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This wiki is dedicated to Dream Girlfriend (Japanese: 虹色カノジョ2d) an iPhone and Android app game made by Ambition. Create your own Dream Girlfriend! Customize her clothes, hair, face, and more!

Galaxy Express Event has begun!
New Event Link Outfits have been added to the NP Gacha!

Latest Campaign(s)

Friend Invite Campaign: Weekend Diver
Past Openings/Limited Items: Synthesis | Past Campaigns | Limited Shop | Premium Shop


Galaxy Express Banner

Early Clear: Within 48 hours of starting the event
Midway: From 8/18 23:00 PDT ~ 8/25 23:00 PDT
Overall: From 8/18 23:00 PDT ~ 9/03 22:00 PDT

Past Events

Monthly App Pack

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