The Pure personality is filled with wonder, as though an angel fell from heaven and had so many questions about the world. Honest, true and entirely uncorrupt, she's the perfect girl for anyone looking for a simple and wholesome relationship.

Special Job

Work Time
Gardening (Earn some more EXP than usual.) 4hr 00min


Pure Stats

Must be Level 20 to unlock this Type.


  • [Girlfriend]: Let us go for a walk today~. I want you to bring me somewhere! And also... Let us hold hands~!
  • [Girlfriend]: It looks like my bead head will not go away.
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke upper*
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you for helping to fix my hair~.
  • [Girlfriend]: What should we do today~?
    • [Player Action]: What about you?
      • [Player]: Right... What do you want do?
      • [Girlfriend]: I want to go out and do something~.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh~... So it was on my shoulder~.
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you~... Your hands are really big~.
  • [Girlfriend]: What is it? Is there something on my head?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke upper*
    • [Girlfriend]: Ahh! My hair is all tangled! Thank you~ ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: *Yawn*~... Good morning...
    • [Player]: Morning [Girlfriend].
    • [Girlfriend]: *Mumble*...
    • [Player]: Huh? What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: ...*Snore* .... *Snore* ...
    • [Player]: Hey! I came to wake you up, so don't go back to sleep!
    • [Girlfriend]: Ahh~...
    • [Player]: Hey, wake up.
    • [Girlfriend]: I am sleepy...
  • [Girlfriend]: Today is a very nice day. On days like this it makes me want to get out and walk around. Let us go out today and explore!
  • [Girlfriend]: Today is a very beautiful day~ ♪
    • [Player]: You're right.
    • [Girlfriend]: It's so warm~... *Ahh* ... I really love this weather... *Ahh* ...
  • [Girlfriend]: Welcome home.
    • [Player]: I'm back!
    • [Girlfriend]: You look tired.
    • [Player]: Did anything come up at home?
    • [Girlfriend]: Nope! I made sure to take perfect care while you where gone!
    • [Player]: Ohh, I see. I can always count on you.
    • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe!
    • [Player]: Well since you did such a good job, I decided to get you a gift.
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh wow a present!
    • [Player]: Yep, I brought you some pudding.
    • [Girlfriend]: Pudding! Wow I am so happy~!
    • [Player]: I know that you like sweets so... Here you go!
    • [Girlfriend]: Wow I am so happy! Thank you~!
    • [Player]: Alright shall we eat it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~!
    • [Player]: What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe. It is nothing~ ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Welcome back.
    • [Player]: I'm home! Did you miss me?
    • [Girlfriend]: W-well just a little... But I am okay.
    • [Player]: I see. They look cute.
    • [Girlfriend]: Ahh~......
  • [Girlfriend]: *Yawn* ... good morning...
    • [Player]: Morning.
    • [Girlfriend]: *Yawn* ... Good night...
    • [Player]: Huh? I came to wake you up, but you fell asleep again...
    • [Girlfriend]: ... *Snore* .... *Snore* ...
    • [Player]: ... Are you really sleeping...?
    • [Girlfriend]: ... *Snore* .... *Snore* ...
    • [Player]: WAKE UP!!
    • [Girlfriend]: Waaaaaah!!
    • [Player]: Hey get up.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uuuuh...
    • [Player]: I'm going to eat breakfast first then.
    • [Girlfriend]: N-no you can't do that!
    • [Player]: Oh, morning.
    • [Girlfriend]: G-good morning...
  • [Girlfriend]: *Yawn*~ ... Good morning...
    • [Player]: Morning.
    • [Girlfriend]: *Mumble mumble* ...
    • [Player]: Huh!?
    • [Girlfriend]: ... *Snore* .... *Snore* ...
  • [Girlfriend]: I think there is something on my head! Can you get it off for me~!!
    • [Player Action]: *Touch upper*
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you~! Oh was it just a piece of string?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... The notebook that I set here is gone~.
    • [Player Action]: I didn't see it
    • [Player Action]: I wonder what is inside it
      • [Player]: Notebook? I'm curious as to what you wrote down in it.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Well if you find it, you cannot look inside...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~ There is nothing to do...
    • [Player Action]: Do the laundry
    • [Player Action]: Let's play a game
