The Standard personality comes as default with every girlfriend. She's polite, she's kind, she's everything at once! She'll get angry, get happy and get sad, just like anybody else. She's perfectly... Standard!

Special Job

Work Time




Girl To Girl Chat


  • The cake [Player] bought us was so delicious. We should make something in return.
  • Are you feeling hungry yet, [Other Girlfriend]?
  • [Player] will never expect a gift like this. It'll be a big surprise.
  • Gifts are exchanges of the heart. A present for [Player] is a perfect way to share our feelings.
  • I think I'm finally ready for the test! Or am I...? Maybe not... I think I'll study some more.
  • Could we visit one more store? I saw an outfit there earlier that I'd like to try on.
  • Oh, speaking of which...!
  • Animal paws look so cute in art designs.
  • [Player] is going to make us both something to eat.
  • [Player]'s shoes are looking a little dirty. Maybe we could take them to get cleaned?
  • Look at this article, [Girlfriend], have you ever seen this animal before?
  • [Player] hasn't told me where we're going on our date. Where did he take you, [Girlfriend]?
  • Phew... That was a tough day, but somehow I made it through.
  • Did you know Momoka is very good at basketball? She taught me a few tips recently.
  • I always cry at movies about animals.
  • ...Then divide by the root to find x, and... Ah, [Girlfriend]! Would you like to study together?
  • I really like reading. Do you [Girlfriend]?
  • I wonder what kind of hobbies [Player] has.
  • I don't think dates have to be too special. Just taking a walk together hand-in-hand is more than enough...


  • I'll have to bear that in mind.
  • This dress is really in style recently! What do you think, [Other Girlfriend]?
  • Wait, [Other Girlfriend]. I think you should probably take an umbrella with you.
  • I would love to stroke an alpaca some day.
  • I understand how you feel [Other Girlfriend], but please try to relax.
  • I think I'll be able to use that in daily life, too.
  • I know! We should both pretend to speak like Saki and try to surprise [Player].
  • Well you have to admit Momoka hardly acts her age...
  • Do you think I could join you? Thank you very much♪

See you later...

  • I'm sorry, I should be heading off now.
  • Is that the time already...!
  • Are you feeling hungry too, [Girlfriend]?
  • You're so cute, [Girlfriend].
  • Are you going out somewhere?
  • I want to eat some delicious foods.
  • I read a really interesting book recently.
  • [Player] is such a kind person.
  • I would love a new outfit...
  • Your outfit is so cute!
  • Is [Player] a kind person?
  • I hope the weather is good tomorrow.
  • H-hey...
  • Are you okay?
  • Is something the matter?
  • Do you want to watch a movie?
  • I think I've put on some weight...
  • Would you like to get some exercise?
  • Is something the matter?

Touch During Date Mode

  • I hope you'll take me to even more amazing places in the future too.
  • Y-you mustn't do that in public...!
  • This is such a wonderful date.
  • I love spending time just chatting with you.
  • [Girlfriend]What a nice day. I want to get outside and do something.
  • [Player]Alright. Is there anywhere you want to go?
  • [Girlfriend]If I'm with you, [Player], then I don't care where we go♪
  • [Player]You're making me embarrassed... Alright, how about we go to the aquarium?
  • [Girlfriend]The aquarium?... Alright, I want to see the dolphin show!
  • [Player]Alright it's decided. Let's go and get ready.
  • [Girlfriend]Okay... Oh and also, umm...
  • [Player]What is it?
  • [Girlfriend]... When we go to the aquarium can we hold hands...?(+)
  • [Girlfriend]I found a really interesting looking movie I thought you'd like it, so I rented it out.

