The Gentle personality is very laid-back, very relaxed and very calm. She moves at her own pace, which is usually a little behind others. She'd never speak ill of anyone, and she's never been known to get angry in any situation. She's an altogether easy-going girl~

Special Job

Work Time
Knitting School (Earn some more Shells than usual.) 4hr 00min




  • [Girlfriend]: I think that these clothes will look good on you ♪
    • [Player]: Ohh it's nice. I like the design.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, would you mind trying it on?
  • [Girlfriend]: Above the clouds~ The sun shines through ~ Out comes the rainbow~ ♪
    • [Player]: What are you singing? I like it.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... I just heard it on the radio
  • [Girlfriend]: My shoulders feel weird... Is there something on them?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: ... A feather? Where was it...
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm hungry...
    • [Player]: Me too. Is there anything you want to eat?
    • [Girlfriend]: If it's okay, why don't we make it out of what we have. Is there anything that you want to eat?
    • [Player]: Really!? Oh right... Omurice!
    • [Girlfriend]: Omurice huh. Ok then, I'll make do my best to make it.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, it's already this late. I missed my favorite TV show...
    • [Player]: Don't worry, I recorded it for you.
    • [Girlfriend]: Wow, really? Thank you ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...It's started raining.
    • [Player Action]: Share an Umbrella
      • [Player]: Let's share this umbrella.
      • [Girlfriend]: Thank you. Uhuhu... I can always count on you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Are my hands or your hands larger?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Your hands are larger, uhuhu ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: What kind of games do you like?
    • [Player Action]: Action games
      • [Player]: Action games. They feel refreshing.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... That looks fun... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action]: Puzzle games
      • [Player]: Puzzle games. They can get addicting.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh if it's that type of game, I think I can play it too... huhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: It's a nice day. Would you like to go somewhere...?
    • [Player Action]: Let's go shopping
      • [Player]: Let's go shopping!
      • [Girlfriend]: I'm excited... uhuhu. What should I buy...
  • [Girlfriend]: Is there something on my head? Can you try and get it out for me?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke top*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, it was a flower petal? It must have gotten there when we went shopping.
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], look at this ♪
    • [Player]: Oh, you fixed the button on my shirt. Thanks.
    • [Girlfriend]: Be sure to take care of it. Uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you want to go on a walk together?
    • [Player Action]: Let's do it
      • [Player]: Okay.
      • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... Why don't we go shopping...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey hey, well... Huh...
    • [Player]: What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: I couldn't really sleep at all...
    • [Player]: Ohh. Are you stressed? You have to relax.
    • [Girlfriend]: You right... But why is that?
    • [Player]: ... I wonder why that is...
    • [Girlfriend]: I'm not really sure... I wonder why...
    • [Player]: Well we have no choice... Do you want do drink some hot milk?
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, Thank you. Maybe this will help me sleep ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: It's a really nice day today.
    • [Player]: I agree.
    • [Girlfriend]: I wish that every day was this sunny ♪
    • [Player]: Well we can't let it go to waste, let's go out and do something.
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay, let's go.
    • [Player]: We always stay at home. It would be fun to go somewhere as well.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, thank you ♪
    • [Player]: Is there anywhere that you want to go?
    • [Girlfriend]: Hmm.. I want to go to the zoo.
    • [Player]: The zoo huh. Okay then, I'll go and get ready.
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you ♪ Um...
    • [Player]: What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Do you think they will have rabbits and lamas?
    • [Player]: I'm pretty sure they will. I think they even let you hold the rabbits..
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Really! Let's hurry and get going then ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: You've been staring at me for a while... What is it?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! My clothes are wrinkled?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, did you want to touch my hair?
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you remember... what you wanted to be when you were young?
    • [Player Action]: A hero
      • [Player]: Maybe a war hero.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... That sounds cute... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action]: An evil prince
      • [Player]: I wanted to be an evil prince, set out to rule the world.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... You sound like you were a troublemaker.
  • [Girlfriend]: My shoulders have been sore recently...
    • [Player Action]: I'll give you a massage
      • [Player]: Oh, you are tense. Let me give you a massage.
      • [Girlfriend]: [Player], you are good at massaging. It feels nice...
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm a bit worried about my hair...
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke upper*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Is my hair messed up...
    • [Player Action]: *Touch upper*
      • [Girlfriend]: I got surprised that you touched me there all of a sudden...
  • [Girlfriend]: I wonder how I could have slept so weird... My back really hurts
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, a massage? Uhuhu... Thank you ♪
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: ... Ohh... Is my hair that messed up?
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm burning a scented candle.
    • [Player Action]: It smells nice
      • [Player]: Oh... It smells nice.
      • [Girlfriend]: It looked so pretty that I fell in love with it the moment I saw it... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action: It's a little strong
      • [Player]: The smell is kind of strong...
      • [Girlfriend]: ... That's too bad... Next time I'll buy one which isn't as strong smelling...
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow, it's already late.
    • [Player]: You're right
    • [Girlfriend]: Im a little hungry... Let's eat something.
    • [Player]: Okay. What do you want to eat?
    • [Girlfriend]: Well is it okay if I make something with what we have?
    • [Player]: Ohh you're going to make something. I can't wait.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu ♪ Alright, I'll do my best.
    • [Player]: What are you planning on making?
    • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... Well, how does some lasagna sound?
    • [Player]: Oh! That sounds great!
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Alright, lasagna it is.
    • [Player]: Is there anything that I can help with?
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh, is it okay?
    • [Player]: Mhm. I think it will be better if we made it together.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Alright ♪ Well can you start boiling some hot water?
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to go to the pet store.
    • [Player Action]: Let's go shopping
      • [Player]: Alright, do you want to check it out now?
      • [Girlfriend]: Okay, I'm looking forward to it... uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, what are you doing?
    • [Player]: I haven't picked up this manga for a while, so I wanted to re-read it.
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh! I got it.
    • [Player]: It's an action manga, but do you want to try and read it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... Well I'm not really a fan of action, so I think I'll pass. I hope you enjoy it.
  • [Girlfriend]: I saw you in my dream last night.
    • [Player Action]: What happened?
      • [Player]: What happened?
      • [Girlfriend]: You were taking a nap as usual, and look so cute and peaceful... Uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Is there something on my body?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, my hair was messed up... Thank you for letting me know ♪
Kiss Mode


