Festival Date Event Gacha Banner

This is the Event Gacha from the Festival Date Event.

MR Outfits

Icon Name Type
True Allure Of Festivals Clothes

SR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Firework Effects Back Acc.
Bright Flowers In The Sky Background

RR Outfits

Icon Name Type
RR 01
Yosakoi Dancer Red Clothes
RR 02
Yosakoi Dancer Yellow Clothes
RR 03
Yosakoi Dancer Blue Clothes
RR 04
Yosakoi Dancer Purple Clothes
RR 05
Mini Omikoshi Blue Body Acc.
RR 06
Mini Omikoshi Red Body Acc.
RR 07
Mini Omikoshi Yellow Body Acc.
RR 08
Mini Omikoshi Pink Body Acc.
RR 091
Goldfish Hairpin Red Hair Acc.
RR 09
Goldfish Hairpin Pink Hair Acc.
RR 10
Goldfish Hairpin Gold Hair Acc.

R Outfits

Icon Name Type
R 01
Festival Gift♪ White Clothes
R 02
Festival Gift♪ Pink Clothes
R 03
Festival Gift♪ Yellow Clothes
R 04
Festival Gift♪ Blue Clothes
R 06
Cooling Wind Chimes Blue Front
R 07
Cooling Wind Chimes Red Front
R 08
Cooling Wind Chimes Purple Front
R 09
Cooling Wind Chimes Pink Front

N Outfits

Icon Name Type
N 01
Festival Happi Coat Blue Clothes
N 02
Festival Happi Coat Red Clothes
N 03
Festival Happi Coat Yellow Clothes
N 04
Festival Happi Coat Pink Clothes
N 1
Twisted Headband Blue Hair Acc.
N 07
Twisted Headband Red Hair Acc.
N 08
Twisted Hairband Yellow Hair Acc.
N 09
Twisted Hairband Pink Hair Acc.


Icon Name Type
Parfait Event Item
Pancake Event Item
Pudding Event Item
Donut Event Item
Macaroon Event Item

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