Our Dream Honeymoon Event Gacha

This is the Event Gacha from the Our Dream Honeymoon Event.

MR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Honeymoon MR
Worldwide Traveller Clothes

SR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Honeymoon SR 01
A European Porch Back Acc.
Honeymoon SR 02
Relaxing Poolside Noon Background

RR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Honeymoon RR 01
Welcoming Lei Girl Red Clothes
Honeymoon RR 02
Welcoming Lei Girl Yellow Clothes
Honeymoon RR 03
Welcoming Lei Girl Pink Clothes
Honeymoon RR 04
Welcoming Lei Girl Purple Clothes
Honeymoon RR 05
Proposal With Diamond Front
Honeymoon RR 06
Proposal With Ruby Front
Honeymoon RR 07
Proposal With Emerald Front
Honeymoon RR 08
Proposal With Sapphire Front
Honeymoon RR 09
Vacation Or Moving? Red Body Acc.
Honeymoon RR 10
Vacation Or Moving? Blue Body Acc.
Honeymoon RR 11
Vacation Or Moving? Yellow Body Acc.

R Outfits

Icon Name Type
Honeymoon R 01
Honeymoon Photographer Red Clothes
Honeymoon R 02
Honeymoon Photographer Blue Clothes
Honeymoon R 03
Honeymoon Photographer Green Clothes
Honeymoon R 04
Honeymoon Photographer Black Clothes
Honeymoon R 05
Headscarf & Glasses Red Hair Acc.
Honeymoon R 06
Headscarf & Glasses Blue Hair Acc.
Honeymoon R 07
Headscarf & Glasses Yellow Hair Acc.
Honeymoon R 08
Headscarf & Glasses Pink Hair Acc.

N Outfits

Icon Name Type
Honeymoon N 01
European Dress Red Clothes
Honeymoon N 02
European Dress Blue Clothes
Honeymoon N 03
European Dress Yellow Clothes
Honeymoon N 04
European Dress Pink Clothes
Honeymoon N 05
Jumbo Jet Takes Off White Back Acc.
Honeymoon N 06
Jumbo Jet Takes Off Blue Back Acc.
Honeymoon N 07
Jumbo Jet Takes Off Yellow Back Acc.
Honeymoon N 08
Jumbo Jet Takes Off Red Back Acc.
Honeymoon N 09
European Ribbons Red Hair Acc.
Honeymoon N 10
European Ribbons Blue Hair Acc.
Honeymoon N 11
European Ribbons Yellow Hair Acc.
Honeymoon N 12
European Ribbons Green Hair Acc.


Icon Name Type
Parfait Event Item
Pancake Event Item
Pudding Event Item
Donut Event Item
Macaroon Event Item

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