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The Gentle personality is very laid-back, very relaxed and very calm. She moves at her own pace, which is usually a little behind others. She'd never speak ill of anyone, and she's never been known to get angry in any situation. She's an altogether easy-going girl~

Special Job

Work Time
Knitting School (Earn some more Shells than usual.) 4hr 00min




  • [Girlfriend]: I think that these clothes will look good on you ♪
    • [Player]: Ohh it's nice. I like the design.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, would you mind trying it on?
  • [Girlfriend]: Above the clouds~ The sun shines through ~ Out comes the rainbow~ ♪
    • [Player]: What are you singing? I like it.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... I just heard it on the radio
  • [Girlfriend]: My shoulders feel weird... Is there something on them?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: ... A feather? Where was it...
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm hungry...
    • [Player]: Me too. Is there anything you want to eat?
    • [Girlfriend]: If it's okay, why don't we make it out of what we have. Is there anything that you want to eat?
    • [Player]: Really!? Oh right... Omurice!
    • [Girlfriend]: Omurice huh. Ok then, I'll make do my best to make it.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, it's already this late. I missed my favorite TV show...
    • [Player]: Don't worry, I recorded it for you.
    • [Girlfriend]: Wow, really? Thank you ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...It's started raining.
    • [Player Action]: Share an Umbrella
      • [Player]: Let's share this umbrella.
      • [Girlfriend]: Thank you. Uhuhu... I can always count on you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Are my hands or your hands larger?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Your hands are larger, uhuhu ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: What kind of games do you like?
    • [Player Action]: Action games
      • [Player]: Action games. They feel refreshing.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... That looks fun... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action]: Puzzle games
      • [Player]: Puzzle games. They can get addicting.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh if it's that type of game, I think I can play it too... huhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: It's a nice day. Would you like to go somewhere...?
    • [Player Action]: Let's go shopping
      • [Player]: Let's go shopping!
      • [Girlfriend]: I'm excited... uhuhu. What should I buy...
  • [Girlfriend]: Is there something on my head? Can you try and get it out for me?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke top*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, it was a flower petal? It must have gotten there when we went shopping.
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], look at this ♪
    • [Player]: Oh, you fixed the button on my shirt. Thanks.
    • [Girlfriend]: Be sure to take care of it. Uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you want to go on a walk together?
    • [Player Action]: Let's do it
      • [Player]: Okay.
      • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... Why don't we go shopping...
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey hey, well... Huh...
    • [Player]: What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: I couldn't really sleep at all...
    • [Player]: Ohh. Are you stressed? You have to relax.
    • [Girlfriend]: You right... But why is that?
    • [Player]: ... I wonder why that is...
    • [Girlfriend]: I'm not really sure... I wonder why...
    • [Player]: Well we have no choice... Do you want do drink some hot milk?
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, Thank you. Maybe this will help me sleep ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: It's a really nice day today.
    • [Player]: I agree.
    • [Girlfriend]: I wish that every day was this sunny ♪
    • [Player]: Well we can't let it go to waste, let's go out and do something.
    • [Girlfriend]: Okay, let's go.
    • [Player]: We always stay at home. It would be fun to go somewhere as well.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, thank you ♪
    • [Player]: Is there anywhere that you want to go?
    • [Girlfriend]: Hmm.. I want to go to the zoo.
    • [Player]: The zoo huh. Okay then, I'll go and get ready.
    • [Girlfriend]: Thank you ♪ Um...
    • [Player]: What is it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Do you think they will have rabbits and lamas?
    • [Player]: I'm pretty sure they will. I think they even let you hold the rabbits..
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Really! Let's hurry and get going then ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: You've been staring at me for a while... What is it?
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! My clothes are wrinkled?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, did you want to touch my hair?
  • [Girlfriend]: Do you remember... what you wanted to be when you were young?
    • [Player Action]: A hero
      • [Player]: Maybe a war hero.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... That sounds cute... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action]: An evil prince
      • [Player]: I wanted to be an evil prince, set out to rule the world.
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh... You sound like you were a troublemaker.
  • [Girlfriend]: My shoulders have been sore recently...
    • [Player Action]: I'll give you a massage
      • [Player]: Oh, you are tense. Let me give you a massage.
      • [Girlfriend]: [Player], you are good at massaging. It feels nice...
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm a bit worried about my hair...
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke upper*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh! Is my hair messed up...
    • [Player Action]: *Touch upper*
      • [Girlfriend]: I got surprised that you touched me there all of a sudden...
  • [Girlfriend]: I wonder how I could have slept so weird... My back really hurts
    • [Player Action]: *Stroke lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, a massage? Uhuhu... Thank you ♪
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: ... Ohh... Is my hair that messed up?
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm burning a scented candle.
    • [Player Action]: It smells nice
      • [Player]: Oh... It smells nice.
      • [Girlfriend]: It looked so pretty that I fell in love with it the moment I saw it... uhuhu.
    • [Player Action: It's a little strong
      • [Player]: The smell is kind of strong...
      • [Girlfriend]: ... That's too bad... Next time I'll buy one which isn't as strong smelling...
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow, it's already late.
    • [Player]: You're right
    • [Girlfriend]: Im a little hungry... Let's eat something.
    • [Player]: Okay. What do you want to eat?
    • [Girlfriend]: Well is it okay if I make something with what we have?
    • [Player]: Ohh you're going to make something. I can't wait.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu ♪ Alright, I'll do my best.
    • [Player]: What are you planning on making?
    • [Girlfriend]: Hmm... Well, how does some lasagna sound?
    • [Player]: Oh! That sounds great!
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Alright, lasagna it is.
    • [Player]: Is there anything that I can help with?
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh, is it okay?
    • [Player]: Mhm. I think it will be better if we made it together.
    • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Alright ♪ Well can you start boiling some hot water?
  • [Girlfriend]: I want to go to the pet store.
    • [Player Action]: Let's go shopping
      • [Player]: Alright, do you want to check it out now?
      • [Girlfriend]: Okay, I'm looking forward to it... uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey, what are you doing?
    • [Player]: I haven't picked up this manga for a while, so I wanted to re-read it.
    • [Girlfriend]: Oh! I got it.
    • [Player]: It's an action manga, but do you want to try and read it?
    • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... Well I'm not really a fan of action, so I think I'll pass. I hope you enjoy it.
  • [Girlfriend]: I saw you in my dream last night.
    • [Player Action]: What happened?
      • [Player]: What happened?
      • [Girlfriend]: You were taking a nap as usual, and look so cute and peaceful... Uhuhu.
  • [Girlfriend]: Is there something on my body?
    • [Player Action]: *Touch lower*
      • [Girlfriend]: Oh, my hair was messed up... Thank you for letting me know ♪
Kiss Mode