      • [Player]: Alright then, shall we play some cards?
      • [Girlfriend]: Okay! I want to play pairs~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Ahh~... Is there something on my head~?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke upper*
    • [Girlfriend]: Did you get it for me? Thank you~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~! Dinner is ready~♪
    • [Player] Huh!? How did you!? N-no way...
    • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe~♪ Eat as much as you want!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... *Grooowl*... I am a bit hungry...
    • [Player]: Huh? What was that?
    • [Girlfriend]: I-it's nothing...
    • [Player]: Hmm?
    • [Girlfriend]: ... Ahh.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, I think I twisted my ankle.
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you~, I feel like the pain has subsided a little!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hehe~. Look here. I got a really nice picture book. I want you to read it to me~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Welcome home!
    • [Player]: I'm back.
    • [Girlfriend]: I made sure to take care of the house wile you were gone!
    • [Player]: Good work.
    • [Girlfriend]: I want you to give me a reward for my hard work!
    • [Player]: Oh i got this as a present for you.
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh really!
    • [Player]: I know that you like sweets so... Here you go.
    • [Girlfriend]: Yaaay~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh wow... i just cannot stop eating sweets~.
    • [Player Action]: I wonder
    • [Player Action]: I agree!
      • [Player]: Yeah. you just eat them all before you know it.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh. I see that you are the same as me~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah~ today is a nice and warm day~.
    • [Player Action]: I agree
    • [Player Action]: Shall we go somewhere?
      • [Player]: today is really nice, don't you want to go anywhere?
      • [Girlfriend]: okay! i am looking forward to it~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~! I want to do fireworks~!!
    • [Player]: That sounds good. Let's do it!
    • [Girlfriend]: I am really excited~! Let us do a lot of fireworks and make good memories♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Please teach me how to play cat's cradle!
    • [Player choice]: Okay
      • [Player]: Okay. Let's try making a helicopter.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! What kind of animal is a helicopter!?
    • [Player choice]: I'm a little busy...
      • [Player]: I'm trying to line up some dominos, so maybe later...
      • [Girlfriend]: Bang! It is fun to knock over all the dominos!
  • [Girlfriend]: Somehow I have gotten hungry all of a sudden... I want to eat some cold noodles~.
    • [Player choice]: Make something
      • [Player]: Do you want to make some together? I think it will taste better that way!
      • [Girlfriend]: I'll do my best to help you~! Ehehe!
    • [Player choice]: Go out to eat
      • [Player]: Let's go and get something to eat. I know a good place.
      • [Girlfriend]: Yay♪ I am really excited~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: The weather is really nice today♪
    • [Player choice]: You're right
      • [Player]: You're right! I think it would be a good day to do laundry!
      • [Girlfriend]: Booboo~! That is incorrect~! The correct answer is we should go outside and relax~!
    • [Player choice]: Where should we go?
      • [Player]: It's a nice day out, where do you want to go?
      • [Girlfriend]: Yay, I get to go out with you~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I want you to pick something out that you think looks good on me! What kind of style would be good?
    • [Player choice]: Cute clothes
      • [Player]: I think everything looks good on you. But personally, I prefer a cuter style.
      • [Girlfriend]: You like cute style? I will try my best to wear more clothes like that♪
    • [Player choice]: Sexy clothes
      • [Player]: Well how about a more grown up sexy look?
      • [Girlfriend]: W-well I don't have a lot of confidence wearing sexy style clothes... but... I will try it out for you.
  • [Girlfriend]: What should we do for fun today?
    • [Player choice]: Wash the dishes
      • [Player]: Well if you have time, would you mind washing the dishes?
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... well that does not sound fun... I want to get a reward when I am finished!
    • [Player choice]: Lay on her lap
      • [Player]: Hmm, well I'd like to lay on your lap.