  • [Girlfriend]The button on you shirt came off, but I sewed it back on for you.
  • [Player]Wow I appreciate it. Thanks. You'll make a great wife!
  • [Girlfriend]Huh...!? ... That's... You mean your wife, right...?(+)
  • [Girlfriend] I had a nice dream last night.
  • [Player] What kind of dream?
  • [Girlfriend]You shrunk and became tiny... and remember I was playing with you. You looked so cute...
  • [Player]Okay... that's a little embarrassing...
  • [Girlfriend]You were so small but were trying really hard to move around.
  • [Player]What were we doing?
  • [Girlfriend]We were making origami and playing with a ball.
  • [Player]I wish you were tiny in real life so I could play with you.
  • [Girlfriend]You know what... it is embarrassing after all.(+)
  • [Girlfriend]Did you catch a cold by any chance?
  • [Player]... *achoo!*... Yeah, I think may have...
  • [Girlfriend]I know that you're doing your best... But don't strain yourself.
  • [Player]I wasn't planning to...
  • [Girlfriend]You probably haven't noticed yet, but your body will be quite weak right now.
  • [Player]Right, haha... I didn't think I would catch a cold... Geez.
  • [Girlfriend]Don't worry. I'll be sure to nurse you back to health.
  • [Player]No it's okay, I brought this on myself.
  • [Girlfriend]It's okay. I'll do all the house cleaning and chores for you, so please just rest up.
  • [Player]I said that I'm fine. Don't you know how hard it will be for you to do all the chores by yourself? I'll help out.
  • [Girlfriend]No! I want you to rest until you feel better.
  • [Player]Y-you don't have to get that mad about it...
  • [Girlfriend]Ohh... I'm sorry... I was just worried about you, and I want you to get better as soon as possible.
  • [Player]Thanks... I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.
  • [Girlfriend]Not at all... You have to get better soon so that we can hangout again. Promise?(+)
  • [Girlfriend]I had a nice dream last night
  • [Player Action]What kind of dream was it?
  • [Player]What kind of dream was it?
  • [Girlfriend]Well I remember that you were in it... But that's about it.(+)

  • [Girlfriend]I'm hungry...
  • [Player]Right. Do you want to go and eat something?
  • [Girlfriend]There are just so many things lying around, I thought I'd make something.
  • [Player]Hm... I want to eat omurice!
  • [Girlfriend]Wow you read my mind! I was just thinking I want to eat omurice as well.(+)
  • [Girlfriend]I'm feeling a bit hungry.
  • [Player]Alright, let's eat something.
  • [Girlfriend]Oh! Um, there is something that I want to make... Do you want to make it together?(+)
  • [Girlfriend]What kind of sweets do you want to eat?
  • [Player Choice]Anything!
  • [Player]Hmmm.... Well anything works for me!
  • Alright, I'll have a think. After all, I know all the things that you like. (+4)

  • [Girlfriend] Do you know what day it is today?
  • [Player]Huh... What day is it?? Is it some kind of anniversary day?
  • [Girlfriend] ...Today is the day you said you would go somewhere with me.
  • [Player]... Ohh, really?... Did I really make that promise...
  • [Girlfriend] Wow, I can't believe you forgot what you said!
  • [Player]Sorry, sorry. Where were did you want to go?
  • [Girlfriend] Well if you don't remember then it's a secret. Follow me.
  • [Player]...Ohh, okay. Then I'll follow your lead.
  • [Girlfriend] ..........................(+)
  • [Player]I'm home. The movie was good.
  • [Girlfriend] I agree, it was a really fun movie!
  • [Player]..... But... Did I promise that I was going to watch a movie with you...?
  • [Girlfriend] ... Actually I didn't make any promises... You were saying that you wanted to watch a movie before...
  • [Player]Huh? You remember that!?... I'm touched.
  • [Girlfriend] Yes. Today is the last day the movie was playing... So I might have been a little too anxious to go. But I'm happy if you're.(+)

  • [Girlfriend]*achoo!*
  • [Player]Are you okay? Do you have a cold?
  • [Girlfriend]... I'm okay. My nose was just a little irritated that's all... *achoo!*(+)
  • [Girlfriend]I want to go for a walk. I'll be happy just to see all the fallen leaves on the trail.
  • [Player]It's too cold...
  • [Girlfriend]Dress up warm!(+)
  • [Player]The breeze is a bit chilly in the fall, so let's put on a jacket!
  • [Girlfriend]Okay, I'll put on a jacket... Thank you for worrying about me.(+)
  • [Girlfriend]What kind of constellations can we see during fall?
  • [Player]The most famous is...
  • The most famous one is Pegasus.
  • [Girlfriend]Pegasus...! Wow that sounds really great... Would you like to go and look for it with me?
  • [Player]There's just so many...(+)

