First 4 plays at discount prices!

Plays #1~2: 10NP

Plays #3~4: 20NP

Plays #5~6: 30NP

2nd, 4th, and 6th plays get bonus avatars.

Lowest NP will always be taken first (during Beginner's Campaign), and there are no changes to the 11-Play Gacha Price. Plays made during the Beginner's Campaign will be counted. However, Free plays and Ticket/Coupon plays will not be counted towards the campaign.

Past Campaigns

Time For Gym! (7/05/2017 ~ 7/12/2017)

On My Command! (5/10/2017 ~ 5/16/2017)

Cutie From Clockwork Country♪ (4/15/2017 ~ 4/21/2017)

Battle-Hardened Warrior (2/05/2017 ~ 2/11/2017)

Cattleya's Mature Allure (1/12/2017 ~ 1/17/2017)

Tsubaki's Eternal Cuteness (12/19/2016 ~ 12/25/2016)

Luculia's Pure Beauty (11/15/2016 ~ 11/21/2016)

Never Miss My Mark (09/17/2016 ~ 09/23/2016)

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