  • [Player]... Uhuhu, you're not gonna keep me waiting, are you?


  • Uhuhu... I wanted to keep going, [Player]... We'll do it again some time, right?
  • Oh, are you two going out somewhere?
  • Uhuhu, I have such trouble choosing an outfit every morning.
  • [Player] is such a wonderful person! Uhuhu...
  • Oh, what a beautiful outfit!
  • Oh, have you eaten yet, [Girlfriend]?
  • You're really very cute, [Girlfriend].
  • I've made something delicious for dinner, uhuhu.
  • Uhuhu, tomorrow is sure to be sunny.
  • Oh, that seems like a very difficult book...
  • Uhuhu... [Player] seems like very sweet person.
  • Uhuhu, I think I could spend the whole day like this.
  • Oh... I think I might have put on some weight...
  • Oh..? Oh, oh, oh...
  • Oh... You're not allowed to touch people there, you know.
  • Umm... that really tickles, you know...
  • You can't just laze around all day, you know.
  • Uhuhu... Do you want to watch a movie or something?
  • Would you like to go out?

Touch During Date Mode

  • Uhuhu♪ I wonder what people think of us together. Siblings? Lovers~?
  • Oh my♪ This is such a wonderful date~♪ Uhuhu♪
  • Uhuhu♪ Do you like the way my hair feels~? Please, continue~♪
Girl To Girl Chat


  • What is the very best present you've ever received from [Player]?
  • I have a question for you~... Which hairpin do you think looks better, the red one or the blue one?
  • I imagine working together with you would be so much fun, [Other Girlfriend]♪
  • Oh my... Wake wakey~. I don't think you've quite finished studying yet~.
  • That reminds me of another story, actually~!
  • Uhuhu, I saw this hairpin and thought of you [Other Girlfriend], so here you go~! Oh, it looks as cute as I imagined♪
  • Oh my, [Other Girlfriend], your button seems to have come off.
  • Can I ask you a question, [Other Girlfriend]? What kind of job do you think would suit me most?
  • My advice for tests is to skip any questions you cannot immediately answer, and just come back to them later♪
  • I'm thinking of knitting some gloves for everyone. Will you help me, [Other Girlfriend]?


