Chunibyo appears to be a Mystical and Magical girl from another world! Or maybe... she's an otaku suffering from a severe case of "8th Grade Syndrome"...

As her guide in this world, help her in her very serious quest to purify the evils of other invading worlds or what ever she's on about today. She's a bit of an arrogant know-it-all, but is also quite sweet and thoughtful when she doesn't think you're looking!

Special Job

Work Time
Magic Supplier (Earn a Trait Treat UP or Trait Treat Down upon completion.) 4hr 00min



Must be level 60 to unlock this type.


  • [Girlfriend]: The wind... It stopped? This is a sign, the enemy is coming!
    • [Player Choice]: Whoops
      • [Player]: Whoops, I accidentally pulled out the fan's cord. Sorry.
      • [Girlfriend]: Wait, switch out the Enchanted Power Units! Then a new, even stronger wind will blow!
  • [Stroke] O, Magical Beast inside me! Shatter the Chains restraining you and come forth!
    • [Success]: I-I wasn't hiding this stuffed animal under my shirt! Wait, you can see this magical creature? But how?
  • [Girlfriend]: Can I get some 100% Orangesaft from the Enchanted Ice Box?
    • [Player Choice]: 100% OK?
      • [Player]: Ah, orange juice? If we're out, I'll go buy some more. Is 100% OK?
      • [Girlfriend]: Yes, good thinking [Player]. You really know what I like.
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmmmmmm.
    • [Player]: What's wrong?
      • [Girlfriend]: Well, actually. I've felt evil presences in the late at night recently. It keeps me from sleeping.
      • [Player]: I see. I think there might be bears around.
      • [Girlfriend]: (shiver). -they must be servants of darkness. We'd better keep away from them.
      • [Player]: Whoops, sorry about scaring you. You know at times like this, taking a hot bath is just what you need to calm down.
      • [Girlfriend]: R-really? Wait, are you wise, mystic philosopher Alvis in disguise, [Player]?
      • [Player]: Ha ha. I think I'd know if I was some important guy like that. Come on, give the bath a try. It'll calm you down.
      • [Girlfriend]: Very well. I'll take a soak in the mystic waters of Eldhrimnir.
  • [Girlfriend]: Look, [Player]. These Enchanted Garments have surprisingly high Magical Energy Levels.
    • [Player Choice]: Real Cute
      • [Player]: Oh, I saw those in a fashion magazine. They look good. Yeah, real cute!
      • [Girlfriend]: C-cute?! Erm... I'm not worried about that. I was talking about Magical Energy levels!
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes! It's finally complete! The mystical Sprechlinie is complete! With this Enchanted Object, you and I will be able to communicate no matter how far away!
    • [Player]: Looks like an ordinary tin can telephone to me.
      • [Girlfriend]: This device is far beyond that Earthly object you speak of. This is the only way to prevent enemies from using Electrical Mana to tap into our communication systems.
      • [Player]: I still think we'd be better off using a regular phone.
      • [Girlfriend]: Testing, testing. Can you hear me? This is [Girlfriend]. Yes, proceed as planned. 5 paces to the target!
  • [Girlfriend]: Hm hm hmmm. I've just received a Telepathic Message. Quick, [Player]. Give me something to write with!
    • [Player Choice]: A pen
      • [Player]: Is a ballpoint pen OK?
      • [Girlfriend]: Amazing! You were able to obtain a Kugelschreiber in this realm!? Not bad, [Player].
  • [Touch] Mmgh! The Magical Energy sealed away in my tummy is starting to go berserk.
    • [Success] Huh? Thanks to you, [Player]... Cough! Somehow the Magical Energy inside me has calmed down.
  • [Girlfriend]: The day has finally come. Fu fu fu, I've waited so long for this.
    • [Player]: What's so funny about that poster you're looking at?
      • [Girlfriend]: In order to maintain your Magical Powers, you must replenish Magical Energy sometimes. And today is the perfect day for Magical Replenishment!
      • [Player]: If you say so. Let's see what's on this poster...? A Cake Buffet?
      • [Girlfriend]: I-It's not a cake buffet! It's a gathering of Mages who replenish their energy via Enchanted Ruins containing the mystic energy of Zucker!
      • [Player]: You don't say? Hm? What's this?
      • [Girlfriend]: What is it? Do you sense evil magic?
      • [Player]: More expired magic than evil. It says here that this Cake Buffet event has ended.
      • [Girlfriend]: What?! You lie!... What, it ended last Friday?!
      • [Player]: Did you get the dates mixed up?
      • [Girlfriend]: Noooo. I've waited for this day for so long.
      • [Player]: Nothing we can do about it now. But we can go to the next one. I'll just buy your favorite cake today instead.
      • [Girlfriend]: R-really? Wait! I don't need any pity. You won't be able to sweet talk me like that, [Player].
      • [Player]: Sweet talk? I just wanted to cheer you up. Come on, let's head to the cake shop.
      • [Girlfriend]: W-well, OK. Thank you. I'm sorry for doubting you. I want some chocolate cake!
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh no! The unstable Ether flow in the air caught us by surprise. Curse you, Nasgbitter!
    • [Player Choice]: The rain!
      • [Player]: Oh man! The laundry's soaked by the rain.
      • [Girlfriend]: No... It's my fault. I lacked the magical ability to seal the Nasgbitter.
  • [Girlfriend]: Listen up, servant! Obey the blood pact we made and challenge me at this video game♪
    • [Player]: Excuse me?! Just who are you calling your servant?!
      • [Girlfriend]: Here, you get the second controller.
      • [Player]: Wha... Hey! I didn't say I was gonna play!
      • [Girlfriend]: Alright, round 1! Ready, go! Give me everything you've got, you puny human!
      • [Player]: Wha, whoa... We're starting already?!
      • [Girlfriend]: Whomever loses this battle has to trudge into the barren wasteland to search for the fabled Divine Elixir!
      • [Player]: So... It's hot and I don't want to leave the house so go buy me some juice? Is that it?
      • [Girlfriend]: Yup!
      • [Player]: ...You're so soft. Fine, but look... I'm not holding back, you hear?
      • [Player]: Hey, hey, what's going on? I'm launching a 10 hit combo...and the a juggle and finally my special attack.
      • [Girlfriend]: Uwwaaghghhaaa?! No way?! When did you learn all that?! Those moves are super hard!
      • [Player]: Well, since I always have to be Player 2 on your game adventures, it's only natural that I'd up my skill.
      • [Girlfriend]: Mggh... Not bad defeating me... However! Once I sleep and have replenished my magical energies you can be sure that I'll...
      • [Player]: Hey, no weaseling out of our deal. The loser has to go buy juice, remember?
      • [Girlfriend]: Ngghhh...
Kiss Mode



