EXP can be gained in many ways. When you reach a certain amount of EXP, your Player Level will increase, which will allow you to unlock certain things.

Type Gain Limit per day Notes
Study 1-? EXP None Can be earned endlessly by using Timesavers.
Work 1-? EXP None Can be earned endlessly by using Timesavers.
Advice 5 EXP 500 EXP 100 times a day
Recommendation Varies Varies The more outfit slots filled, the more EXP you will receive. You will only get EXP for giving Recommendations up to 20 times per day.
Removing Recommendations Varies Varies EXP depends on number of items removed. You can only receive EXP for removing recommendations up to 10 times per day.
Talks 10 EXP 2000 EXP 200 times a day
Likes 10 EXP 1000 EXP 100 times a day
Girl-To-Girl Chat 10/50 EXP (Depending on how well the conversation goes.) None Girls' Talk can be carried out up to a maximum limit of 10 times. However 1 hour of either Study, Work or Sleep will restore it, so EXP can be earned endlessly.
Chatting Varies None Each step requires 3 stamina which is regenerated at a rate of 1 per 6 minutes.


As you increase your Player Level, you will unlock the following:

  • Certain Faces and Personality Types.
  • Being able to give Recommendations, increasing the amount of time your Girlfriend can Study/Work, and increasing the number of friends you can have on your Friends List.
  • Second Girlfriend after reaching level 30
  • Third Girlfriend after reaching level 60
  • Fourth Girlfriend after reaching level 100
  • Fifth Girlfriend after reaching level 130

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