      • [Girlfriend]: Y-you want to lay on my lap...? Oh... Well if you really want to I will let you...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~, I am hungry...
    • [Player]: Alright, let's make some cold soumen.
    • [Girlfriend]: Cold soumen!! I want to try some!!
    • [Player]: Alright, well then can you help me prepare it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Of course!! I am going to do my best!!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~! Look, look~!
    • [Player]: Oh, where did you get those clothes? They are cute.
    • [Girlfriend]: I borrowed them! I think they look cute~♪
    • [Player]: They look really good on you.
    • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe♪ Yay~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow that girl is wearing a really beautiful yukata♪
    • [Player]: You're right. Yukata are so nice. Speaking of which I heard that there is a festival today...
    • [Girlfriend]: A festival!?
    • [Player]: Well in that case, do you want to go together?
    • [Girlfriend]: Yes♪ I want to go to the festival~♪
    • [Player]: Okay. Well then if we go, you have to wear a yukata...
    • [Girlfriend]: ... Are you going to wear one too...? I am not sure if I can put it on...
    • [Player]: It's okay. I have a book that shows you how to put it on. I can help you if you want.
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you♪ Let us enjoy the festival in yukata♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Why is it that I cannot stop eating sweets?
    • [Player choice]:To make you feel better
      • [Player]: I think you want something to make you less stressed... for me, just seeing you does the trick.
      • [Girlfriend]: W-w-w-well if you say that...
    • [Player choice]: I agree
      • [Player]: You're right. I even want to eat the sweets that are hidden away.
      • [Girlfriend]: W-w-what do you mean...? I did not know of the sweets that were hidden behind the closet~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Tomorrow night, I want to go and look at the stars~.
    • [Player]: Yeah. Even though it's summer, I hope that it isn't too cold tomorrow.
    • [Girlfriend]: Well if it is cold, I am going to grab on to you♪
  • [Girlfriend]: There is nothing to do. Do you have any ideas?
    • [Player choice]: Clean up
      • [Player]: Alright then, how about you clean up a bit.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... Well I want you to help me clean...
    • [Player choice]: Take a walk
      • [Player]: Okay, let's go for a walk. Is there anywhere that you want to go?
      • [Girlfriend]: As long as I am with you, anywhere we go will be fun♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Ahh~... I am so hot that I think I am going to melt.
    • [Player]: You're right it is hot, are you okay?
    • [Girlfriend]: I am okay... but I wish that we could use the air conditioner.
    • [Player]: Well that would help cool us down, shall I turn it on?
    • [Girlfriend]: ... Well it is not just that it would be cooler.
    • [Player]: Huh? What is it then?
    • [Girlfriend]: The reason I want you to turn on the air conditioner is not because it is cool...!
    • [Player]: Is there any other reason?
    • [Girlfriend]: Ohh~... Well, that...
    • [Player]: Tell me~.
    • [Girlfriend]: Umm... Well if it is cool, then I can grab on to you to warm up...
    • [Player]: I see, well I guess that is harder to do when it's hot.
    • [Girlfriend]: It is. That is why I want it to be cold, so I can be warmed up by you♪
    • [Player]: Alright then, let's turn on the cooler! We can also make some shaved ice.
    • [Girlfriend]: Really!? Wow! Thank you! Ehehe♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah... It is so hot, I feel like I am going to melt~...
    • [Player choice]: I have ice cream
      • [Player]: I was thinking the same thing, how about I go buy you some ice cream?
      • [Girlfriend]: Really!? I love you [Player]~!!
    • [Player choice]: Turn on the air conditioner
      • [Player]: Well I think it's about time that we turned on the air conditioner.
      • [Girlfriend]: Ahhh... It is so cool and refreshing~...
  • [Girlfriend]: It is hot... I cannot move...
    • [Player]: Yeah. We have to be careful of the summer heat.
    • [Girlfriend]: Well in order not to get overheated... I am going to eat a lot of ice cream♪
    • [Player]: Will that help against the heat? Are you sure that you won't get a stomachache?
    • [Girlfriend]: I see~. Well you should have some~♪
    • [Player]: Is it okay? Thanks... Aaaah*.
    • [Girlfriend]: You want me to feel you? Okay then, open up♪
