Tokyo Tallest Tower Girl

SR Outfits

Image Item
Tokyo Tallest Tower Girl Red
Tokyo: Tallest Tower Girl Red
Tokyo Tallest Tower GIrl Blue
Tokyo: Tallest Tower Girl Blue
Tokyo Tallest Tower Girl Green
Tokyo: Tallest Tower Girl Green
Tokyo Tallest Tower Girl Purple
Tokyo: Tallest Tower Girl Purple

RR Outfits

Image Item
Kyoto Byodo Temple Girl Red
Kyoto: Byodo Temple Girl Red
Kyoto Byodo Temple Girl Blue
Kyoto: Byodo Temple Girl Blue
Kyoto Byodo Temple Girl Yellow
Kyoto: Byodo Temple Girl Yellow
Kyoto Byodo Temple Girl White
Kyoto: Byodo Temple Girl White
Okinawa Pearl Diver Red
Okinawa: Pearl Diver Red
Okinawa Pearl Diver Green
Okinawa: Pearl Diver Green
Okinawa Pearl Diver Pink
Okinawa: Pearl Diver Pink
Okinawa Pearl Diver Orange
Okinawa: Pearl Diver Orange
Hokkiado Ainu Beauty Red
Hokkaido: Ainu Beauty Red
Hokkiado Ainu Beauty Blue
Hokkaido: Ainu Beauty Blue
Hokkiado Ainu Beauty Purple
Hokkaido: Ainu Beauty Purple
Hokkiado Ainu Beauty Black
Hokkaido: Ainu Beauty Black
Osaka Glutton Kobayashi Red
Osaka: Glutton Kobayashi Red
Osaka Glutton Kobayashi Blue
Osaka: Glutton Kobayashi Blue
Osaka Glutton Kobayashi Green
Osaka: Glutton Kobayashi Green
Osaka Glutton Kobayashi Pink
Osaka: Glutton Kobayashi Pink

R Outfits

Image Item
Tochigi Strawberry Girl Red
Tochigi: Strawberry Girl Red
Tochigi Strawberry Girl Yellow
Tochigi: Strawberry Girl Yellow
Tochigi Strawberry Girl Green
Tochigi: Strawberry Girl Green
Tochigi Strawberry Girl White
Tochigi: Strawberry Girl White
Miyagi Dokuganryu Red
Miyagi: Dokuganryu Red
Miyagi Dokuganryu Blue
Miyagi: Dokuganryu Blue
Miyagi Dokuganryu Black
Miyagi: Dokuganryu Black
Miyagi Dokuganryu Silver
Miyagi: Dokuganryu Silver
Niigata Fresh White Rice White
Niigata: Fresh White Rice White
Niigata Fresh White Rice Pink
Niigata: Fresh White Rice Pink
Niigata Fresh White Rice Blue
Niigata: Fresh White Rice Blue
Niigata Fresh White Rice Yellow
Niigata: Fresh White Rice Yellow
Straw Hat Yellow
Straw Hat Yellow
Straw Hat Green
Straw Hat Green
Straw Hat White
Straw Hat White
Straw Hat Black
Straw Hat Black
Shiga Tanuki Dark Brown
Shiga: Tanuki Dark Brown
Shiga Tanuki Light Brown
Shiga: Tanuki Light Brown
Shiga Tanuki Gold
Shiga: Tanuki Gold
Shiga Tanuki Silver
Shiga: Tanuki Silver

N Outfits

Image Item
Iwate Star Train Red
Iwate: Star Train Red
Iwate Star Train Black
Iwate: Star Train Black
Iwate Star Train Blue
Iwate: Star Train Blue
Iwate Star Train Green
Iwate: Star Train Green
Nagoya Tempura Cushion White
Nagoya: Tempura Cushion White
Nagoya Tempura Cushion Yellow
Nagoya: Tempura Cushion Yellow
Nagoya Tempura Cushion Brown
Nagoya: Tempura Cushion Brown
Nagoya Tempura Cushion Pink
Nagoya: Tempura Cushion Pink

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