  • Without new Enchanted Garments, we won't be able to fend off Hell Guardians. Ggh.
  • That's not good. You can't erect a strong Magical Barrier on an empty stomach.
  • Hm. Those Enchanted Garments aren't bad.
  • ...So [Girlfriend], you dare try to stop me as one of the Heaven's Emissaries?
  • [Player], you've got some latent Magical Energies there! Yes, it's almost frightening!
  • The twilight sky is covered in blue and green. This is true beauty!
  • Hm? Are you going to replenish your Magical Energies?
  • ...I'm hungry.... Um, I-I didn't say anything! You're imagining things!
  • This Grimoire I've been reading recently is quite interesting.
  • Do you respect [Girlfriend], [Player]?
  • Nyaa! W-what are you doing?! Don't think that you'll get off easy for that, [Player]!
  • Is this the ritual for Soul Resonance? Then, we should do it in a proper location.
  • Uwa! Aiming for my head so quickly like that, you really are one of the King's chosen, [Player]!
  • C-Come on! Stop it~! I'm ticklish, you idiot!
  • Stop! If you don't stop, I won't be able to hold back...!
  • Kyaa! Y-you scared me...! You want something?

Touch During Date Mode

Girl To Girl Chat


  • Wow, you're really a survivor, [Other Girlfriend]. I can see that you've gotten through a lot of rough situations.
  • With my power, it's nothing to manipulate the thoughts of others. Or at least I assume... [Player]'s busy today so I can't test it out.
  • Your eye are fooling you if all you see here is a mere anime, [Other Girlfriend]!
  • Fu fu fu... How sad. Looks like I've penetrated your shield and sent you to ground, [Player]... For the third time!
  • Fu... So, this is only one chose out of oh so many, huh?
  • Nice job [Other Girlfriend]. Judging by that magical skill, I think we can strike the label Rookie from your record.