  • [Girlfriend]What's wrong?... My hair... Does it look funny?
  • [Player Action] *stroke hair*
  • [Girlfriend]... Something fell out of my hair...... Is it a flower petal? It may have fallen in my hair when we were going on a walk.(+)
  • [Girlfriend]What's wrong?...... Is there something on my face?
  • [Player Action]*stroke hair*
  • [Girlfriend]That was the last one!... I'm sorry! I was really hungry, and I ended up eating them all by myself...(+)
  • [Girlfriend]Ahh..!... Something just landed on my head...!!
  • [Player Action] *stroke hair*
  • [Girlfriend]... I was really startled... when the calendar fell on me... I don't have a lump on my head, do I?(+)
  • [Girlfriend]: I just woke up, so I didn't have time to fix my hair... Is my bed head... gone?
  • [Player Action] *stroke hair*
  • [Girlfriend]Thank you... That kind of tickled...(+)
  • [Girlfriend]I'm sure I ironed these clothes... They're still wrinkled...
  • [Player Action] *stroke body*
  • [Girlfriend]Oh, the sleeves were bent?.... Thanks for fixing them for me.(+)
  • [Girlfriend]Recently I feel like you haven't been stroking my hair like you used too...
  • [Player Action] *stroke hair*(+3)
  • [Girlfriend]Don't play pranks on me... I know you don't mean anything by it, but still...

  • [Girlfriend]This summer heat isn't going away...
  • [Player]You're right. Should we go to the pool to try and cool ourselves down?
  • [Girlfriend]The pool? That sounds fun!
  • [Player]Alright! Let's go!
  • [Girlfriend]Ohh but... there is one thing...
  • [Player]What is it?
  • [Girlfriend]I'm not sure which swimsuit I should wear...
  • [Player]Oh, right... Alright, well I'll chose for you!
  • [Girlfriend]Really? That would be helpful.
  • [Player]Leave it to me!... Hmmmmm, well let's see. How about trying something a bit daring?
  • [Girlfriend]W-wait a minute.... I don't want to wear anything that would make me stand out too much!
  • [Player]Ahh, okay... W-well I didn't mean it in a weird way...
  • [Girlfriend]Well then how did you mean it...?
  • [Player]Umm... Well... Uhh... Sorry. I just wanted to see you wear something sexy, and....
  • [Girlfriend]If you say it like that... I'll blush...... Okay, well what if I wear something just a little bit sexy... would what be okay?(+)
  • [Girlfriend]That is a big watermelon. It looks like it's full of juice too.
  • [Player choice]*Split it open*
  • [Player]Let's split it open!
  • [Girlfriend]I'm excited. Who should cover up their eyes first?... Do you want to?...... I'll make sure to lead you in the right direction.(+)
  • [Player choice]*Chill and eat it*
  • [Girlfriend](+)
Kiss Mode



  • A meadow... of rainbow flowers... so... beautiful... zzz...
  • Must find [Player]... must... win the prize...
  • Together with [Player]... zzz...
  • zzz... zzz... Yes Sir!!... zzz... zzz...
  • Flying... through the skies... so... pretty... zzz...
Waking Up
  • I want to sleep a little longer.
  • ... How long were you watching me?
  • Good morning, [Player].
  • Seize the day!
  • Is it time to wake up already?
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: Nice seeing you again.
  • [Player]: I was a little bit surprised... But I tried my best to listen to your explanation.
  • [Girlfriend]: I am happy to hear that.
  • [Player]: Anyway, I look forward to being with you!
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay, yeah same for me too.
  • [Player]: (...Well obviously I'd be happy to see a girl this cute...)
  • [Player]: Well, what should we do first?
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to go to some fun events and make some nice memories with you.
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm going to study hard so I can be more helpful.
  • [Player]: Alright. Let's do our best!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Also I would be really grateful if you could help pick out some clothes for me...
  • [Player]: Okay I'll give it a try! (...Such a girl thing to ask.)

