Sky Pirates Event Gacha B

This is the Event Gacha from the Sky Pirates Event.

MR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Deserters Face My Barrel!
Deserters Face My Barrel! Clothes

SR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Fly The Jolly Roger
Fly The Jolly Roger Body Acc.
Pirate's Hidden Cove Night
Pirate's Hidden Cove Night Background

RR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Damsel In Distress Pink
Damsel In Distress Pink Clothes
Damsel In Distress Yellow
Damsel In Distress Yellow Clothes
Damsel In Distress Blue
Damsel In Distress Blue Clothes
Damsel In Distress White
Damsel In Distress White Clothes
Stolen Booty! Red
Stolen Booty! Red Front
Stolen Booty! Blue
Stolen Booty! Blue Front
Stolen Booty! Purple
Stolen Booty! Purple Front

R Outfits

Icon Name Type
Pirate's Bandana Red
Pirate's Bandana Red Hair Acc.
Pirate's Bandana Blue
Pirate's Bandana Blue Hair Acc.
Pirate's Bandana Green
Pirate's Bandana Green Hair Acc.
Pirate's Bandana Black
Pirate's Bandana Black Hair Acc.
Airship Mechanic Blue
Airship Mechanic Blue Clothes
Airship Mechanic Red
Airship Mechanic Red Clothes
Airship Mechanic Yellow
Airship Mechanic Yellow Clothes
Airship Mechanic Green
Airship Mechanic Green Clothes

N Outfits

Icon Name Type
Full-Time Pirate Red
Full-Time Pirate Red Clothes
Full-Time Pirate Blue
Full-Time Pirate Blue Clothes
Full-Time Pirate Green
Full-Time Pirate Green Clothes
Full-Time Pirate Black
Full-Time Pirate Black Clothes
Pirate's Cutlass Gold
Pirate's Cutlass Gold Body Acc.
Pirate's Cutlass Silver
Pirate's Cutlass Silver Body Acc.
Pirate's Cutlass Bronze
Pirate's Cutlass Bronze Body Acc.
Pirate's Cutlass Steel
Pirate's Cutlass Steel Body Acc.
Compass & Map Gold
Compass & Map Gold Body Acc.
Compass & Map Silver
Compass & Map Silver Body Acc.
Compass & Map Bronze
Compass & Map Bronze Body Acc.
Compass & Map Steel
Compass & Map Steel Body Acc.


Icon Name Type
Parfait Event Item
Pancake Event Item
Pudding Event Item
Donut Event Item
Macaroon Event Item

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