  • Even the red poison flower, Mandrake poses no threat to... Ow! I cut my finger.
  • Wait, wait~! I'm not ready yet! I'm still getting ready! Look, all these accessories and bandages and stuff are important, OK?
  • There aren't many who can keep up with me this far. I guess that just makes you all the more worthy of an opponent!
  • What? Are you that worried about only having that one earing? Maybe the other one is in his hands by now.
  • Ku ku ku... Looks like something interesting was left behind here.

See you later...

  • Kgh! I can't control the power! Quick! Get away!
Affection Scenarios

Nice to meet you!

  • [Girlfriend]: Phew... Looks like I've finally reincarnated.
  • [Player]: Huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: Quit standing there dumbfounded! You won't be able to fend off attacks from Hell's Guardians like that!
  • [Player]: Uh, what? Hell's Guardians?
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh, and this is the leader I'm supposed to follow? Don't be too much of a drag on my search. I need to find the King of Good Tidings.
  • [Player]: Wha...? King of... Good Tidings?
  • [Girlfriend]: You and your questions. Look, I can't give you all the answers. All this is fate. Don't take it personally.
  • [Player]: Um... OK. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, I suppose I shall be under your protection while I'm in this world... So... Same here. I thank the heavens for your service.

Close Together

  • [Girlfriend]: Phew... Another chain sealing away the truth has been broken. I hope our days continue on like this.
  • [Player]: Looks like we're really starting to get to know each other.
  • [Girlfriend]: That's not all. We've accumulated much filth and grime from the slaying of our enemies. Let's do away with this muck, once and for all!
  • [Player]: You really mean it? That would be a big help. You can clean the bath then, OK?
  • [Girlfriend]: Uh! Wait! By the magical vow I took eons ago, it's forbidden for me to use my powers on such base, earthly actions!
  • [Player]: Ah, hey! Where are you going! It's your turn to clean the bath today, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: If your magical ability allows you to perceive worlds beyond ours, then scrubbing of a bathtub should be child's play!
  • [Player]: Oh, well. I was gonna take you out for a romantic stroll as a reward but... ?
  • [Girlfriend]: R-really? A-ahem! Very well, I will show you the full extent of my powers. Let's banish the darkness that lurks within this house's four corners!


  • [Girlfriend]: Ku ku ku. As expected from the mystic Oracle. It's been foretold that the jet black clouds will pass revealing the azure sky.
  • [Player]: Yup. The weather forecast did say tomorrow would be sunny, just like today. It's really refreshing after yesterday's storms.
  • [Girlfriend]: Indeed, and I've crafted a special Enchanted Repast to celebrate the coming of the azure skies today.
  • [Player]: Oh? You made a boxed lunch for me? Thanks! Can I eat it now?
  • [Girlfriend]: Very well. Taste and be amazed at my charming culinary craftwork!
  • [Player]: Well then, I'll dig in! ...Oh, my god.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh! I suppose this level of craftwork was far beyond my current skill level.
  • [Player]: It's delicious, [Girlfriend]! Thank you so much! If you keep making me lunches like this, then I'll take you out whenever you'd like!
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay! Ah... I mean... Ku ku ku, I recall exchanging a similar vow many eons and worlds ago. So... Um, I'll take you up on your offer.

Eternal Bind

  • [Girlfriend]: I feel a strong resonance deep in my soul. Is it... Yes, the inevitable! This is what the world... What I have been searching for.
  • [Player Action]: It must be love.
  • [Girlfriend]: So, it's true. The magical seal holding the enemy at bay has started breaking.
  • [Player]: Um... What are you talking about?
  • [Girlfriend]: The seal keeping away our ultimate demonic enemies. If it completely fails, the Barrier of Light will collapse and the world will fall into chaos.
  • [Player]: I don't really get all that but it sounds like trouble.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes... In order to reseal them, we will need a high class barrier. But I can't seal it away with my own power... Not alone!
  • [Player]: So, what should we do?
  • [Girlfriend]: In order to maintain the Barrier of Light... The power from a loved one is needed. So... I need you to stay with me... Forever.
  • [Player]: Of course. I'll always be with you. I love you.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes, stay with me... I... Love? Really? Then the balance of the world will be maintained. Thank you.

