September Limited Items

Cyber Theme

Image Item Price
Sept 01
Futuristic Idol Green 1300LG
Sept 02
Cyber Idol 24-kano Pink 1300LG
Sept 03
Cyber DJ Black 1300LG
Sept 04
Neon Dress Purple 1200LG
Sept 05
Cyber Goggles Pink 1200LG
Sept 06
High-Performance Headset Green 1000LG
Sept 07
HMD Black 1000LG

Sept premium cont

Note: These items were released later on in the month and have a different end date which is why they are separated.

Spring Theme

Image Item Price
Sep. 01
Spring Flower Girl Green 2000LG
Sep. 02
Long Springy Hairstyle Black 1000LG
Sep. 03
Sheep Riding High White 1000LG

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