Invite friends to gain prizes! Prizes include limited outfits that are updated every now an then. With every update, your friend invite count will reset.

You only get one chance to input an invite code per device. If a player is found to be abusing the Friend Invite system, their account may be terminated without notification.

When a friend that you invited reaches Level 25, you receive a Gacha Ticket.

Current Campaign

Everyone's Favorite Waitress (8/18/2017 ~ Ongoing)

Past Campaigns

Weekend Diver (6/17/2017 ~ 8/18/2017)

Island Girl (4/19/2017 ~ 6/17/2017)

Fitness Instructor (12/12/2016 ~ 4/19/2017)

Prisoner No. 24 (10/12/2016 ~ 12/12/2016)

Cutie-saurus (08/12/2016 ~ 10/12/2016)

Lil' Fishergirl (06/12/2016 ~ 08/12/2016)

Lazy Day At Home (04/13/2016 ~ 06/12/2016)

Brave Adventurer (02/11/2016 ~ 04/13/2016)

Master Assassin (12/12/2015 ~ 02/11/2016)

Mischievous Geisha (10/13/2015 ~ 12/12/2015)

Beach Resort Evening Dress (09/15/2015 ~ 10/13/2015)

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