No Time For That

  • [Girlfriend]: I feel a strong resonance deep in my soul. Is it... Yes, the inevitable! This is what the world... What I have been searching for.
  • [Player Action]: I think you're imagining things.
  • [Girlfriend]: It... It can't be. But... This indescribable feeling, like my heart is about to burst. What else could it be?
  • [Player]: Ummm, I think it's just your imagination.
  • [Girlfriend]: No, it's not! ...I mean... We...
  • [Player]: Hm? Did you say something?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, um... Nothing. I was just saying that I should go meet with my comrades from the Organization.
  • [Player]: I wonder what Organization she's talking about?
  • [Girlfriend]: ...I suppose now really isn't the right time. Still, I'll never forget the promise we made during that twilit night in our past lives. No matter what.

Couple's Vacation

  • [Girlfriend]: The countless days have melted into the past. The barriers restraining my soul have finally been lifted. I am truly grateful.
  • [Player]: Yea, I really feel close to you, [Girlfriend]. I feel like we truly have something special.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh! Is this also due to a magical spell? I feel my Herzschlag levels rising, quickening... But, I don't dislike this feeling.
  • [Player]: We've really been through a lot together, don't you think?
  • [Girlfriend]: I-Indeed. We've walked many paths side by side. I feel a shining light inside me that not even the deepest darkness could extinguish.
  • [Player]: Ah ha ha. My thoughts exactly. I hope I can become as poetic as you are, [Girlfriend]. May we both... prosper and live long? Is that good?
  • [Girlfriend]: Eh!? Ehhh!?
  • [Player]: Uh oh, did it not come out right? Huh? What's with your face, [Girlfriend]? It's turning bright red.
  • [Girlfriend]: N-no, it isn't! This is just, um... Magical Energy dissipating from a spell I cast! Spectrum of the Lotus Flower! Now, my enemies will be forever cursed!
Seasonal Scenarios

Late Late Summer

Winter Footsteps

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Valentine's Day

  • [Player]: So what do you think about when you think of February?
  • [Girlfriend]: The day where people exchange sweets, all the while being lead by the mysterious force known as love.
  • [Player]: Being lead by? You make it sound like it's a bad thing.
  • [Girlfriend]: What's more, you have the ritual of banishing the denizens of Hell using grains forged from the Earth.
  • [Player]: Ah, Setsubun. Cleaning up after throwing all those ceremonial seeds is a real pain.
  • [Girlfriend]: Driving away those devilish denizens isn't a ritual by itself. Returning all of life's sullied and used objects to the Void of Nothingness is.
  • [Player]: You're right. You have to clean up your own messes. That's life after all! On that note, make sure you clean up any messes you make yourself, OK?
  • [Girlfriend]: Erg, umm... Alright.

A Day In May

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh no! It's Sullt of the Scorching Flame. He's slowly but surely swallowing the world whole!
  • [Player]: Um, is Sullt the... Flame Titan in the sky you were talking about before?
  • [Girlfriend]: We have to prepare ourselves before his flames engulf our castle fortress. Quick, ready Nilflheim of the Mist to counteract the flames.
  • [Player]: Um, sorry. You lost me there.
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I'm saying... Have to... Filter and clean... Before it gets hot.
  • [Player]: Oh, you mean use the air filter! You're right, once May and the rainy season rolls around, it does get hot and humid.
  • [Girlfriend]: Exactly, so it wouldn't hurt to... Um, take precautions!
  • [Player]: That's a good idea. Let's get our spring cleaning out of the way before the weather heats up.

A Rainy Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Ngh... Under enemy attack. Is this... Gravity Manipulation?
  • [Player]: Aren't you just feeling heavy due to humidity from the rain?
  • [Girlfriend]: A precipitation-based spell, is it? Now's the time for our trump card! We'll dry up all the hostile magical energy!
  • [Player]: Alright, activating dehumidifier!
  • [Girlfriend]: I think we've fended off the attack. Justice is served. Now, sing a joyous song!
  • [Player]: Uh... umm... Pfft... Bwa ha ha ha!
  • [Girlfriend]: Aaa ha ha ha haa!