  • Oh my, what beautiful wrapping that is♪ It's a shame it'll all just be torn to pieces...
  • That sounds wonderful. I would love to go shopping with you♪
  • That does sound very difficult. Maybe thinking about it differently might help you find a solution♪
  • Oh? Of course, I would love to visit the library with you.
  • Well, that sounds very interesting~.
  • I just love the way this material feels on my skin... I could touch it all day long♪
  • Oh? Your shirt is covered in creases. Would you like me to iron it for you?
  • It's definitely very important to work for something you believe in♪
  • I'm starting to feel quite sleepy... Maybe I should try splashing some cold water on my face.
  • That sounds like a wonderful place to relax and drink tea~.

See you later...

  • I'm so sorry, I have to be going now~.
  • Oh! Look at the time... I think we'll have to leave the rest for another day♪
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... Why do you look so surprised?
  • [Player]: Huh? Ohh I just feel like you are acting different...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Am I really that different?
  • [Player]: Yeah, you are really different.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well then... I guess I should start with "nice to meet you" again...
  • [Player]: Huh? Ohh, well nice to meet you too...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: I like that we are just sitting around and doing nothing together!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh? What about it?
  • [Player]: Ohh nothing!! Nothing at all!!

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: "Uhuhu, I feel like you and I have gotten closer recently."
  • [Player]: "More than getting closer, I feel really relaxed when I'm with you. I always feel like being with you."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Ohh, I'm happy to hear that♪ So I guess I'm like an oasis for your heart to relax at?"
  • [Player]: "Ohh an oasis...! That's a good way to describe it!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Well I wonder if you can make me feel the same way too? uhuhu."
  • [Player]: "Huh!?... Well what should I do..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Hmm right... Well I would really like it if you cleaned up the house to make it more comfortable."
  • [Player]: "... Okay, I agree it feels nice too when the house is clean... Alright! I'll start cleaning up!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Ohh, well you don't have to be so serious about it. We can take our time and do it together♪"


  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Today is really nice weather, perfect for a picnic.
  • [Player]: I agree. The sun and breeze feel so nice~.
  • [Girlfriend]: Since we we are going to have a picnic, I made some bentos for us.
  • [Player]: Oh wow! You put so much stuff in them. This must have taken a lost of work huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: Well i was really looking forward to today and i couldn't sleep, so that's why I decided to make all of this.
  • [Player]: Are you okay? Aren't you tired? I'll let you know if i feel sleepy.
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, thank you. When the sun is out like this it really makes me sleepy.
  • [Player]: Well then how about we eat a llittle of our bento and then take a nap?
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay... just for a bit then? it's such a nice day that i don't want to spend all day sleeping. Uhuhu.

So this... is love...?

  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh! Well i guess this could be love... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: I wonder...
  • [Girlfriend]: Well i'm looking forward to being with you for a long time.
  • [Player]: Me too.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Ohhh you are so cute!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... You sure acting like a little prince aren't you.
  • [Player]: Yep! Yes i am!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well well!... Uhuhu.

Our little secret.

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... what is that...
  • [Player]: This...? It's a secret...
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... I feel sorry for you...
  • [Player]: Huh? Why is that?
  • [Girlfriend]: Well that means that you have to keep it a secret right? That's going to be hard for you...
  • [Player]: I mean it's not that big of a secret.
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... Well if you tell me I promise I won't tell anyone.
  • [Player]: Huh? Ohh okay...
  • [Girlfriend]: This is a secret just between the two of us! Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: ...(Hmm this is really hard to tell her)

