn't really expecting much of you anyway.
  • [Player]: You're bored, right?
  • [Player]: Should we have gone to a theme park or something instead?
  • [Girlfriend]: I... I don't remember saying I was bored!
  • [Player]: Oh, good... So you're having fun, then?
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I didn't say that either!
  • [Player]: Well... which is it?
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmm... Enough! Who cares!
  • [Girlfriend]: Let's just keep walking already! Hmph!
  • [Player]: (...Why is she upset...?!)
  • [Girlfriend]: Hurry up will you?! Baka!

Grocery Shopping

  • [Girlfriend]: What are you making for dinner tonight?
  • [Girlfriend]: One of my favorites, I'd hope.
  • [Player]: Huh? Wasn't it your turn to cook today?
  • [Girlfriend]: What are you talking about turns?
  • [Girlfriend]: You should be the one cooking for me, right? That's just how this works!
  • [Player]: Wha...? We just had that whole rock-paper-scissors competition last night to decide it, and you lost.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's... Mmm... Tch...
  • [Girlfriend]: Fine! I'll make us something, but only this once!
  • [Girlfriend]: It'll be so delicious it'll knock you off your feet!
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course! I'm talking about my very favorite chirashi-zushi. No complaints from you.
  • [Player]: No complaints from me!
  • [Player]: I'm looking forward to it, you're a great cook, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wh...what are you...? E-enough! Just be quiet and carry the bags, okay?
  • [Player]: Leave it to me!
  • [Girlfriend]: Good. Take this on and this one, and this one. And there's more to come, too!
  • [Player]: Yes, my darling!
  • [Girlfriend]: B-baka!

Rainy Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh, this is the worst! I can't believe it's raining on our date!
  • [Player]: Yeah, it is a shame...
  • [Girlfriend]: You're always bringing the rain with you, [Player]! This is your fault.
  • [Player]: H-How...?! That's mean.
  • [Player]: Either way, we're not going to get much done today now...
  • [Player]: Should we just go back home?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I-I don't remember saying I wanted to go home!
  • [Player]: Huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm just sick of this rain, that's all! We're staying.
  • [Player]: But I don't have an umbrella or anything...
  • [Girlfriend]: We won't need one!
  • [Girlfriend]: Even the rain cowers in the face of my beauty. [Player] You should know this.
  • [Girlfriend]: See for yourself!
  • [Player]: ...Did it actually just let up a little...?
  • [Player]: Th-the rainclouds! They're disappearing, and ...the sky's clearing up?
  • [Girlfriend]: See? Just as I said.
  • [Player]: That... is incredible... You're some kind of sun goddess!
  • [Girlfriend]: Shall we continue our date, now? Huhu.

We're Late!

  • [Player]: Ahh... whew... This is not...good... Gonna be... late..!
  • [Girlfriend]: Less talking, more running! We're almost at the gate!
  • [Player]: W-wait for me, [Girlfriend]~!
  • [Girlfriend]: No! It's every man for themselves!
  • [Girlfriend]: I have a duty to set a good example for the other students!
  • [Player]: Y-you what...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ten seconds! Nine! Eight! Seven!
  • [Player]: Ack, wait, wait~! I can't be late again~! One more strike and... and...!
  • [Girlfriend]: Five! Four!
  • [Player]: Aaaahhhh, full speed ahead~!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Four! Three...! Two....!
  • [Player]: C-can I make it...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ooo~...
  • [Girlfriend]: (...Move, move! Faster, come on..)
  • [Girlfriend]: ...oooo~...
  • [Player]: Safe! I...made it...! I'm here... I'm okay! Whew...
  • [Girlfriend]:! Whew... That was.. You were... so slow... I'm out of... breath...
  • [Player]: waited for me...
  • [Girlfriend]: I... I... I did... what?! What are you... talking about....?!
  • [Player]: That one lasted like... 10 seconds... Thanks...
  • [Girlfriend]: Sh-shut up! I did... nothing of the sort...!

Date At The Zoo

  • [Girlfriend]: ....
  • [Player]: ...I've never seen [Girlfriend] like this before...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Huhu♪...
  • [Player]: I didn't think she'd ever enjoy a petting zoo, but...
  • [Player]: As soon a that rabbit came bouncing up to her she just melted like butter.
  • [Girlfriend]: Good little bunny...
  • [Player]: She's got this look on her face that's just...filled with love.
  • [Player]: I don't think she's ever shown that face to me before...!
  • [Player]: Let it be known, the true power of fluffy little animals...!
  • [Player]: ...Isn't that right, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ack...! Wh-what? Isn't what right?!
  • [Player]: You look like you're having fun with the bunny rabbit there.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...! I have no idea what you're talking about!
  • [Girlfriend]: I-it's only a rabbit! It's not like he's...adorable or anything...!
  • [Player]: I don't believe you for a second.
  • [Player]: All that hugging and baby talk and doe-eyed stares~...
  • [Girlfriend]: What... You... That's...!!!
  • [Player]: (...She's turned bright red...!)
  • [Player]: (...This is actually kinda fun♪)