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: "I feel like you and I have gotten closer."
  • [Player]: "Really? I'm happy to hear that. I always enjoy being with you."
  • [Girlfriend]: "R-really?... Well I thought that if I didn't study more I would sound annoying to you.. I'm really happy it worked."
  • [Player]: "Ohh is that what you were thinking? Well if you say it, I feel like I was putting pressure on you..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "No, it wasn't like that! Every day I have so much fun being with you!"
  • [Player]: "Haha, well that's good to hear! Let's have even more fun from here on out."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Okay I'll do my best to make that happen!"
  • [Player]: "Don't feel pressure. You can just take your time, and I think you'll mature just fine."


  • [Girlfriend]:We get to do a picnic today... This is going to be really fun!
  • [Player]:Haha well I'm glad that you are so excited about it~.
  • [Girlfriend]:I made bentos for us. We have sandwiches, pasta, udon, and ramen...
  • [Player]:Huh?... Y-you made all of that?
  • [Girlfriend]:Yep! I also made a cake!... I think I may have been too excited and gotten carried away.
  • [Player]:No no, I'm happy you made all this... But I'm not sure if we can finish it all... maybe we should invite Yui to help eat some?
  • [Girlfriend]:W-well... I was hoping it could just be us two... is that okay?
  • [Player]:O-ohh I see, yeah that's fine...
  • [Girlfriend]:Thank you!...I just want to have you...all to myself today.

Is This... love?

  • [Girlfriend]: Is this feeling I have... love?
  • [Player]: I'm not really sure either, but it sounds like it.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well how should we act towards each other now?
  • [Player]: O-ohh umm... Why don't we just act normal... We can hold hands when we go out, and...
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... Your face is red.
  • [Player]: ... Well I was just happy, that's all.
  • [Girlfriend]: Really? That makes me happy just to hear.
  • [Player]: Well I hope we can be together for a long time.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yep! That's what I want too.

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: Well it's a dream come true, being at the beach with you...! I never imagined Mio would give us plane tickets to fly here.
  • [Player]: I know! But since this is a special opportunity we have to make sure to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.
  • [Girlfriend]: But I have so much fun when I'm with you I feel like our time here might pass before I know it...
  • [Player]: I know it's fun... but do you feel a bit lonely...?
  • [Girlfriend]: No I don't. I get to be with you all the time... I feel like I'm going to be an old women before I know it.
  • [Player]: Thanks [Girlfriend]... I feel the same way about you.
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... I like you a lot. No, I love you...!
  • [Player]: Huh!?... W-what did you just say...!?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Are you surprised?... I always wanted to... give you a kiss♪
MR+ Outfit Scenarios

Santa's Little Helper +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

I'm Changing +

Magical Flying Witch +

My Darling Bride +

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Crimson Tea Time +

My Sweet Valentine +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Winter Footsteps

  • [Girlfriend]: Days like this where we just relax and do nothing are pretty nice.
  • [Player]: I love taking it easy!
  • [Girlfriend]: Relaxing? Is that what you are doing just lying down on the floor like that?
  • [Player]: Exactly! Why don't you come and try it with me!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... Um, well.... Is this right?
  • [Player]: Perfect! Alright why don't we just stay like this the whole day!
  • [Girlfriend]: The w-whole day?!
  • [Player]: Yup! Hey hey, don't change your position!
  • [Girlfriend]: O-okay!.. This is relaxing~...

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Valentine's Day

  • [Girlfriend]: ...What is it? What are you looking around for...
  • [Player]: Ohh, I kind of felt like eating something sweet...
  • [Girlfriend]: Something sweet huh... Well how about some brown colored sweets...
  • [Player]: Brown colored sweets!?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yeah, like manju.
  • [Player]: ...Ohh, manju...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Go ahead and try it.
  • [Player]: ?...Huh... There is chocolate inside!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well I hope that we can be together forever...
Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: ..♪
  • [Player]: Listen to you, humming along all happy. What's up, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah... Did you hear that? I'm so embarrassed...
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm just so happy to be taking a walk together, [Player].
  • [Player]: Haha, really? I was about to apologize for just bringing you to the riverbank like this.
  • [Player]: Things are, umm... a little tight this month...
  • [Girlfriend]: No, please, don't worry.
  • [Girlfriend]: There are so many ways to have fun without spending money, you know.
  • [Girlfriend]: Like this, for example...
  • [Player]: Oh wow, what cute little flowers.
  • [Girlfriend]: It's little things like these that are the most fun of all, I think.
  • [Player]: ...Really?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah, look. There's a bird's nest in the tree over there. I can hear the little chicks chirping.
  • [Player]: ...Amazing.
  • [Player]: I mean, I suppose I've been taking this place for granted. I never looked at it the way you do before.
  • [Player]: Alright then! Let's go looking for more little drops of happiness!
  • [Girlfriend]: That sounds great♪