    • [Player]: ... It is really good! It tastes better than usual!
    • [Girlfriend]: Really!? Alright then, open up again♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Welcome back [Player]~!!
    • [Player]: I'm home!
    • [Girlfriend]: I was getting lonely... You are late!
    • [Player]: Sorry, well thanks for looking after the house.
    • [Girlfriend]: Well, I want you to pat me on the head for all of my hard work...
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Uhhh... grumble*...
    • [Player]: Are you hungry? Let's eat something.
    • [Girlfriend]: A... Ahh...
    • [Player]: Today shall we have omurice?
    • [Girlfriend]: Omurice! I want omurice! I love you [Player]~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... I feel a bit sleepy...
    • [Player]: Why don't you take a nap?
    • [Girlfriend]: Ah~... I want... To be with you...
  • [Girlfriend]: What do you call this kinda of bug?
    • [Player choice]: I've never seen one before
      • [Player]: I've never seen it before... But it looks cute.
      • [Girlfriend]: Ohh this is strange... what a cute little bug♪
    • [Player choice]: Ahh!!
      • [Player]: Oh! That's a bee. Make sure that you don't get stung!
      • [Girlfriend]: A-aaaaaaaaah!!..... Ouch! I feel down~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ahh~... it is so hot... when it is this hot it makes me want to go to the beach...
    • [Player]: You're right, I want to go swimming in the ocean.
    • [Girlfriend]: Alright then let us go to the beach!!
    • [Player]: Well there are a few things that we have to do to get ready.
    • [Girlfriend]: Well let us get those things ready together!! That sounds fun♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... I want to go somewhere cool...
    • [Player]: Somewhere cool? Oh... like the beach?
    • [Girlfriend]: Well the beach is going to be really sunny and hot.
    • [Player]: Yeah you are right. Well how about we go to the pool?
    • [Girlfriend]: The pool! That sounds like it would be really cool!!
    • [Player]: Well we have to get ready/
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay! What should we bring to the pool~?
    • [Player]: Well of course we are going to need swimsuits... but do you think we'll need swim caps?
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... I am not sure~...
    • [Player]: Alright well I am going to look into it.
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay♪ I am really excited♪♪
    • [Player]: Well we can't forget anything.
    • [Girlfriend]: I-I think I am okay... But I am a little nervous~...
    • [Player]: It's okay, we are going to make sure that we have everything before we go to the pool.
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay! I know that I can always count on you♪
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~! Did you hear that loud bang coming from over there... I am scared!
    • [Player choice]: Fireworks
      • [Player]: A bang?... Oh those are fireworks. Take a look. See, just fireworks.
      • [Girlfriend]: Fireworks!? Oh wow! They are so beautiful♪
    • [Player choice]: I can't see...
      • [Player]: A bang? I wonder what it could be. I'm not really sure.
      • [Girlfriend]: T-t-that loud noise was really scary...
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to see a bunny.
    • [Player choice]:Watch TV
      • [Player]: Well you can always just watch them on TV you know?
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Well I wanted to touch and pet them too...
    • [Player choice]: Go to the pet shop
      • [Player]: Alright then, let's go to the pet shop to pet some rabbits!
      • [Girlfriend]: I want to pet them too, let us hop over there together♪
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]~! Pat pat*~♪
    • [Player]: Let me pat you too.
    • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I had a nice dream last night!
    • [Player choice]: What kind of dream?
      • [Player]: Oh~, what kind of dream was it?
      • [Girlfriend]: Well you came out of a big cake, and then I ate the whole thing♪
    • [Player choice]: Hmm...
  • [Girlfriend]: It has been hot every day recently~. I want to go to the pool with you!
    • [Player choice]: Swim together
      • [Player]: That sounds good! Let's go for a dip.
      • [Girlfriend]: Yay~! Let us have a lot of fun~!!
    • [Player choice]: I want to see your swimsuit
      • [Player]:The pool huh. Well if I get to see you in a swimsuit I'll go.
      • [Girlfriend]:W-well hearing you say that kind of thing, makes me a bit embarrassed...
Kiss Mode



