The Princess personality is a true woman of nobility and class. She's an extremely traditional girl stuck in an all-too modern present day. She's always open to try new things, though she's very likely to explain how the old ways are better while she does. Hohoho, and as her loyal subject, you will be extremely patient and listen!

Special Job

Work Time
Jewelry store (Earn a lot more Shells than usual) 4hr 00min


Princess Stats

Must be Level 50 to unlock this Type.


  • [Girlfriend] Are you hungry, [Player]?
    • [Player] Why?
    • [Girlfriend] Answer the question. Are you hungry?
      • [Player] Not exactly... I suppose I could eat though...
      • [Girlfriend] Will you please give me a straight answer?!
      • [Player] I-I'm hungry!!
      • [Girlfriend[ Was that so difficult? I shall start preparing a dish, then.
      • [Player] That sounds great. What made you wanna do that all of a sudden?
      • [Girlfriend] I can't say there was any particular reason... I just have some concerns about your health, [Player]. We must keep a balanced diet!
      • [Player] Worried about my health...? That's kind of you.
      • [Girlfriend] Yes, well... grateful you should be. Here, it is complete.
      • [Player] Alright! *nom nom nom*
      • [Girlfriend] H-how is it...?
      • [Player] Amazing! Wow, I could eat this every single day...
      • [Girlfriend] Truly? Perhaps I'll make it again tomorrow, then... I can make some changes, if you have any particular requests...?
  • [Girlfriend] I thought I might try my hand at some baking... Would you help me, [Player]?
    • [Player] Of course. What do you want me to do?
      • [Girlfriend[ You are to stand beside me offering words of support, and staring in complete amazement at my culinary excellence.
  • [Girlfriend] [Player]! Come!
    • [Player] ... What is it?
      • [Girlfriend] I'd like some tea. Would you help me make it?
      • [Player] Sure. Let's go!
      • [Girlfriend] Hohoho, I'll prepare a cute set of mugs for us.
  • [Girlfriend] [Player], would you help me look for something? I seem to have mislaid a recipe...
    • [Player Choice] I think it's...
      • [Girlfriend] So it is!... Wait a moment. How did you know...? You haven't been.. reading...?!
    • [Player Choice] Check behind you
    • [Girlfriend] Why on earth...?! [Player], help me! I can't quite reach?!
  • [Girlfriend] Perhaps you should be first to take a bath.
    • [Player] Sure... Or we could go together...?
      • [Girlfriend] Together...? Would you help scrub me down, perhaps?
  • [Girlfriend] Hi-ya! Hi-ya!
    • [Player] What on earth are you doing?
      • [Girlfriend] I'm just watching a period drama. I think I may have gotten swept up in it somewhat.
      • [Player] What period drama?
      • [Girlfriend] It follows the story of a true protector of Edo, a man who knows how to ensure justice is served!
      • [Player] That sounds pretty interesting.
      • [Girlfriend] It is extremely interesting, and very popular too. They've released a number of series.
      • [Player] It's repeated a lot on TV too, right? Which series is your favorite?
      • [Girlfriend] Hmm. I quite like series five, myself. The introductory music is quite spectacular!
      • [Player] Sounds good. How about we watch it together?
      • [Girlfriend] That is quite a fantastic idea! Come, sit next to me.
      • [Player] Don't mind if I do... Woah, that bit was so cool!
      • [Girlfriend] You think so too? I do so love the way each sword stroke is filled with passion!
      • [Player] Wow, that was a cool way of putting it!
      • [Girlfriend] Truly? Hohoho, how very well spotted of you, Amu. I do have a certain way with words, I suppose.
  • [Girlfriend] Hmm... I think I might enjoy you stroking my hair, [Player]...
    • [Success] Ahh... that feels very good indeed.
  • [Girlfriend] [Player]! I am quite sure my hair is perfect today.
    • [Failure] I don't believe that is my hair...
  • [Girlfriend] I thought I might try my hand at knitting. Is there anything you would like me to make?
    • [Player Choice] How about gloves?
      • [Player] Can you make some gloves? Mine have got holes in them.
      • Hohoho. I have just the right wool, too. I picked a color that should suit you most perfectly.
  • [Girlfriend] [Player], I... I think I might like a massage!
    • [Success] Ahh... You are extremely good at this you know, [Player].
  • [Girlfriend] [Player], I'm hungry.
    • [Player] How about I make something then? Anything you want.
    • [Girlfriend] I think I would like a tomato nabe. (+1)
    • [Player] Tomato nabe it is, then!
    • [Girlfriend] [Player]'s home cooking! I am quite excited indeed. (+3)
    • [Player] Leave it to me! I'm pretty sure we have some tomatoes left...
    • [Girlfriend] I simply cannot wait! (+5)
    • [Player] Alright, finished! Here we go!
    • [Girlfriend] I-it's bright red! So this is tomato nabe... *nom nom* It's fantastically delicious! (+5)
Kiss Mode



