This is a limited period Gacha that can be played for 30NP (1 time), 170 NP (6 times) or 300 NP (11 times).

You will receive an outfit, accessory, hairstyle, or other items at random.

New limited series and monthly specials update each month, and older series will be rotated out. Any linked event avatars are also added to the NP Gacha for the duration of the linked event.

New accounts have their first play free, as well as their next three plays discounted for 1NP, 3NP, and 10NP.


  • The drop rate differs for each item.
  • There is a chance of receiving duplicate items.
  • Drop rates will not change, unless Gacha contents themselves are updated or changed.
  • There will be a notification before Gacha contents are updated or changed.
  • It is not always possible to receive all items from this Gacha.
  • Multiple tapping may result in skipping certain scenes during a Gacha play. However, items will still be correctly sent to your Gift Box.
  • The NP needed to play may change during Campaigns, or for other reasons.

Current Gacha Rates

NP Gacha
Type Drop Rate
MR 3.7%
SR 25%
RR 46.9%
R 24.4%
N 0%

Current Gacha Series

Sleepy Dreams Series (11/30/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Sleepy Dreams Series Banner

Ribbons Series (10/31/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Ribbons Series Banner

Divine Goddess Series (9/30/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Divine Goddess Series Banner

Arabian Nights Series (8/31/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Arabian Nights Series Banner

Make-Up Series (7/31/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Make-Up Series Banner

Past Gacha Series

Nightclub Series (6/30/2017 ~ 11/30/2017)

Glass World Series (5/31/2017 ~ 10/31/2017)

Floral Paradise Series (4/30/2017 ~ 9/30/2017)

Idol Series (3/31/2017 ~ 8/31/2017)

Bewitching East Series (2/28/2017 ~ 7/31/2017)

Deadly Sins Series (1/31/2017 ~ 6/30/2017)

Together Forever Series (12/31/2016 ~ 5/31/2017)

World Of Sweets Series (11/30/2016 ~ 4/3/2017)

Magical Girls Series (10/31/2016 ~ 3/31/2017)

Bejeweled Madonna Series (9/30/2016 ~ 2/28/2017)

Dream Cosplay Series (08/31/2016 ~ 09/30/2016)

Armed Ladies Series (07/31/2016 ~ 12/31/2016)

Pretty Birdies Series (06/30/2016 ~ 11/30/2016)

Yes, My Lady! Series (05/31/2016 ~ 10/31/2016)

Dreamy Situations Series (04/30/2016 ~ 09/30/2016)

Elemental Magic Series (04/01/2016 ~ 08/31/2016)

Damsels Of Darkness Series (02/29/2016 ~ 07/31/2016)

Pajama Party Series (01/31/2016 ~ 06/30/2016)

Happy Fancy Ribbons Series (12/31/2015 ~ 05/31/2016) 

Magical Mystery Tarot Series (11/30/2015 ~ 04/30/2016) 

Doki-Doki School Life Series (10/31/2015 ~ 04/01/2016) 

Pure Princess Series (09/31/2015 ~ 02/29/2016)

My School Idols Series (9/15/2015 ~ 01/31/2016)

Fantasy Doll Series (09/15/2015 ~ 12/31/2015)

World Greats Series (09/15/2015 ~ 11/30/2015)

Lil' Animals Series (09/15/2015 ~ 10/31/2015)

Daydreamers Series (09/15/2015 ~ 09/23/2015)

Monthly Limited MR

A limited MR Outfit with two accessories are introduced to the NP Gacha every month and are only available during that month.

For the first five days, there is a "NP Gacha 11-Play Limited Avatar Guarantee Campaign" where you get any one of the current series guaranteed.

The monthly limited series is also added to the Exchange, where you can trade three of an accessory for the MR Outfit, or one MR outfit/two accessories of the same type for the other accessory.

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