Grocery Shopping

  • [Girlfriend]:I still can't believe eggs were on sale so cheap.
  • [Player]: Yeah. Still, we might have bought too many...
  • [Player]: What are we gonna do with them?
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, it's my turn to make dinner tonight.
  • [Girlfriend]: I was thinking of making you a big, big omurice.
  • [Girlfriend]: I'll make it extra delicious too, so make sure you leave room for it, okay?
  • [Player]: For extra-delicious omurice? You bet I will!
  • [Player]: ...Wait, though, omurice...?
  • [Player]: Isn't that...your favorite meal, [Girlfriend]...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ahh...Well...
  • [Player]: Haha, this kinda sounds like it was more for you than for me, doesn't it~?
  • [Girlfriend]: Th-that's not true...Please don't tease me...
  • [Player]: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But wow with all these eggs you might break a world record or something.
  • [Player]: Let's eat as much as we can!
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay. I'll do my best to make it all.
  • [Player]: I'm looking forward to it!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...So no more snacks, okay?
  • [Player]: ...What?!
  • [Girlfriend]: I said, I want you to leave room for it all...
  • [Girlfriend]: I want you to get all full upon my omurice instead.
  • [Player]: ...Alright then, I'm sure I can hold out for that delicious omurice, but...c-could you start cooking right away?

Rainy Day

  • [Player]: Aww, really...? I can't believe it's raining on our date
  • [Girlfriend]: It is a shame...
  • [Player]: I think it's getting stronger too... Maybe we should just head back.
  • [Girlfriend]: What...?
  • [Player]: Come on, let's go.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Player]: ..What's the matter, [Girlfriend]? You're gonna catch a cold out in the rain like this.
  • [Girlfriend]:...I don't want to go home...
  • [Player]: Huh? Why not?
  • [Girlfriend]: Because today is our special day together...
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to enjoy a wonderful date with you.
  • [Player]: Y-yeah, but... It's raining.
  • [Girlfriend]: I can still have fun in the rain.
  • [Player]: Really? If you say so...
  • [Player]: Come on then, let's at least head to that cafe over there, shall we?
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay
  • [Player]: ...Brr, it's getting pretty cold too. Let's hurry.
  • [Girlfriend]Okay
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I...I don't feel cold at all, ...
  • [Girlfriend]: Not when I'm together with you...
  • [Player]: Hmm? Did you say something?
  • [Girlfriend]: No...nothing at all?

We're Late!

  • [Girlfriend]: Please hurry up.
  • [Player]: I... whew... I'm try... W-wait, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: I can't wait, or we'll be late.
  • [Player]: I just... a short break...
  • [Girlfriend]: W-what...? No, please stand up.
  • [Player]: Come on~. I mean, why didn't you wake me up this morning anyway?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I did. Three times.
  • [Player]: R-really?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...As did your alarm, also three times...
  • [Player]: ...Huh? th-that can't be... I don't remember at all.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's not important now, we have to hurry or they'll lock the school gates.
  • [Player]: Ack! We've only got a few minutes left!
  • [Player]: Grab on [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah...!
  • [Player]: Alright, full speed ahead! Don't let go of my hand!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Your hand...No, I won't...