  • I would so love a new kimono...
  • Is [Player] good to you?
  • Are you not feeling peckish, Miss [Girlfriend]?
  • This is a very old, classic piece of literature, you know.
  • You are quite the beauty, Miss [Girlfriend].
  • It's quite plain to see your outfit uses such exquisite fabrics.
  • I believe a feast is in order!
  • Wherever did [Player] go...?
  • And where are you two going?
  • Please don't touch me quite so much, it... affects me!
  • I think I should like to see a movie. It's been awhile
  • J-just what are you doing?!
  • I mean really! What would you do if that took my clothes off?!
  • Nothing quite beats a tatami floor, truly.
  • Hmm... Mmm... I forbid you to stop!
  • Where do you think you are touching...?
  • Do you plan on lazing around like this everyday?

Touch During Date Mode

Girl To Girl Chat


  • What a clever dog you are, yes you are♪
  • Dinner is prepared. Will you join us, [Other Girlfriend]?
  • I-I must say, I'm still not quite used to all of this holding-hands business...
  • [Player] can be a lot more useful than you might think. Strangely.
  • And how has work been recently?
  • Hmm... I'm finding this page to be quite difficult indeed...
  • Momoka taught me a fascinating game recently. he was slapping a giant orange ball around with her hands...
  • [Player] does seem to make quite an effort on a date, at least.
  • If you've finished staring at that television, how would you like to have a conversation perhaps?


  • It seems you are very well suited to this line of work, [Other Girlfriend].
  • Hoho, that sounds fantastic♪
  • They say the worst mistake you can make is to look like you make mistakes. Confidence is key.
  • I believe all young girls must at some stage in their life learn how to put on a kimono.
  • Arriving late to a date is simply unforgivable. I shall be heading to bed early tonight.
  • And you too of course, [Other Girlfriend]!
  • A date at the arcade? What kind of arcade exactly? Shopping, perhaps?
  • Oh? Well do go on, do go on.
  • The answer was right there all along.
  • Oh my! I had no idea.
  • Sincere apologies, but I find myself unable to divert my attention.

See you later...

  • I'm afraid I have another appointment... I do hope we can catch up again soon.
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho, is something the matter?
  • [Player]: I just... You suddenly changed...
  • [Girlfriend]: Truly? I'm quite sure I don't feel any different at all...
  • [Player]: (No... You are pretty different...)
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... I mean if you believe so, [Player], perhaps I shouldn't doubt you...
  • [Player]: You just seem more, I dunno...elegant?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho, well I graciously accept your compliment!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm truly looking forward to spending more time with you, [Player].
  • [Player]: Yeah, likewise, my dear lady.