  • Oh~, are you two going out somewhere~?
  • Ahh... I would love some new clothes~...
  • I would like lots and lots of sweets~!
  • [Player] is so kind to me~.
  • You are so cute, [Girlfriend]~...
  • I am so hungry... I want something to eat~...
  • I would like you to read this book~!
  • Is [Player] very kind to you?
  • Your outfit is so very cute~...
  • It is such a beautiful day today~...
  • Could you be a little more gentle...?
  • Such beautiful weather today♪
  • Yes, let us go out somewhere~.
  • I would like to go out somewhere with you♪
  • P-please, stop~...
  • Do you think I am gaining weight...?
  • Mmm... mmm... Ahh...
  • Ahh, I am very hungry...
  • Please, do not touch me like that~...

Touch During Date Mode

  • Ahh~...Everyone is looking at us~..
  • I will make sure to stay close by you, [Player]! I do not want to get lost~!
  • Ahh~♪ I am having so much fun today, [Player]~♪
Girl To Girl Chat


  • Do you know how to use the copy machine~? I could use some help♪
  • It feels like I have been studying all day, but it has only been 30 minutes...
  • Ahh... I think this has some peppers in it... D-do not worry though, I will be able to finish it...!
  • [Other Girlfriend] and I~, the best of friends~♪
  • Ahh~... I had no idea...
  • [Other Girlfriend]~, [Player] is calling for you~!
  • This is very difficult~... Do you have any tips for solving this problem, [Other Girlfriend]?
  • I wonder if there are any other talking raccoons other than Kobayashi and Nakane... I would love to meet them~!
  • I hope I can become a strong, independent woman like Michiru some day!
  • I can never study well at home. I keep getting distracted by other things~...


  • I saw Sayo screaming and shouting in anger the other day~... Something about her ramen not being what she ordered~...?
  • I am sure [Player] will love it~♪
  • Ahh... Th-that sounds like a very scary job...
  • I am not sure what I should do to look more grown up~.. Perhaps I should try asking Michiru~?
  • Ahh... That wrapping paper is just too cute to open~...
  • I made a date with Momoka! I cannot wait~♪
  • That sounds like a fantastic idea! I agree entirely♪
  • Ahh~... I-I think I am starting to blush~...

See you later...

  • Ahh~... I am a little busy right now...
  • Ahh! I will see you again later!
  • Ahh... I think it is time we had a rest~...
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: H-h-hello! G-g-good morning!!
  • [Player]: Ohhh, hi... Or should I say good morning?
  • [Girlfriend]: I feel like you are always so reliable!
  • [Player]: T-thanks for that... Did I do something special...? {I don't think I did anything...?)
  • [Girlfriend]: You are always so reliable! Just like...
  • [Player]: Just like...?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Hehe...
  • [Player]: Huh!? What!? Just like who!?
  • [Girlfriend]: You are always so reliable like...