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... This is the firs ttime I've seen this beautiful of a beach before.
  • [Player]: Well as long as your happy I'm happy.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Well it was all thanks to Yui that we could come here since she bought us the tickets... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Well what if I said that I was the one who convinced Yui to buy us the tickets...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Wow so you did! Well all that matters to me is that I get to spend time with you here.
  • [Player]: [Girlfriend]... Thanks. I feel the same way.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I hope that I can be with you forever...
  • [Player]: Huh!?... What did you just say...!?
  • [Girlfriend]: I like you.. Uhuhu.. Okay you promised. You have to stay with me forever.
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]: Even though it's September I can still hear the cicadas chirping.
  • [Player]: The heat is still sticking around. I wonder how long it will last?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yeah. I want it to cool down already.
  • [Player]: Well once it cools down it will already be fall. What do you like about fall?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... They have a lot of good things to eat, so I really like that aspect♪
  • [Player]: Haha! Alright then, when fall comes we have to make sure to eat a lot of good food!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh! I'm really looking forward to it♪

Winter Footsteps

  • [Girlfriend]: It's really hot today... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: You're right...
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh? What are you looking at...
  • [Player]: Yah!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh.. You really like this don't you.
  • [Player]: I love it!! If you do this you will really warm up!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Alright then, let's hug each other... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Oh... I feel so happy...

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Valentine's Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Here are some Valentine's Day chocolates...
  • [Player]: Wow!! Thanks!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... are you going to eat them now?
  • [Player]: Well you are supposed to eat them right away!!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Ohh... how are they?
  • [Player]: Ohh... this is good!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... I'm glad to hear that...

White Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh White Day...
  • [Player]: Yep, here... I wanted to give these to you!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... thank you... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Go ahead and try them!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, right now? Okay...
  • [Player]: How are they?
  • [Girlfriend]: I think they are really good... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Yay!
  • [Girlfriend]: ... You are like a little kid... uhuhu.
MR+ Scenarios

Marshmallow Pout Patne +

Your Adoring Chocolita +

Bunny Girl Santa +

Silent Night With Bunny Santa! +

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Girlfriend]: Ufufu♪ We're finally getting married♪
  • [Player]: Yup. We've graduated from college and I got a job lined up, so I thought now's a good time as ever.
  • [Girlfriend]: Lovely♪ It's like a dream come true♪ I'll finally be wearing a wedding dress... *sob*
  • [Player]: Ahaha. It's too early for tears. Anyway, I love both the dress and this wedding hall. Shall we have it here?
  • [Girlfriend]: OK♪ Let's do it... Ooh.
  • [Player]: What's wrong? You don't look so well.
  • [Girlfriend]: E-excuse me a sec!
  • [Player]: Hey! What's wrong?! Are you OK?!
  • ....
  • [Player]: Ah, you're back! Now, what's wrong? If you're sick, we can go home now.
  • [Girlfriend]: No, it's OK. But, do you think we could stop by the hospital on the way home?
  • [Player]: H-Hospital?! W-w-w-what's wrong?! Oh, no! Somebody call an ambulance!
  • [Girlfriend]: Not, it's nothing that serious. Um, actually... *whispers*
  • [Player]: ?! You are?! Really?! Yeah-ha-ha-haa♪ Oh thank you, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, hang on. I have to get examined so we can see for sure. Ufufu♪
  • (A little while later, [Player] would visit the [Girlfriend] in the future.)

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ [Player], Happy Valentine's Day~♪
  • [Player]: Whoa?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Good, good♪ Uhuhu♪ Squeeze~♪
  • [Player]: Wha-wha-wha?! This hurth, [Girlfriend]... (Whoa! Why is this so soft~?!)
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh my, sorry. I suppose I went too far♪
  • [Player]: Ah, ah... Wh-what is going on? Those clothes...are nothing like the normal you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh my? Are you not happy?
  • [Player]: Huh? No, I'm really, really happy. (Phew.) B-but! This is kind of strange!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm~... Why's that? I did just like that book...
  • [Player]: Huh? J-just like the book...? Um~, you mean...
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course♪ When I was cleaning your room I found it on top of your bed, [Player]♪
  • [Girlfriend]: That book had a girl wearing this and doing this~ kind of pose... You like that right?
  • [Player]: Oh no! I forgot to hide that~?! Girls shouldn't be posing like that, okay?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh really... So you don't care for this? What can I do to make you happy...?
  • [Player]: Ah♪ I know♪ We can dress up the same and enjoy this together~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: S-sorry, this is all my fault~... Please forgive me.

