Daily Login Bonus

You will be given rewards for regularly logging in to see your Girlfriend.

All rewards are extremely useful in your Girlfriend's daily life, so make sure to login every day.

Day Reward
1 3000 Shells
2 Timesaver 60 x2
3 Gacha Coupon x5 & 2000 Shells
4 Closet Space +5 x1
5 Super Stamina Bento x1
6 Timesaver 120 x2
7 Gacha Ticket x2 & 5000 Shells

Continual Login Bonus

Continual Login Bonuses are gifts that you can receive for logging in for a certain number of days.

Days Logged In Reward
30 Days Gacha Ticket x1
60 Days Rainbow Drink DX x1
100 Days Gacha Ticket x1 & Rainbow Drink x1
150 Days Gacha Ticket x2
180 Days Closet Space +30 x1
200 Days Gacha Ticket x1 & Choco Heart +500 x1
250 Days Gacha Ticket x1 & Rainbow Drink DX x1
300 Days Gacha Ticket x3
330 Days Gacha Ticket x2 & Closet Space +50 x1

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