  • Oh, are you two going out somewhere?
  • Uhuhu, I have such trouble choosing an outfit every morning.
  • [Player] is such a wonderful person! Uhuhu...
  • Oh, what a beautiful outfit!
  • Oh, have you eaten yet, [Girlfriend]?
  • You're really very cute, [Girlfriend].
  • I've made something delicious for dinner, uhuhu.
  • Uhuhu, tomorrow is sure to be sunny.
  • Oh, that seems like a very difficult book...
  • Uhuhu... [Player] seems like very sweet person.
  • Uhuhu, I think I could spend the whole day like this.
  • Oh... I think I might have put on some weight...
  • Oh..? Oh, oh, oh...
  • Oh... You're not allowed to touch people there, you know.
  • Umm... that really tickles, you know...
  • You can't just laze around all day, you know.
  • Uhuhu... Do you want to watch a movie or something?
  • Would you like to go out?

Touch During Date Mode

  • Uhuhu♪ I wonder what people think of us together. Siblings? Lovers~?
  • Oh my♪ This is such a wonderful date~♪ Uhuhu♪
  • Uhuhu♪ Do you like the way my hair feels~? Please, continue~♪
Girl To Girl Chat


  • What is the very best present you've ever received from [Player]?
  • I have a question for you~... Which hairpin do you think looks better, the red one or the blue one?
  • I imagine working together with you would be so much fun, [Other Girlfriend]♪
  • Oh my... Wake wakey~. I don't think you've quite finished studying yet~.
  • That reminds me of another story, actually~!
  • Uhuhu, I saw this hairpin and thought of you [Other Girlfriend], so here you go~! Oh, it looks as cute as I imagined♪
  • Oh my, [Other Girlfriend], your button seems to have come off.
  • Can I ask you a question, [Other Girlfriend]? What kind of job do you think would suit me most?
  • My advice for tests is to skip any questions you cannot immediately answer, and just come back to them later♪
  • I'm thinking of knitting some gloves for everyone. Will you help me, [Other Girlfriend]?