White Day

  • [Player]: You know, I always get the feeling there are less things going on during March.
  • [Girlfriend]: What about the customary parading of snow white marionettes across crimson soil?
  • [Player]: Oh yeah, Hina-matsuri. Anything else?
  • [Girlfriend]: Else...? Um... There's, uh... G-graduation...
  • [Player]: Hmm... I guess that counts. Yeah, it does. Anything else?
  • [Girlfriend]: Um, well... Let's see. Viewing the cherry blossoms, I guess?
  • [Player]: Oh yeah, cherry blossoms! As soon as the flowers bloom, let's go see them together.
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay! Erm... Ahem! Fu wa ha ha ha! An invitation to witness the great tree Yggdrasil, is it? Very well, let's enjoy it to it's fullest!
MR+ Scenarios

Marshmallow Pout Patne +

Your Adoring Chocolita +

Bunny Girl Santa +

Silent Night With Bunny Santa! +

Pretty Kitty Mage +

2 Years Of Congratulations! +

Seaside Seductress +

Our Honeymoon Night +

  • [Girlfriend]: Waaahh! Help! Help me~~!
  • [Player]: Wow, a beautiful blushing, running bride. You look great, [Girlfriend].
  • [Girlfriend]: Are you mocking me?! You'd best watch it, human! Lest you anger me, who wields the power of the Devil King!
  • [Player]: That's mean. How could you say that? After all, a friend is going to put on our wedding for cheap.
  • [Michiru]: Ufufu♪ Found you, [Girlfriend]♪ Now, don't run away like that. I need to do your hair.
  • [Girlfriend]: Kyaa!! The Witch, Flechtende Hexe has respawned!
  • [Player]: Ahaha, who would've thought that Michiru would've become a wedding planner and what's more. plan OURS.
  • [Girlfriend]: What is with this pure white dress?! Curse you, witch! Are you trying to seal my Dark Enchanted Energies?!
  • [Michiru]: Hehe♪ Darkly Energetic Witch, huh? Well, with this pure white dress, you're like an Angel♪
  • [Player]: Wow. Michiru is leading that [Girlfriend] around by the nose.
  • [Girlfriend]: Gyaaaaaaahh!!
  • (It was said on that day, that an extraordinary dark energy was expunged from this Earth.)
  • [Girlfriend]: My dark soul... It's been purified. I feel so... Ugh, DIRTY in white.
  • [Player]: Hmm. You look like you've taken a critical hit by the enemy there. Hehe.
  • [Player]: Alright, let's pull it together. This is just the first dress. We have to try the other shades of white on♪
  • [Girlfriend]: ??!! Hades... This is truly the Dark Underworld!!

The Sengoku Princess +

Crimson Tea Time +

Ma Cherie Blanche +

My Sweet Valentine +

Girlfriend Gift Box +

Princess Of The Moon +

Magical Flying Witch +

I'm Changing...! +

My Darling Bride +

Nature's Goddess Freya +

Santa's Little Helper +

Date Scenarios

Riverside Walk

  • [Girlfriend]: Be careful, I sense evil magic.
  • [Player]: That's just the smell of beef stew coming from the neighbors' windows.
  • [Girlfriend]: No, I can definitely feel it. It makes my right eye ache.
  • [Player]: You mean your eye where your magical energy was sealed a long time ago or something?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yes! Hee hee. You remembered my backstory ♪
  • [Player]: I could have sworn that last time you said it was your left eye though.
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmgh!? L-look! It's here! The source of all that evil energy!
  • [Player]: She blew me off. OK, what's say we leave it at that for today, hm?
  • [Player]: Oh man, now look! Those kids are looking at us like we're crazy. Wait ma'am, it's OK. We're not suspicious, I swear!
  • [Girlfriend]: No, I'm serious! It's really here! Look!
  • [Player]: Hm? Oh, it's just a cat. I wonder who's it is?
  • [Girlfriend]: No, it's not just a cat. Inside it resides a powerful demon of darkness.
  • [Player]: ... Because it's a black cat? It's kinda cute actually. Aww, there we go.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm? That's odd. It's evil powers probably haven't fully awakened yet.
  • [Player]: You're plenty awake, [Girlfriend]. That's for sure. Here, do you want to hold him? He's so cute.
  • [Girlfriend]: W-whoa! H-how do I do it?
  • [Player]: Ha ha ha! Relax, all you have to do is pet him.
  • [Girlfriend]: L-like this? I-I'm a little nervous.
  • [Player]: Relax, it's just a kitty cat. If you tickle them under their throat like this, they really like it.
  • [Girlfriend]: L-like this? Ah, ouch! He scratched me!
  • [Player]: Ha ha ha! That's because you called him evil!