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: I feel as though we're becoming quite close, [Player].
  • [Player]: Yeah, I think so too... I feel like I'm kinda getting used to being around you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho, fantastic. Well, perhaps you know what I'm thinking right now...?
  • [Player]: What you're thinking? Hmm... Erm... "Give me a massage" , maybe...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Incredible! Absolutely correct!
  • [Player]: Haha, yay... Oh, wait...
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, quite. Get to it, then! I feel I've quite some knots building up.
  • [Player]: ... Do you think it's from those games yesterday? You were moving about with the controller...
  • [Girlfriend]: I must admit I'm still not entirely clued into this "gaming culture" , but I certainly am trying. A massage will help my progress, I've no doubt.


  • [Girlfriend]: We're going on our park-dining date, [Player]! I was recently informed that your like call it a " picnic " .
  • [Player]: A what? A " picnic " ? That's not right. Who told you that?
  • [Girlfriend]: Excuse me?! Miss Amane told me herself! I cannot believe she would do such a thing...
  • [Player]: Haha, only joking. Of course it's a picnic. I'm actually amazed you didn't already know.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...So you were the liar all along! I mean, really... No onigiri for you!
  • [Player]: Ahh, no no, I'm sorry! I just thought it'd be funny~! I wanted to see your face...
  • [Girlfriend]: So you like to see me worried and confused, do you?
  • [Player]: I like to see any expression your beautiful face makes!
  • [Girlfriend]: W-what are you...?! Enough of this! Let's just make our way to the park! It's time for our very special "picnic" date.

Hmm... So this is love...

  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... So this is love... How incredible...
  • [Player]: Incredible?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes... I couldn't possibly express it with words alone...
  • [Player]: Sounds about right... I wonder why that is...
  • [Girlfriend]: Are you really so interested?
  • [Player]: A little...
  • [Girlfriend]: Then perhaps you should find out, no?
  • [Player]: You're right.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho... I wish you the best of luck!

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: So this is Hawaii... The sea looks truly beautiful indeed.
  • [Player]: Right? We've gotta make the most of it! I still can't believe Yui got us tickets!
  • [Girlfriend]: There's surely no need to rush, [Player]. Let's just relax and enjoy our very special vacation together♪
  • [Player]: Yeah, you're right. I never een imagined we'd get this chance.
  • [Girlfriend]: We have a lot to thank Miss Amane for. By the way, [Player]... do come a little closer...
  • [Player]: Hmm? You've just turned bright red, you know...
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, yes... Call this a memento, if you will... *mwah*
  • [Player]: Wah...?! Did you just...?! Kiss...?!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], I truly love you! I sincerely hope we have the most incredible time together!
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Winter Footsteps

  • [Girlfriend]: Nothing quite beats the feeling of a tatami floor, I believe.
  • [Player]: I dunno, I quite like wooden flooring...
  • [Girlfriend]: I suppose the cold feeling can be nice in summer... Tatami is quite perfect, though.
  • [Player]: If you say so!
  • [Girlfriend]: I do say so! It's quite an important matter, you know.
  • [Player]: Do you wanna go out somewhere today, by the way?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... I honestly hadn't thought about it.
  • [Player]: Wow, look at the time... It's too late anyway, I guess.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, quite...

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]: It's Christmas Eve today, you know.
  • [Player]: It sure is!
  • [Girlfriend]: Everybody looks so happy...
  • [Player]: Yeah. It is a day for couples, I guess.
  • [Girlfriend]: Then I suppose we have plans today too...?
  • [Player]: S-sure... I thought we could, erm... go out for some food...?
  • [Girlfriend]: I see...
  • [Player]: A-and then watch the Christmas lights together? I'm sure they're really beautiful.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... I suppose I could allow myself ot spend the day with you, [Player], It is a special day after all.