Gardening Together

  • [Girlfriend]: What are you doing?
  • [Player]: Hmmm? I'm just planting some seeds. I thought I might try growing something.
  • [Girlfriend]: What kind of seeds?
  • [Player]: Huhu, what kind do you think?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmmm...I hope they're flowers, so they bloom nice and beautifully.
  • [Player]: Well, they certainly will bloom, in on way or another...
  • [Player]: But they'er even better than that!
  • [Player]: They are... wheat seeds!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wheat...? Why so much...?
  • [Player]: Well, you like bread and pasta and stuff, right?
  • [Player]: I thought maybe we could grow some wheat and make our own!
  • [Girlfriend]: O-okay... Thank you...
  • [Girlfriend]: But... are you sure you can make a field out here?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, wow... You already have a hoe and everything...
  • [Player]: Alright, it's time to get tilling!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ahh... Our garden...
  • [Girlfriend]: C-can we really allowed to grow food out here...?
  • [Player]: For you, [Girlfriend], we can do anything!

On A Picnic

  • [Player]: Ahh! Feel that refreshing air!
  • [Girlfriend]: It's lovely.
  • [Player]: There's nothing quite like eating a picnic surrounded by nature like this.
  • [Player]: Don't you think [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: I do. It feels great t be sitting beneath the clear, blue sky.
  • [Girlfriend]: I could swear this food tastes even better than usual too.
  • [Player]: Doesn't it? I love these fields, too. I just wanna shout out across them!
  • [Girlfriend]:...Perhaps after we eat. It's not very polite.
  • [Player]: Yeah, I guess you're right... This really is delicious though, hun.
  • [Girlfriend]: Thank you. I woke up earlier than ususall to make it all, so I'm glad you enjoy it.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm...?
  • [Player]: Hmm? What is it?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Is that a squirrel? Over there, looking over at us.
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you think he might be hungry too?
  • [Player]: Your picnic's so good even the squirrels want at it, [Girlfriend].
  • [Player]: Come on little fella, over here.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah, he's really coming over. He's so cute.
  • [Player]: Here you go, a little piece just for you...
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I don't think it's the fried chicken he came over for...

Cinema Date

  • [Girlfriend]: That's a very long line for the cinema...
  • [Girlfriend]: Is this movie really all that popular?
  • [Player]: Of course! It's Space Wars! People have been waiting for this for a long time.
  • [Player]: It's ben over 10 years since the last one in the series!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow... I can't say I know much about movies...
  • [Girlfriend]: It does look very exciting though.
  • [Player]: It is, it really is! I mean... If we ever actually get in to see it...
  • [Player]: This is gonna take forever. Maybe we should come back another time.
  • [Girlfriend]: No no, I can wait.
  • [Girlfriend]: We're already in line and you've been so excited to watch this, haven't you?
  • [Player]: I really have!
  • [Girlfriend]: Then let's wait.
  • [Girlfriend]: Time should pass by in no time if we keep chatting together.
  • [Player]: Yeah? You're the best [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: I want you to tell me all about these movies.
  • [Player]: Alright! Well, first of all, the main hero of Space Wars is this young kid who...
  • [Girlfriend]: ([Player] Always looks so happy talking about movies.)
  • [Girlfriend]: (...I like it.)

What's For Dinner?

  • [Girlfriend]: What should we have for dinner tonight?
  • [Player]: Ah! Today's your turn to cook, right [Girlfriend]?
  • [Player]: Woohoo I can't wait!
  • [Player]: I've gotta make sure I'm running on empty by tonight.
  • [Girlfreind]: U-umm... What is it you want to eat...?
  • [Player]: Oh, right, yeah, sorry. Anything really.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Hmph...
  • [Player]: Hmm? Are you angry...?
  • [Player]: Did I say something wrong...?
  • [Girlfriend]: What am I supposed to do with anything, really...?
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to make you something you really want to eat...
  • [Player]: S-sorry! Hold on then, let me think...
  • [Player]: Hmm... This really isn't easy...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Player]: Sukiyaki...? No wait, wait, sushi might be better...
  • [Player]: Actually, hamburger steaks sound pretty good... Or maybe cabbage rolls would be more healthy...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I can't believe how indecisive you are...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...This might take a while...

Weird Dream

Tropical Paradise

Cleaning Up!

After School

Live Event!

Relaxing Cat Cafe

Ghosts Aren't Real!

Bathing Together?!

Firework Lights

Secret Admirer

Put To The Test

Our Own Space

Starry Skies


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