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Synthesis allows you to melt down any unwanted or duplicate items of clothing into Synth points, which can then be exchanged for new outfits. Each opening brings new outfits.

Synthesis costs 5 NP or 1200 Shells for one item and 200 Shells for each additional item up to a maximum of ten. You will receive prizes for Synthesizing certain amounts of items. These prizes change each opening. Synth Points earned vary by rarity of items in Synthesis.

Rarity N R RR SR MR
Pts Received 5 15 50 200 500

**Your Synth Points will reset to zero at the end of each period.**

Master Synthesis Bonus

Pts Reward Pts Reward Pts Reward
200 pts
Timesaver 10
Timesaver 10 1500 pts
Outfit Space +5
Outfit Space +5 3000 pts
Trait Treat DOWN
Trait Treat DOWN
500 pts
Closet Space +1
Closet Space +1 2000 pts
Album Space +1
Album Space +1 4000 pts
Trait Treat UP
Trait Treat UP
1000 pts
Timesaver 30
Timesaver 30 2500 pts
Rainbow Drink-0
Rainbow Drink 5000 pts
Rainbow Drink DX-0
Rainbow Drink DX

Past Openings


The Lady's Day Off (7/22/2017 ~ 7/27/2017)

Rich Girl's Leisurewear (6/21/2017 ~ 6/27/2017)

I Love Drawing♪ (5/23/2017 ~ 5/29/2017)

Backgrounds (4/21/2017 ~ 4/27/2017)

Dainty Dessert (3/19/2017 ~ 3/24/2017)

Effects (2/19/2017 ~ 2/24/2017)

Madame Traveler (1/18/2017 ~ 1/23/2017)


Go! Go! Horsey! (12/22/2016 ~ 12/27/2016)

The Grape Crusher (11/21/2016 ~ 11/26/2016)

Lollipop Candy (10/23/2016 ~ 10/28/2016)

Sexy Pole Dancer (09/22/2016 ~ 09/27/2016)

School Club Idol (08/21/2016 ~ 08/26/2016)

Girly Style (07/22/2016 ~ 07/27/2016)

Villain Theme (06/21/2016 ~ 06/26/2016)

Racer Girls (05/21/2015 ~ 05/26/2016)

Ball (04/21/2016 ~ 04/26/2016)

Power Heroes (03/23/2016 ~ 03/28/2016)

Rock Star (02/21/2016 ~ 02/26/2016)

Manga (01/22/2016 ~ 01/27/2016)


Dancing Heroine (12/19/2015 ~ 12/24/2015)

Dream Racing Club (11/19/2015 ~ 11/24/2015)

Casual Stripes (10/22/2015 ~ 10/28/2015)

Flat Rate Shop

Just like the regular Synthesis Shop, points received from Synthesizing items can be used to exchange for accessories. All Accessories in this shop can be purchased for the same flat rate of 1000 pts.




Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Half-Rim Glasses White Half-Rim Glasses Blue Half-Rim Glasses Yellow Half-Rim Glasses Green
Study Glasses Clear Study Glasses Black Study Glasses Yellow Study Glasses Green
Frameless Glasses Red Frameless Glasses Blue Frameless Glasses Smoked Frameless Glasses Brown
Hairclips Black Hairclips Yellow Hairclips Green Hairclips Red
X Pins White & Black X Pins Yellow & Brown X Pins Blue & Green X Pins Gold & Silver
Enamel Hairband White Enamel Hairband Black Enamel Hairband Red Enamel Hairband Green
Shoulder Kitty Tiger Shoulder Kitty Siamese Shoulder Kitty Striped Shoulder Kitty Mixed
Starry Frame Orange Starry Frame Purple Starry Frame Light Blue Starry Frame Night Blue
Idol's Signature Purple Grad Idol's Signature Blue Grad Idol's Signature Yellow Grad Idol's Signature Green Grad
Together Forever Purple Together Forever Blue Together Forever Yellow Together Forever Green
I Love You Purple I Love You Blue I Love You Yellow I Love You Green

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