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Taking a stroll is so much fun♪
  • [Player]: R-really? We're just going to an ordinary riverbank nearby...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ As long as I'm with you, [Player], I'll be happy no matter where we go~♪
  • [Player]: Ah, really? Ahaha... But I'd much rather take you somewhere like an amusement park.
  • [Player]: But I don't have as much money as I would like to...
  • [Girlfriend]: Don't worry about that to much. Hey, look over there.
  • [Player]: Hm? Ah, the kids are having fun.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's right♪ When you hear kids having fun, doesn't that put you in a more cheerful mood?
  • [Player]: ...I guess so.
  • [Girlfriend]: There are also many pretty flowers that have already blossomed♪
  • [Girlfriend]: And the sparrows are singing♪
  • [Girlfriend]: We're able to feed off the energy nearby. There's nothing more you can ask for♪
  • [Player]: You're right. Just thinking about having fun livens the mood.
  • [Player]: I like that about you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Right? Now, let's make the best of being by the riverbank♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...If we were to ever have children and bring them here... it would surely be more fun~♪
  • [Player]: Yeah, I agree... Geh..?
  • [Player]: E, Ehhh?

Grocery Shopping

  • [Girlfriend]: Hm~? What should we do about dinner~?
  • [Player]: Can't decided? If that's the case, can I request something?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh♪ Uhuhu, go ahead♪
  • [Player]: Cabbage rolls! They're your favorite, right, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ That sounds good♪ Let's have that for dinner!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm~, In that case, we first need ground meat♪
  • [Player]: Ah, ground meat is pretty cheap!
  • [Girlfriend]: That's good news~♪ Well then, time for the next thing on the list...
  • [Player]: Hey, look, look. It seems that sausages have horsemeat in them.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, wow... you're going to eat a horse?
  • [Player]: Yeah, you see, that's what's written... Uhh...
  • [Girlfriend]: ?... What's wrong, [Player]?
  • [Player]: ... Uh... I'm feeling a little nauseous... I'm going to the restroom!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, ok... Well, I'm going to continue shopping, okay?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Well then, what was it again...? Horse?
  • [Girlfriend]: Speaking of horses, I need carrots♪ And... yes, onion are also cheap♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Player]: ... Phew~, I feel much better. Did you finish getting everything you need?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Yes, I did♪ I plan on making dry curry with lots of vegetables♪
  • [Player]: ... What? Why?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Hm?

Rainy Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, dear... it started raining...
  • [Player]: Yeah... that darn forecast! It didn't predict rain!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ That happens sometimes♪
  • [Girlfriend]: But it's alright! I brought a compact umbrella with me~♪
  • [Player]: Nice, you really come prepared! Then there's no reason to cancel our date.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's right♪ Here you go~.
  • [Player]: Thanks... Hm? What the?
  • [Girlfriend]: What's wrong?
  • [Player]: This is something you would use to wrap food... What were you trying to wrap?
  • [Girlfriend]: Gee, silly me!
  • [Girlfriend]: I mistakenly chose the one wrong♪ Uhuhu♪ Uhuhuhu...♪
  • [Player]: This isn't the time to be laughing at yourself.
  • [Player]: At any rate, I wonder what we should do. The rain is coming down pretty hard... I guess we should head back, after all?
  • [Girlfriend]: It's unfortunate since we're already here...
  • [Player]: There's not much we can do about it. We'll catch a cold if we get too wet.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Um, what do you say about waiting for the rain to stop at the cafe over there?
  • [Player]: But, we don't know when it's going to stop, y'know?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ That's alright♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Even if we have to wait a while, having tea and talking to you, [Player], isn't boring at all♪
  • [Player]: Yeah... you're right!

We're Late!

