How do I get Kiss Mode?

Raising your Girlfriend's Affection to 6,000 will increase the Kiss Gauge. Once it reaches 100%, you will receive Kiss Points which can be used to Kiss your Girlfriend. Kissing your girlfriend will make her so happy, she will enter Love Mode. Love mode comes with the following *bonuses:

  • Double EXP and Personality trait increase on completing Study.
  • Double the amount of Shells. However, only from the Girlfriend who is in Love Mode. Love Mode lasts 12 hours.
  • Double the amount of affection received from Chatting.

*The bonuses add up to already existing campaigns which multiply EXP, Affection, Shells or personality traits. For example, a chat campaign with a bonus of x2 to the chat together with kiss mode will result into a x4 bonus (i.e. +10 Affection -> +40 Affection)

Practical Notes

Getting the Kiss Gauge to 100% takes a lot of time.

The Kiss Gauge drops ~3% if you do not talk to your Girlfriend in a day.

Reaching 6,000 affection changes all your Girlfriend's chat dialogues. The new dialogues imply a closer relationship between you and your Girlfriend and yield more Affection. They cannot be changed back.

Reaching 6,000 Affection also rewards a Kiss Ticket, which can be used from Items on the active Girlfriend to try out the Kiss feature without the time investment. The author recommends this course of action for the curious.

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