  • Oh my, what beautiful wrapping that is♪ It's a shame it'll all just be torn to pieces...
  • That sounds wonderful. I would love to go shopping with you♪
  • That does sound very difficult. Maybe thinking about it differently might help you find a solution♪
  • Oh? Of course, I would love to visit the library with you.
  • Well, that sounds very interesting~.
  • I just love the way this material feels on my skin... I could touch it all day long♪
  • Oh? Your shirt is covered in creases. Would you like me to iron it for you?
  • It's definitely very important to work for something you believe in♪
  • I'm starting to feel quite sleepy... Maybe I should try splashing some cold water on my face.
  • That sounds like a wonderful place to relax and drink tea~.

See you later...

  • I'm so sorry, I have to be going now~.
  • Oh! Look at the time... I think we'll have to leave the rest for another day♪
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... Why do you look so surprised?
  • [Player]: Huh? Ohh I just feel like you are acting different...
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Am I really that different?
  • [Player]: Yeah, you are really different.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well then... I guess I should start with "nice to meet you" again...
  • [Player]: Huh? Ohh, well nice to meet you too...
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: I like that we are just sitting around and doing nothing together!
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh? What about it?
  • [Player]: Ohh nothing!! Nothing at all!!

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: "Uhuhu, I feel like you and I have gotten closer recently."
  • [Player]: "More than getting closer, I feel really relaxed when I'm with you. I always feel like being with you."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Ohh, I'm happy to hear that♪ So I guess I'm like an oasis for your heart to relax at?"
  • [Player]: "Ohh an oasis...! That's a good way to describe it!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Well I wonder if you can make me feel the same way too? uhuhu."
  • [Player]: "Huh!?... Well what should I do..."
  • [Girlfriend]: "Hmm right... Well I would really like it if you cleaned up the house to make it more comfortable."
  • [Player]: "... Okay, I agree it feels nice too when the house is clean... Alright! I'll start cleaning up!"
  • [Girlfriend]: "Ohh, well you don't have to be so serious about it. We can take our time and do it together♪"


  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Today is really nice weather, perfect for a picnic.
  • [Player]: I agree. The sun and breeze feel so nice~.
  • [Girlfriend]: Since we we are going to have a picnic, I made some bentos for us.
  • [Player]: Oh wow! You put so much stuff in them. This must have taken a lost of work huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: Well i was really looking forward to today and i couldn't sleep, so that's why I decided to make all of this.
  • [Player]: Are you okay? Aren't you tired? I'll let you know if i feel sleepy.
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu, thank you. When the sun is out like this it really makes me sleepy.
  • [Player]: Well then how about we eat a llittle of our bento and then take a nap?
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay... just for a bit then? it's such a nice day that i don't want to spend all day sleeping. Uhuhu.

So this... is love...?

  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh! Well i guess this could be love... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: I wonder...
  • [Girlfriend]: Well i'm looking forward to being with you for a long time.
  • [Player]: Me too.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Ohhh you are so cute!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu... You sure acting like a little prince aren't you.
  • [Player]: Yep! Yes i am!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well well!... Uhuhu.

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... This is the firs ttime I've seen this beautiful of a beach before.
  • [Player]: Well as long as your happy I'm happy.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... Well it was all thanks to Yui that we could come here since she bought us the tickets... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Well what if I said that I was the one who convinced Yui to buy us the tickets...?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu. Wow so you did! Well all that matters to me is that I get to spend time with you here.
  • [Player]: [Girlfriend]... Thanks. I feel the same way.
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I hope that I can be with you forever...
  • [Player]: Huh!?... What did you just say...!?
  • [Girlfriend]: I like you.. Uhuhu.. Okay you promised. You have to stay with me forever.
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Winter Footsteps

  • [Girlfriend]: It's really hot today... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: You're right...
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh? What are you looking at...
  • [Player]: Yah!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh.. You really like this don't you.
  • [Player]: I love it!! If you do this you will really warm up!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Alright then, let's hug each other... Uhuhu.
  • [Player]: Oh... I feel so happy...