Grocery Shopping

  • [Player]: Hmm, what should I make for tonight's side dish?
  • [Girlfriend]: Fu fu fu. Leave tonight's meal to me.
  • [Player]: Hmm, probably something easy to make.
  • [Girlfriend]: Hey! Don't just ignore me! I said that I will make it!
  • [Player]: It'll just be another one of your foods you got while hunting, won't it?
  • [Player]: Sorry, but that's no good. Plus, you play with your food too much anyway.
  • [Girlfriend]: Gggh.
  • [Player]: Anyway, what do you like to eat?
  • [Girlfriend]: I like Minotaur Steak and Slime Jelly ♪
  • [Player]: What type of real life food, I should have said.
  • [Girlfriend]: Humph, you're no fun.
  • [Player]: Now she's pouting. Oh well.
  • [Player]: Well, I guess I make some bitter melon salad tonight.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ewww! No way! Let's have pork cutlets! I want pork cutlets!
  • [Player]: Uh uh. Eating greasy food all the time is bad for your health.
  • [Girlfriend]: But that stuff is too bitter! If I eat it, I'll lose HP just by slipping and tripping on a banana peel!
  • [Player]: No respect for the bitter melon, I see.
  • [Girlfriend]: It's cursed, poisonous vegetation! It will tear away at my flesh from the inside!
  • [Player]: Sure, it will. Look, it may be bitter but it's good for you. Now come on, this is what we're eating.
  • [Girlfriend]: Noo! I don't want it! I don't want it!

Rainy Day

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, no~.
  • [Player]: It's raining. But the weather forecast said it'd be sunny today.
  • [Girlfriend]: What do you expect from a human prediction. If you really need to hear premonitions, then look no further than yours truly.
  • [Player]: You say that but did you bring an umbrella?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... No.
  • [Player]: Looks like it won't let up anytime soon. Oh well, we might as well head back home.
  • [Girlfriend]: Awww! So we're not gonna go the anime store and get the latest goods?
  • [Player]: Pass.
  • [Girlfriend]: What about the new video game I have on reserve at the game store?
  • [Player]: Not today, I'm afraid.
  • [Girlfriend]: Awww. Curse you, Spirits of the Sky's Tears! Feel my wrath!
  • [Player]: Hey, hold on! Where are you going? You'll get drenched out there!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'll use my magic to control the weather patterns! This rain is nothing!
  • [Player]: You're acting silly. Come back inside!
  • [Girlfriend]: Fu wa ha ha! No one can stop me!
  • [Girlfriend]: Come forth! My Guardian Spirit Enumclaw! Take the form of lightning and disperse these pitch black clouds!
  • [Player]: Won't adding lightning just put more fuel on the fire?
  • [Girlfriend]: Fu wa ha ha! Wa ha ha ha ha ha... ? A-choo!
  • [Player]: Now what did I tell you? Come on in, let's get you dried off.
  • [Girlfriend]: OK. (sniffle)

We're Late!

  • [Girlfriend]: Time! Stop!
  • [Player]: You don't actually think you can stop time, do you? If you have time to do that, then run!
  • [Girlfriend]: But I'm tired! I can't run anymore!
  • [Player]: What are you talking about! At this rate, we're gonna be late!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugggh! Why didn't we leave earlier?
  • [Player]: You were the one who stayed up late watching anime!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh, that's true.
  • [Player]: Don't just sit there! Stand up! The bell will ring any second!
  • [Girlfriend]: Nggh! Don't worry about me! Go on ahead without me, all that awaits me is death.
  • [Player]: No! Medic! Medic! Is what you wanted me to say?
  • [Girlfriend]: No, I just, whoa! Hey!
  • [Player]: Quit playing around, seriously. Hurry, run!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ow ow ow! OK, OK! Don't pull on my arm like that!
  • [Girlfriend]: There's a corner! If we keep running at this rate, we'll run into another girl with a piece of toast in her mouth!
  • [Player]: What the heck are you talking about?
  • [Girlfriend]: It's the classic fated meeting of two future lovers scenario ♪
  • [Player]: Do you seriously not understand the situation right now?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Waaah! OK, I'm sorry! Alright, I'll take it seriously from now on.
  • [Player]: Ah!
  • [Girlfriend]: Ohh boy.
  • [Girlfriend]: The bell has tolled. YOU! LOSE!
  • [Player]: ... ? What?