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: Umm... I feel like you and I have gotten a bit closer.
  • [Player]: I think we have too! You are always such a good girl, and cute too!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohhh! I do not think I am that special~!... You are always so nice to me~.
  • [Player]: Thanks~. Alright I'm going to give you a big hug!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh!? Really! You aer going to make me blush~!!! Ahhh!
  • [Player]: You are really light. I think yo uneed to eat more.
  • [Girlfriend]: F-fine...!... I am going to go eat a lot, so let me off...!
  • [Player]: Alright! How about going out to have a nice meal tonight?
  • [Girlfriend]: R-really? Wow that sounds great! I want to eat a parfait♪


  • [Girlfriend]: The weather is really nice! I want to have a picnic♪
  • [Player]: Well they were saying it was rainingbefore, but it looks sunny now.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yay~♪ I want ot eat a bento somewhere around here!
  • [Player]: Alright shall we eat here? These are the bentos that we made together.
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay!! I am going to eat the rice balls that you made first~.
  • [Player]: Well then, I'll eat the ones that you made... Wow these are good! Shall we give some to Kobasyahi too?
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh!? Ohh... Were you thinking about inviting some other people?... I just wanted it to be us two today...
  • [Player]: Really? Alright then, the bento that you made for me is all mine!
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay~♪ And you will be all mine for the day~!


  • [Girlfriend]: L-love...? Is it something like when they kiss in the afternoon drama I am watching?
  • [Player]: Ohh... Yeah well that's not too far off...
  • [Girlfriend]: Eeek my face is getting hot... I wonder if I have a fever...
  • [Player]: Are you okay!? Do you want to go to the doctor!? Let me feel your head...
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohhh, if you touch me like that I will get even hotter... I am starting to feel dizzy~...
  • [Player]: Awawa... What should we do...!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... This warm feeling must be love... I wish that I always felt like this...
  • [Player]: ... Huh? Did you fall asleep... huhu... You are cute...
  • [Girlfriend]: I hope I can always have this warm feeling and be with you forever... (sleep talking)


  • [Girlfriend]: Best... friend? What does that mean?
  • [Player]: Ohhh... Well to say it simply, it's someone you always spend time with.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh that sounds nice! I am so happy! So we are always attached to each other!
  • [Player]: Attached... well we aren't talking about magnets...
  • [Girlfriend]: We are attached... Ahh!... Ouch. Waaah, I fell~...
  • [Player]: Are you okay?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ouch~... that hurt...
  • [Player]: Well since I made such a cute best friend, I have to make sure to take good care of her.

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: I am so excited that we get to taravel overseas with each other! Hurry up [Player]~!
  • [Player]: W-wait! You really are excited huh.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well we are on a trip together... Of course I am excited!
  • [Player]: Ahaha, well if you are this excited to go on a trip with me, it makes me want to take you to a lot of different places~.
  • [Girlfriend]: Really!?... Well then that is a promise!... I am going to pray for that to happen... Look away O'm going to make a wish...
  • [Player]: Hmmm... Is this right?
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... I love you...
  • [Player]: Huh!? What did you just say...!?
  • [Girlfriend]: Momoka told me love is the the magic word that will keep su together forever~!
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... It is way too hot for September~...
  • [Player]: The heat is really bad this year too...
  • [Girlfriend]: When it's this hot out it makes you want to eat ice cream...
  • [Player]: Well we don't have any ice cream but we can make shaved ice. Do you want some?
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow~! I want to have strawberry flavor!
  • [Player]: Okay, here you go. We have to be sure not to eat too much...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh~... I think I ate it too fast. I have a brain freeze... Uuh...

Winter Footsteps

  • [Girlfriend]: Just taking it easy~ It feels so good to just lie around~♪
  • [Player]: Yeah, it's nice to have these kind of days too...
  • [Girlfriend]: Yep!... Ohh~ I am a little bit hungry.
  • [Player]: Do you want to make something together?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes! We have not cooked together for a long time~♪
  • [Player]: ... Why are you just lying around?
  • [Girlfriend]: Because the floor will not let go of me~... It is telling me I could keep laying down~...
  • [Player]: ... How are you going to cook then?
  • [Girlfriend]: Like this of course~♪ I am going to cook while I am laying down~♪
  • [Player]: ...(I feel like I am actually going to get mad for the first time...)