Merry Christmas

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Happy New Year

  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:
  • [Player]:
  • [Girlfriend]:

Valentine's Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Here are some Valentine's Day chocolates...
  • [Player]: Wow!! Thanks!!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh... are you going to eat them now?
  • [Player]: Well you are supposed to eat them right away!!
  • [Girlfriend]: ...Ohh... how are they?
  • [Player]: Ohh... this is good!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh... I'm glad to hear that...
MR+ Scenarios

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Girlfriend]: Ufufu♪ We're finally getting married♪
  • [Player]: Yup. We've graduated from college and I got a job lined up, so I thought now's a good time as ever.
  • [Girlfriend]: Lovely♪ It's like a dream come true♪ I'll finally be wearing a wedding dress... *sob*
  • [Player]: Ahaha. It's too early for tears. Anyway, I love both the dress and this wedding hall. Shall we have it here?
  • [Girlfriend]: OK♪ Let's do it... Ooh.
  • [Player]: What's wrong? You don't look so well.
  • [Girlfriend]: E-excuse me a sec!
  • [Player]: Hey! What's wrong?! Are you OK?!
  • ....
  • [Player]: Ah, you're back! Now, what's wrong? If you're sick, we can go home now.
  • [Girlfriend]: No, it's OK. But, do you think we could stop by the hospital on the way home?
  • [Player]: H-Hospital?! W-w-w-what's wrong?! Oh, no! Somebody call an ambulance!
  • [Girlfriend]: Not, it's nothing that serious. Um, actually... *whispers*
  • [Player]: ?! You are?! Really?! Yeah-ha-ha-haa♪ Oh thank you, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, hang on. I have to get examined so we can see for sure. Ufufu♪
  • (A little while later, [Player] would visit the [Girlfriend] in the future.)

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ [Player], Happy Valentine's Day~♪
  • [Player]: Whoa?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Good, good♪ Uhuhu♪ Squeeze~♪
  • [Player]: Wha-wha-wha?! This hurth, [Girlfriend]... (Whoa! Why is this so soft~?!)
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh my, sorry. I suppose I went too far♪
  • [Player]: Ah, ah... Wh-what is going on? Those clothes...are nothing like the normal you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh my? Are you not happy?
  • [Player]: Huh? No, I'm really, really happy. (Phew.) B-but! This is kind of strange!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm~... Why's that? I did just like that book...
  • [Player]: Huh? J-just like the book...? Um~, you mean...
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course♪ When I was cleaning your room I found it on top of your bed, [Player]♪
  • [Girlfriend]: That book had a girl wearing this and doing this~ kind of pose... You like that right?
  • [Player]: Oh no! I forgot to hide that~?! Girls shouldn't be posing like that, okay?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh really... So you don't care for this? What can I do to make you happy...?
  • [Player]: Ah♪ I know♪ We can dress up the same and enjoy this together~♪
  • [Girlfriend]: S-sorry, this is all my fault~... Please forgive me.

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Taking a stroll is so much fun♪
  • [Player]: R-really? We're just going to an ordinary riverbank nearby...
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ As long as I'm with you, [Player], I'll be happy no matter where we go~♪
  • [Player]: Ah, really? Ahaha... But I'd much rather take you somewhere like an amusement park.
  • [Player]: But I don't have as much money as I would like to...
  • [Girlfriend]: Don't worry about that to much. Hey, look over there.
  • [Player]: Hm? Ah, the kids are having fun.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's right♪ When you hear kids having fun, doesn't that put you in a more cheerful mood?
  • [Player]: ...I guess so.
  • [Girlfriend]: There are also many pretty flowers that have already blossomed♪
  • [Girlfriend]: And the sparrows are singing♪
  • [Girlfriend]: We're able to feed off the energy nearby. There's nothing more you can ask for♪
  • [Player]: You're right. Just thinking about having fun livens the mood.
  • [Player]: I like that about you, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Uhuhu♪ Right? Now, let's make the best of being by the riverbank♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ...If we were to ever have children and bring them here... it would surely be more fun~♪
  • [Player]: Yeah, I agree... Geh..?
  • [Player]: E, Ehhh?

Grocery Shopping

Rainy Day

We're Late!

Date At The Zoo

Gardening Together

On A Picnic

Cinema Date

What's For Dinner?

Weird Dream

Tropical Paradise

Cleaning Up!

After School

Live Event!

Relaxing Cat Cafe

Ghosts Aren't Real!

Bathing Together?!

Firework Lights

Secret Admirer

Put To The Test

Our Own Space

Starry Skies


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