Gardening Together

  • [Player]: Aaaaahhhhhh~~~!!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Kya~?! Wh-what?! What on earth is it?!
  • [Player]: Oh man... This is terrible~...
  • [Girlfriend]: Wh-what are you doing sitting on the floor out here?
  • [Girlfriend]: What is that, the planter--- Oh...
  • [Player]: Look, [Girlfriend]...
  • [Player]: I've been growing these broccoli for so long...
  • [Player]: And now they're all gone...! Today was finally the day to pull them up and cook them, too!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... H-honestly, you sound ridiculous right now...
  • [Player]: ... Wh-what are you?!
  • [Player]: That's a little harsh!
  • [Player]: I grew them all this time for you, [Girlfriend]! I wanted to cook you something special with them!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Ahh...
  • [Player]: You always go a step too far, [Girlfriend]..., I---
  • [Player]: Hmm? What is that? Do I hear meowing...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah! G-get back, back inside! Don't come out here, kitty!
  • [Player]: A kitten? With... broccoli in its mouth...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... I-it was me... I pulled up the broccoli...
  • [Girlfriend]: This little kitten was weak and starving, I found him out in the garden...
  • [Girlfriend]: I just wanted to give him something to eat, but there was nothing in the fridge to give a cat...
  • [Girlfriend]: So I just... Yeah... I'm sorry.
  • [Player]: ... Oh... Well, I guess there's no helping that.
  • [Player]: If it helped a starving kitten find his little feet again, I'd say that was worth it all for sure.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... I'm sorry...
  • [Player]: No, no, don't worry. Look, I think he's enjoying them. Haha.

On A Picnic

  • [Player]: Ahh, feel that fresh air! Don't you just love nature?
  • [Player]: Woohoo~!
  • [Girlfriend]: H-hey! Stop shouting like that, it's embarrassing...
  • [Player]: Aww, come on! It's a picnic!
  • [Player]: We've gotta enjoy the freedom out here!
  • [Girlfriend]: Yeah, well, the grown-ups are going to have lunch now, so could you get the blanket down please?
  • [Player]: Alrighty then~ ♪ Lunch time, lunch time~! Where's that blanket...
  • [Player]: Okay, done! So so so, what's for lunch?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu ♪ My very own homemade shrimp-mayo sandwiches!
  • [Player]: Alright! They look amazing! *nom nom nom*
  • [Girlfriend]: Slow down, will you?! They're not gonna run away, you kno--- Hmm?
  • [Player]: Hmm? What is it?
  • [Girlfriend]: B-behind you... behind you...
  • [Player]: Behind me...? W-waaaahhh!!
  • [Player]: A b-b-bear~?!?!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... do something! Deal with it!
  • [Player]: Deal with it?! How?!
  • [Player]: W-we've just gotta run~! It... it's not chasing us...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Th-the bear's not the only one, either... There's deer, squirrels, rabbits... all kinds of animals gathering...
  • [Player]: It must be your sandwiches, [Girlfriend]! They're staring at the picnic...
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Huhu, fine... I guess we'll all have to share!

Cinema Date

  • [Girlfriend]: ...Ahh~...
  • [Girlfriend]: That poor, poor couple...
  • [Girlfriend]: What a sad story... a sad, sad story...
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Isn't it sad, [Player]?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... [Player]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oi! Are you asleep?
  • [Player]: Oww! Wh-what are you pinching me for?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Because you! Are an oaf!
  • [Girlfriend]: A big, stupid oaf, [Player]!
  • [Player]: That doesn't mean you have to pinch me... Ack...
  • [Girlfriend]: ... I-I'm sorry, we'll be quiet...
  • [Player]: See? All your pinching got the ushers mad at us.
  • [Girlfriend]: What are you talking about? You were just being too loud!
  • [Player]: ... Because you pinched me!
  • [Girlfriend]: For snoring like a beast through this incredible movie!
  • [Player]: Wh-what?!
  • [Girlfriend]: What what?!
  • [Player]: ......
  • [Girlfriend]: ......
  • [Player]: I-I'm sorry...
  • [Girlfriend]: We'll be quiet...

What's For Dinner?