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Valentine's Day

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

White Day

  • [Girlfriend]: White Day... A day for gentlemen to gift their ladies...
  • [Player]: Yup! Here, this is for you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Truly? May I open it...?
  • [Player]: Yeah, go ahead!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow! They look quite delicious indeed!
  • [Player]: I'm so glad you like them...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho, you were worried?
  • [Player]: Yeah well, I thought you might say you preferred Japanese sweets or something...
  • [Girlfriend]: I would never! I enjoy chocolates as much as any lady!
MR+ Scenarios

Marshmallow Pout Patne +

Your Adoring Chocolita +

Bunny Girl Santa +

Silent Night With Bunny Santa! +

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

  • [Girlfriend]: The beginning of things should be cherished.
  • [Player]: Huh? What's this all of a sudden?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohoho... How nostalgic. Do you recall?
  • [Girlfriend]: I am of course speaking of the first time we met, [Player].
  • [Player]: I remember. I got a new cellphone, and it turned out to be a cellphone of legends, right?
  • [Player]: Actually... I think the legend was everyone who got it ended up extremely happy.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ooh, indeed. And, what happened afterwards?
  • [Girlfriend]: Are you... happy, [Player]?
  • [Player]: Of course I'm happy. Because...
  • [Player]: I met you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, aren't those happy words. However... although it is good you are happy that we met, is that not a tad too simple of a statement?
  • [Player]: Maybe, but living with you, [Girlfriend], that really makes me happy.
  • [Player]: It makes me want to share that happiness with you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: I see. Worry not about me. I am indeed quite happy♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I am glad to have you by my side, [Player].
  • [Girlfriend]: From now on I... would like to continue to be by your side.
  • [Girlfriend]: We are both... happy people♪ Oho, ohohohoho♪

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Girlfriend]: I want our marriage ceremony to be at a shrine, no matter what!
  • [Momoka]: No, no, no~! All brides should wear a wedding dress~!
  • [Player]: Whoa, whoa. Calm down, you two.
  • [Girlfriend]: And besides, Momoka. What business is it of yours where we have our wedding?
  • [Player]: Now, don't say that. She's only trying to help.
  • [Girlfriend]: Do stay out of this, [Player]!
  • [Momoka]: That's right, this is a woman's fight~!
  • [Player]: Jeez~, how mean!
  • [Momoka]: I'll show you how great wedding dresses are~! Come on~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait... Wait a moment... Momoka!
  • [Player]: Oh... My...
  • [Momoka]: Ta-da~♪ [Girlfriend] in a wedding dress~! Go on, show off your feminine charms~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: U-ufufufun♪ Wait, what is it I am to do, exactly?!
  • [Momoka]: Hm, looks like it's working already~. [Player]'s dumbstruck with love♪
  • [Player]: Are you trying to drive me crazy?! Dressing up like that in that sexy pose?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uuu... This is most embarrassing. I shall stick with my white kimono, after all.

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: It feels good to walk about the common folk once in a while.
  • [Player]: The common folk...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh let me have my foibles, will you?
  • [Girlfriend]: Though I do wonder what exactly brings us to this rather plain riverbank, [Player].
  • [Player]: Who knows, we might discover something that'll make it interesting, right?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh really?
  • [Player]: For example, look around your feet there..
  • [Girlfriend]: ..I see a number of small flowers. I do not know their names, but they certainly are beautiful.
  • [Player]: See? Normally you'd just ignore them, right?
  • [Player]: There's always interesting things to see, you've just gotta be looking for them.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm, I suppose you may be right. Good show, [Player]!
  • [Player]: A-thank you, thank you very much~.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Is there anything else, perhaps that you might notice?
  • [Player]: ...Hmm?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I do have a new hairpin in today...
  • [Girlfriend]: You notice the little things, I see, but not the big...
  • [Player]: A-ahh~! I find myself utterly disgraced, my lady~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, well... so you should.