Date At The Zoo

  • [Girlfriend]: Oh. Boy. It's been so long... Since I've been... To the zoo.
  • [Player]: Come on. Show a little enthusiasm at least.
  • [Girlfriend]: Well, what do you want? I wanted to play video games today.
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm right at the end with the final boss. I was gonna unlock the true story ending today!
  • [Player]: I seriously have no idea what you're talking about. Still, you can't stay cooped up in the house all the time.
  • [Player]: It's good to get out and stretch your legs sometimes. Gotta keep healthy, you know.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh, it's such a pain. Wait, where are you going?
  • [Player]: Huh? Don't you want to see any animals?
  • [Player]: I mean, you're a girl after all. I'd thought you'd wanna see some pandas or koalas or capybaras or something.
  • [Girlfriend]: No, not really.
  • [Player]: Sigh, I wonder if we should have even came here.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oooh! Do they have any Dragons or Chimeras here ♪
  • [Girlfriend]: I would so love to see one! I wonder if I could defeat one with my magic?
  • [Player]: What sort of zoo would have those?
  • [Girlfriend]: You're right. So lame~.
  • [Player]: There aren't any dragons per say. But there is a reptile exhibit.
  • [Player]: They have lizards and snakes from all over the world.
  • [Girlfriend]: Really? That's so cool ♪
  • [Player]: Plus, in the Birds of Prey section, they have monstrous eagles and falcons.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh boy! I want to see, I want to see! Come on, hurry! Let's go!
  • [Player]: She's really a strange girl, that [Girlfriend].

Gardening Together

  • [Girlfriend]: Kyaa~!
  • [Player]: Waaah! What's going on!? Why did you scream!?
  • [Girlfriend]: I accidentally pulled out my Mandragoras.
  • [Player]: Come on now. You gotta be more careful..
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Alright.
  • [Girlfriend]: Still, why do we have to do gardening all of a sudden anyway?
  • [Player]: Because the rest of the apartment tenants will enjoy the sight of freshly bloomed flowers.
  • [Player]: Besides, the landlady asked us to. You don't have anything else planned during your days off anyway. Come on, let's get back to work.
  • [Girlfriend]: Uggh! I want to play video games!
  • [Player]: Not this again. You can't waste away your youth on just games, you know.
  • [Girlfriend]: If this were a sandbox type video game, it'd be different.
  • [Player]: Look, we get to look forward to the new plants we get from today's seeds. After they've matured we can use them for medicines.
  • [Girlfriend]: Wow! Really?
  • [Player]: Yup. They're herbs. The flowers will be pretty, then we can take some, boil them and dry them and use them for medicines.
  • [Player]: They are much more then simple garden flowers. Don't they have events like this in your game?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yup! It's just like the Cultivation Skill my Alchemist uses.
  • [Girlfriend]: Okay then, let's cultivate some herbs and get some good ingredients!
  • [Player]: That's the spirit. Seems like you've finally come around gardening.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ku ku ku. With the coming dawn, these wildly blooming flowers will become excellent ingredients for my magical potions!
  • [Player]: Yea~, I don't think so.

On A Picnic

  • [Player]: Ah! The fresh air smells great! Nothing like getting in touch with nature.
  • [Player]: Don't you think so, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: Hmm?
  • [Player]: Anyway... Hey! You brought your handheld game to our picnic?!
  • [Girlfriend]: I had to or I would've been bored.
  • [Player]: Oh, come on! Look at this beautiful scenery!
  • [Girlfriend]: If I look and enjoy do I get EXP or something?
  • [Player]: What are you talking about? EXP?
  • [Player]: Come on! Just breathe in that fresh air! (deep breath)
  • [Girlfriend]: Gasp! All right! I found you, you little rare crystal ♪
  • [Player]: For crying out loud, [Girlfriend]!
  • [Girlfriend]: Wha!? Hey! Gimme back my game! I just found a rare one!
  • [Girlfriend]: You dare steal my personal valuables. Take this! Eternal Freeze!
  • [Player]: Enough! If you don't want me to erase your precious game data, then breathe in this fresh air!
  • [Girlfriend]: Uwaawawaaa! OK, OK, OK! I'll breathe, I'll breathe, just spare the game! Please!
  • [Girlfriend]: (deep breath)
  • [Player]: There. Now don't you feel refreshed?
  • [Girlfriend]: Y-yea. Well, it's not bad, I guess.
  • [Player]: Alright. What's say we eat lunch, hm?
  • [Girlfriend]: Mmmmm, can I have my game back ♪
  • [Player]: You mean to play around with it while we eat? That's it, I'm erasing the data.
  • [Girlfriend]: Noooooo~!