  • [Player]: [Girlfriend]~! What do you want for dinner?
  • [Girlfriend]: What, are you going to cook tonight?
  • [Girlfriend]: I mean, can you even cook? Huhu♪
  • [Player]: Hey, don't underestimate my kitchen skills.
  • [Player]: Not only can I cook, I can cook with love.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh yeah? How about you love-cook some tempura shrimp, then?
  • [Player]: Alright! Leave it to me!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Should I, though...?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Player]: ...Ack?! The oil's spitting everywhere!
  • [Player]: ...Oww! Hot hot hot, so hot!!
  • [Player]: ...Uh-oh, it's gonna burn! Phew...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...The whole kitchen's a mess...
  • [Girlfriend]: Are you okay back there, [Player]...?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...No, you're not. At all...
  • [Player]: Haha... Tempura's not easy, huh...
  • [Girlfriend]: Honestly... Move. Go on.
  • [Girlfriend]: You better watch closely, okay? I'm gonna show you how it's done.
  • [Player]: O-okay! This isn't embarrassing at all...
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu♪ Try to keep up!

Weird Dream

  • [Girlfriend]: Grr, I've had enough!
  • [Girlfriend]: What is this place, where am I?!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm mere inches tall, [Player] is nowhere to be seen...
  • [Girlfriend]: How do I get back to how things were? Can I even get back?!
  • [Girlfriend]: ....
  • [Girlfriend]: *sob*...
  • [Girlfriend]: Where are you, [Player]...
  • [Girlfriend]: How dare you! How dare you leave at a time like this!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I-it's lonely out here, all by myself...
  • [Girlfriend]: Tch...
  • [Girlfriend]: .....
  • [Girlfriend]: *sob*...
  • [Player]: [Girlfriend]! There you are, finally!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hya~?! [Player]! Where were you?!
  • [Player]: Oh man, I'm so glad you're safe. I've been looking for you!
  • [Player]: ...Hmm? Were you... crying...?
  • [Girlfriend]: ?!?!?!?!
  • [Player]: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you alone! It must have been so scar---Oof!
  • [Girlfriend]: B-baka! I-I wasn't crying!
  • [Player]: Th-there's no need for violence...
  • [Girlfriend]: You better not leave me alone again, [Player]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you hear me?!
  • [Player]: Y-yeah... I hear you...

Tropical Paradise

  • [Player]: We're here! Blue skies, blue sea, a tropical paradise!
  • [Player]: ...Yeah, maybe not. Things are a little tight, so...tada. The local pool.
  • [Player]: Are you still changing back there, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Finished~♪ Sorry, it took longer than I thought.
  • [Player]: Wow! It was worth the wait!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh really? Am I pulling it off? Huhu♪
  • [Player]: Of course! Bikini Beauty! Queen of the Seas!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well enjoy it while you can. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...?
  • [Player]: Woah... that girl over there looks... just... woah...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...What are you looking at, [Player]?
  • [Player]: ...Woah, and another one...!
  • [Girlfriend]: Y-you pervert! You rat!
  • [Player]: H-hya~! I'm sorry, I'm sorry~!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Fine. I forgive you.
  • [Player]: Wh-what, really? Thanks...!
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course you'll have to be my slave for the day.
  • [Player]: Wh-what~?!
  • [Girlfriend]: That is an order from your queen! I wonder what other orders I can think of~♪
  • [Player]: O-oh no...

Cleaning Up!

  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~? I'm coming in~.
  • [Player]: Wh-what? N-no, wait...!
  • [Girlfriend]: Kya~~!! This place is a mess!!
  • [Player]: Ah~... I did say to wait, but...
  • [Player]: I'm in the middle of cleaning the place.
  • [Girlfriend]: Right now...? How long have you left it?!
  • [Player]: Yeah... Erm... Ha ha...
  • [Girlfriend]: No, not ha ha! What is this here?!
  • [Girlfriend]: A plastic bag filled with old ramen cups...? Garbage!
  • [Girlfriend]: What are these, game cartridges? Do you even have this console any more? Garbage!
  • [Girlfriend]: And these pants...there's a great big hole in them! Garbage!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm, magazines? Eww! I'll pretend I didn't see those. Garbage!
  • [Player]: Oh, those, ha ha... I just, erm... I was meaning to throw them out, but...
  • [Girlfriend]: Honestly! I'll help out if I must, but you have to tidy this room, now!
  • [Player]: O-okay...
  • [Girlfriend]: I think I'll start with this giant pile of trash here...
  • [Player]: Ah... [Girlfriend], maybe you shouldn't---
  • [Girlfriend]: I absolutely should, and will! I'm not letting you live like this a!
  • [Girlfriend]: KyaTigerlilee (talk)!!! A c-c-cockroach?! Gross, gross~!
  • [Player]: I did warn you...

After School

Live Event!

Relaxing Cat Cafe

Ghosts Aren't Real!

Bathing Together?!

Firework Lights

Secret Admirer

Put To The Test

Our Own Space

Starry Skies


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