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:

Valentine's Day

  • [Player]: I feel like I had a really bad dream the other night...
  • [Girlfriend]: What happened? You do not look well...
  • [Player]: Well I had a nightmare last night... There was a flood of some brown substance...
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohhh! I think we had the same dream~!! It was a good dream~.
  • [Player]: Huh!?... What was that brown stuff anyways?
  • [Girlfriend]: It was chocolate♪~ I ate a lot yesterday♪~
  • [Player]: Ohh so that's why it is scattered on the bed...
  • [Girlfriend]: Yep! Those are the wrappers♪... It was really good♪~.
  • [Player]: ... I see... So now I see why we both had that dream...!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Adyu!?

White Day

  • [Girlfriend]: ~~♪
  • [Player]: Huh? You're in a good mood huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: Thanks for listening to me~! I am really looking forward to today~♪
  • [Player]: Ohh~... (Somehow I have a bad feeling about this...)
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Why are you saying "Ohh"!! Hmph~!!
  • [Player]: What are you talking about?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Did you remember? Look at the calendar!!
  • [Player]: Ohh~...By any chance... Could today be White Day?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes♪♪♪♪
MR+ Scenarios

Marshmallow Pout Patne +

Your Adoring Chocolita +

Bunny Girl Santa +

Silent Night With Bunny Santa! +

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Girlfriend]: Lulululu~♪ Lululu~♪
  • [Player]: Ahaha, you're in a good mood, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Ehehe♪ I am just so happy to be previewing the spot where I will be getting married to you♪
  • [Player]: (No matter how old she gets, she's still innocent. She's such a good girl.)
  • [Girlfriend]: Gasp~♪ [Player], look♪ I have tried on the dress♪
  • [Player]: Wow, it looks grea---Whoa! That part looks TOO great, sexy even!
  • [Girlfriend]: Eeek! You must not look at a wedding dress in that way, [Player]!
  • [Player]: Well, yeah sure but...Look. I mean, you can see so much leg!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oooh, you have become such a pervert, [Player]!
  • (Afterwards, the couple went to look for new furniture.)
  • [Girlfriend]: Gasp~♪ [Player], this bed! It is so fluffy and comfortable!
  • [Player]: Yeah, looks pretty good. (Except for the price, sheesh!)
  • [Girlfriend]: Let us snuggle up together on this bed after we get married~♪
  • [Player]: (Man, can't believe how easily she can say stuff like that. Talk about pure.)
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmm, snuggle and... Sleep, togeth----Zzz.
  • [Player]: Hey, don't go to sleep just now!

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: La, la, la~♪ Ehehe♪
  • [Player]: You must be in a good mood humming like that, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: I am♪ It is fun taking a stroll with you, [Player]♪
  • [Player]: I really wanted to take you to the amusement park. Sorry it ended up being the riverbank in the neighborhood.
  • [Girlfriend]: Do not worry about it! I'm having fun here as well.
  • [Player]: Really? That's fine if that's true...
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes♪ There are beautiful flowers around and the birds are chirping!
  • [Girlfriend]: If you think about it, this is like a green amusement park♪
  • [Player]: Haha, well put.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, [Player]?
  • [Player]: Hm? What's up?
  • [Girlfriend]: Let us lie down and take a nap on the grass♪
  • [Player]: That sounds like it would feel great.
  • [Girlfriend]: Alright, let us do it after go♪
  • [Player]: Ready, set, go...
  • [Girlfriend]: Lie down♪
  • [Player]: Ahh, looking up at the deep blue sky while lying down on the soft grass... feels great.
  • [Player]: Hey, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: It is time to nap...
  • [Player]: Haha, already fast asleep.

Grocery Shopping

Rainy Day

We're Late!

Date At The Zoo

Gardening Together

On A Picnic

Cinema Date

What's For Dinner?

Weird Dream

Tropical Paradise

Cleaning Up!

After School

Live Event!

Relaxing Cat Cafe

Ghosts Aren't Real!

Bathing Together?!

Firework Lights

Secret Admirer

Put To The Test

Our Own Space

Starry Skies