  • [Player]: This is bad! We're going to be late!
  • [Girlfriend]: There, there... you walk quite fast, [Player]~♪
  • [Player]: Why are you so carefree? If we don't hurry up, we're going to be late, y'know?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm?
  • [Player]: Ha... ha... putting that aside, why didn't you wake me up this morning?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I tried waking you up. But you didn't want to get up, [Player]...
  • [Girlfriend]: Also, judging from your face, it looked like you were sleeping comfortably, and your sleeping face is so cute...
  • [Girlfriend]: I couldn't help myself and lost track of the time♪
  • [Player]: ... And that's why we're in this situation...
  • [Girlfriend]: You haven't eaten breakfast, right? Not properly eating breakfast isn't good for your health, you know?[Player]
  • [Girlfriend]: I brought a piece of toast with me. Here, have one♪
  • [Player]: Now isn't the time for that!
  • [Player]: At any rate, let's hurry up! Before the teacher closes the gate!
  • [Player]: Let's make a run... for... it...
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah~, the first bell rang...
  • [Player] Aw man... we're going to have to clean as punishment after school...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ It just so happens I'm really good at cleaning♪
  • [Player]: Oh, really...?
  • [Player]: *deep breath*

Date At The Zoo

  • [Girlfriend]: Well, well♪ It's been a while since I last came out to the zoo♪
  • [Player]: Looks like fun, [Girlfriend], right?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes♪ I just love cute animals♪
  • [Player]: Haha. What should we go see first?
  • [Girlfriend]: That's a good question... Hm~...? There are too many to choose from♪
  • [Player]: Oh, it's alright. Take your time to think about it.
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay♪ Um~...
  • [Player]: ...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...♪
  • [Player]: ... Still haven't decided yet? I'm a little hungry...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, no! I'm sorry~. If that's the case, we can go see whatever animal you like, [Player]~♪
  • [Player]: Eh, you should ha--- Ah, forget it.
  • [Player]: Alright then, let's to see the world's strangest bug! Just kidding.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Ah...
  • [Player]: Okay then, let's go! *grin*
  • [Girlfriend]: That's a sick joke. You know I don't like bugs...
  • [Player]: I-I was just joking... Hmm?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu...♪ Since it's for you, Guppy, I don't mind going...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Uhuhuhu...♪
  • [Player]: ... I feel an immense pressure behind that laugh...!
  • [Player]: I-I'm sorry. I got a bit ahead of myself...

Gardening Together

  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], come here~!
  • [Player]: Hm? What's wrong, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Look at what we planted before.
  • [Player]: ... Ooh! It's starting to sprout!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ That's right♪
  • [Player]: That's good to hear. I hope the vegetables we planted come out well.
  • [Girlfriend]: It's because we're taking care of them, [Player]♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I feel that all the vegetables we planted will turn out great♪
  • [Player]: Hm, I hope so.
  • [Girlfriend]: When the vegetables are ripe, I'll make you some stir-fried vegetables♪
  • [Player]: Ahaha, I'm looking forward to that.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Hm? It looks like there's something growing here. Did we plant something her--- Kyaa!
  • [Player]: Wh-what's wrong?
  • [Girlfriend]: A-a shiitake mushroom? Wh-why would you grow something like this as well, [Player]?
  • [Girlfriend]: You're always playing these kinds of jokes~!
  • [Player]: Eh? Oh, you got it wrong, [Girlfriend]. It doesn't even look like a shiitake mushroom.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Hm? You're right...
  • [Player]: Haha, I wonder what kind of mushroom this is. I know nothing about mushrooms, so I have no idea...
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, let's eat it♪ It looks kind of delicious♪
  • [Player]: Th-that one is dangerous, so we better not!

On A Picnic

  • [Player]: Hmm! The rich nature feels great~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I wonder what would happen if I try to shout yahoo♪
  • [Player]: Here goes nothing~... Ya! Hooo~...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm? What's wrong?
  • [Player]: ... Ahaha, I have no energy because I'm hungry...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Well then, let's have lunch♪
  • [Player]: Yay! What did you put in the bento? What? What?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... I see you're back to your old self♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I got up bright and early to make this~♪ Yup♪
  • [Player]: ... Ooh! A spring cabbage roll!.
  • [Player]: There are so may different kinds of spring foods~!
  • [Girlfriend]: Eat until you can't eat any more♪
  • [Player]: Can't wait to start dig--- What the?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...? What's wrong?
  • [Player]: Um, [Girlfriend]... Where are my chopsticks?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Ah! Uhuhu♪ It looks like I forgot to bring them~♪
  • [Player]: Ehhh!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I shouldn't use my hands, but I'll use my fingers to pick it up...
  • [Girlfriend]: Say♪ Aaah♪
  • [Player]: Th-this is a little embarrassing... A, aaah...

