What is a Data Transfer?

A Data Transfer allows you to move your game data from one device to another.

It is required in the cases below:

  • Purchasing and moving to a new mobile device.
  • After deleting and reinstalling the application.

Please note that your User ID, Password and Registered Birthday are required to make a Data Transfer so be sure to write them down.

You can find your User ID, Password, and Registered Birthday on the Status page, accessible through the in-game menu.

Data Transfer Precautions

If you perform a Data Transfer on a device with already existing game data, that game data will be deleted beyond recovery.

I forgot my ID & Password!

If you have lost your User ID and/or Password, please send an inquiry through the in-game Contact Us form. You can find this by going to Menu > Other.

Please make sure to include as much of the following information as possible. The more info given, the faster you will be helped.

  • Player Name
  • Girlfriend's Name (All names if you have more than one Girlfriend)
  • Player Level
  • Girlfriend's Personality Rank
  • Girlfriend's Personality
  • Registered E-mail Address (if applicable)
  • Mobile device name, model number and OS version
  • Used Friend Invite Codes (if any)
  • Date of registration
  • Most recent login date
  • Paid content order information (if applicable)
  • For Google Play: Provide your order number (available through an order confirmation email, the Play Store, or Google Wallet).
  • iOS App Store: Please attach a screenshot of your paid content order receipt.

If you know one or the other, whether it be your User ID or Password, include that info too.

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