Grocery Shopping

  • [Player]: What to make for dinner tonight... It's hard thinking of something new every day...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho! You sound quite broken, [Player].
  • [Player]: I feel it! Come on [Girlfriend], help me out here~.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, well... Perhaps some prime sea bream, boiled whole?
  • [Player]: ...I shouldn't have asked... I'm pretty sure I can't afford that...
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmm... A rather thrifty commoner, I see.
  • [Player]: Can't spend what I don't have.
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmm... Perhaps some friend eel, then?
  • [Player]: No.
  • [Girlfriend]: No?! How dare you refuse me! Pinchfist! Miser!
  • [Player]: Hey look, this mince meat's on sale...
  • [Player]: Alright then, hamburger steak it is!
  • [Girlfriend]: E-excuse me?! Is this more of your absurd foreign foods?! I should like something more traditional!
  • [Player]: Wow, spoiled much...
  • [Girlfriend]: I, [Girlfriend], do boldly and fervently declare...!!
  • [Player]: Alright, alright, fine, okay.
  • [Player]: I'll use the mince meat and make tsukune then. Will that do, my lady?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, quite♪ I'm most looking forward to it♪
  • [Player]: (...It's literally the same, just a different shape... *sigh*...)

Rainy Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Atrocious. Betrayal! The weatherman has betrayed us once more!
  • [Player]: Haha... It is raining pretty hard out there, huh.
  • [Girlfriend]: How dare he lie to us, so straight-faced and brimming with confidence...
  • [Player]: Yeah, well. These things happen, y'know.
  • [Girlfriend]: ..Ah... ah...
  • [Girlfriend]: *atchoo!* My... it's getting colder by the minute...
  • [Player]: ...My lady, you should not be seen with nose running out in public like this...
  • [Player]: Here, blow.
  • [Girlfriend]: *atchoo!* Ah...thank you. Now, what are we to do with the day?
  • [Player]: looks like it's not letting up any time soon...
  • [Player]: Maybe we should head back home, before we catch a cold or something.
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmm...but this was supposed to be a date, was it not? I shouldn't like to waste it...
  • [Girlfriend]: Don't you think so, [Player]?
  • [Player]: When you put it like that...
  • [Player]: We can still spend time together though, right?
  • [Player]: I'm sure you can brew us up some amazing tea at home, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Well, I'm quite sure I can too...
  • [Girlfriend]: That settles it, then! I shall brew the finest tea in the land for you, [Player]!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm quite confident you'll find it most delectable♪
  • [Player]: Haha, alright, alright, go easy on me!

We're Late!

  • [Girlfriend]: [Player]... I... I command wait...!
  • [Player]: There's no time! Come on, hurry!
  • [Girlfriend]: Why... Why must I run like this.. so.. so early in the morning...
  • [Player]: You know exactly why! Do you have any idea how long you took getting ready?
  • [Player]: That's the only reason we're late right now!
  • [Girlfriend]: It... it's very important... for a lady such as I... to look her best when going out... *wheeze*
  • [Girlfriend]: I can't.. I simply cannot go on...! My legs just will not move a step further!
  • [Player]: Wh-what are you doing?! Don't sit down, we've gotta run! We're gonna be late!
  • [Girlfriend]: Do... do we not have a carriage...?
  • [Girlfriend]: I find myself... quite out of practice... using my legs in this way...
  • [Player]: Of course we don't have a carriage!
  • [Player]: Come on, get up! My lady, the punishment for lateness in these lands is no less than...hara-kiri!
  • [Girlfriend]: Honestly... If you think speaking like that is going to move me, well...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Hmm?
  • [Player]: Ahh~ ...That must be the school bell...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Which means we are already late? Which means no more running! Hohoho!
  • [Player]: ...You've gotta be kidding me...
  • [Girlfriend]: Not to worry, not to worry. Daddy will have it all sorted out for us in no time♪
  • [Player]: No! He won't! You'd better be preparing an apology speech!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hohoho~♪ It appears we move in different circles entirely~♪

Gardening Together

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:

On A Picnic

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:

Cinema Date

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:

What's For Dinner?

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Player]:

Weird Dream

Tropical Paradise

Cleaning Up!

After School

Live Event!

Relaxing Cat Cafe

Ghosts Aren't Real!

Bathing Together?!

Firework Lights

Secret Admirer

Put To The Test

Our Own Space

Starry Skies