Cinema Date

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I'm happy to go on a date with you, [Player]♪
  • [Girlfriend]: Where are we going today?
  • [Player]: Hm, I was thinking about going to see a movie together.
  • [Girlfriend]: Sounds great♪
  • [Player]: What do you want to watch, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: That's a good question... I don't really know, [Player]...
  • [Girlfriend]: Let's just watch whatever you want to watch, [Player]♪
  • [Player]: Alright then, how about horror?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Uhuhu♪
  • [Player]: ... I was just playing... I-it's much scarier than a horror movie...
  • [Player]: Let's go watch the action movie people are talking about!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu♪ I'm looking forward to it♪
  • [Player]: Oh, it looks like it's going to start...
  • [Player]: ...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...?
  • [Player]: ... That was good~.
  • [Girlfriend]: R-really? I'm glad to hear that.
  • [Player]: What did you think, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Hm... there were a lot of explosions. It was scary~♪
  • [Player]: ... You didn't find it interesting?
  • [Girlfriend]: It was just so flashy that I couldn't follow along very well~♪
  • [Player]: Ahaha, that makes sense~.

What's For Dinner?

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I'm going to start preparing for dinner~♪
  • [Player]: I can't thank you enough, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, don't mention it♪ I don't mind making food for you.
  • [Girlfriend]: It makes me happy when you eat what I cook, [Player]♪
  • [Girlfriend]: By the way, do you have a request for dinner?
  • [Player]: Oh, I can ask for whatever I want?
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course♪
  • [Player]: Great! Um, so much to choose from...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪
  • [Player]: Hm... everything you cook, [Girlfriend], is delicious, so it's hard to choose just one...
  • [Player]: I can't decide. Just make whatever you want!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm?
  • [Player]: I'm eagerly waiting for what you make~. Ah, I'm hungry...
  • [Girlfriend]: I got it♪ Just wait a little while longer♪
  • [Girlfriend]: La, la, la~... La...♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...
  • [Girlfriend]: Alright, it's ready~♪ [Player]♪
  • [Player]: I'm starving! What did you make? ... Geh, what in the world is this?
  • [Player]: I-I'm going to dig in...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I couldn't really decide what to make myself.
  • [Girlfriend]: So I decided to make everything you like, [Player]♪

Weird Dream

  • [Player]: H-hm? Th-this is a problem~...
  • [Girlfriend]: Huhu♪ You don't have to make that kind of face, [Player]♪
  • [Player]: ... You know, this isn't the time to be so carefree.
  • [Player]: I'm thinking about why and how to get you back to your normal size, [Girlfriend], y'know?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... that's what you were doing♪ I wonder what happened to me...
  • [Player]: This is a really weird phenomenon... Is your body functioning properly after having shrunk, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes♪ I'm fine as always~♪
  • [Player]: Other than shrinking, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ I would easily be able to get my hanko stamp if it fell behind the dresser at this size.
  • [Girlfriend]: When cleaning the refrigerator, it wouldn't be necessary to move it~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: How convenient♪
  • [Player]: ... You're really carefree... but even you don't want to be stick like that, right?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... You're right. It would be hard to make dinner for you, [Player]...
  • [Girlfriend]: I wonder how many people I would have to cook for then... I would have to wake up really early, too...
  • [Player]: ... I-I don't think now is the time to be thinking about that...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm? You have something on your nose, [Player].
  • [Girlfriend]: I'll take it off for you~♪
  • [Player]: Eh? Ah... Wait-- Th-that tickles... ah, ah...
  • [Player]: ... Ah, achoo!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm? Hmmm~?
  • [Player]: Ah! Oops! Right when I sneezed, I dropped, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Player]: Wh-where you~! [Girlfriend]~!

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