Cinema Date

  • [Girlfriend]: La~la~la~la~lalalala~ ♪
  • [Player]: Ha ha. What's with you singing that same phrase over and over?
  • [Player]: I can't wait for today's movie. You got the tickets, right?
  • [Girlfriend]: Of course. Kgh.
  • [Player]: What's with the kgh ?
  • [Girlfriend]: Don't you get it?
  • [Girlfriend]: So disappointing. Kgh.
  • [Player]: I'm sorry but I seriously don't understand.
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm impersonating the main character in the anime movie we're going to watch today!
  • [Girlfriend]: I thought I explained this to you when we watched all the episodes of the TV version I recorded!
  • [Player]: Oh, yea. I was asleep for most of that though.
  • [Girlfriend]: Sigh. I guess man's worst enemy IS himself, huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: This movie is gonna be the final chapter in the anime's story! Why go see it if you don't even like the TV show?
  • [Player]: Geez.
  • [Girlfriend]: I mean, seriously. If you're going to watch the TV show, do it now. If not, then leave!
  • [Player]: Oh, is that what you think now is it?
  • [Girlfriend]: Humph? Upset?
  • [Player]: If I recall correctly, a certain someone spent way too much time playing games and watching TV. So much time that her test scores went down.
  • [Girlfriend]: Erp.
  • [Player]: So, forget watching this movie. We're going to go home and make up all that lost study time!
  • [Girlfriend]: Eep. Oooh. I never know what kind of face to make in situations like this.
  • [Player]: And don't think you're gonna weasel out of this with a laugh and smile.
  • [Girlfriend]: A-alright.

What's For Dinner?

  • [Girlfriend]: Ku ku ku. Allow me and my magic to take care of tonight's meal preparation.
  • [Player]: No thanks. I've got it taken care of.
  • [Girlfriend]: Enemy ships have penetrated the kitchen's defense line! Permission to engage!
  • [Girlfriend]: No no no! Come on! I'm gonna make dinner tonight!
  • [Player]: Why? Isn't that time you could be spending playing games?
  • [Girlfriend]: Well sure, but sometimes I'd like you to eat something I've made, [Player].
  • [Player]: Oh yea? Well then, you can make the side dish. It's bitter melon stir-fry.
  • [Girlfriend]: What? I don't want to make that!
  • [Player]: .......
  • [Girlfriend]: .......? Oh, wait.
  • [Player]: You just want to eat one of your favorite foods, don't you?
  • [Girlfriend]: Tee hee hee ♪
  • [Player]: Oh well. Once in a while can't hurt. I'll make anything you want.
  • [Girlfriend]: Really? Yay! Oh boy, what to have? What to have?
  • [Girlfriend]: I know! I'll have some grilled eel.
  • [Player]: Hey! This was supposed to be a home cooked meal! Not take out!
  • [Girlfriend]: W-whoa! Aww, come on. I was joking. Fine, if you're gonna be like that.
  • [Player]: You know! Sigh. Look, why don't we both cook.
  • [Girlfriend]: You mean, I get to help?! Yea! Together, we form the ultimate party!
  • [Player]: But, we're going to make a healthy balanced dinner.
  • [Girlfriend]: Awww!

Weird Dream

  • [Girlfriend]: Yawn.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ah! Oh no. I fell asleep while playing video games again.
  • [Girlfriend]: I have to get into the futon and sleep or [Player] will get mad at me again.
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait. Where am I?
  • [Girlfriend]: I could have sworn that I was in my room playing games.
  • [Girlfriend]: What am I doing in the middle of a forest? Hey, [Player]!
  • [Girlfriend]: [Player], where are you?
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, no. Which way should I go? I hope I can get home.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, all seeing, all knowing Third Eye. Guide me home.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ugh. It's so dark. I can't see anything. [Player], where are you?
  • [Player]: Hey! [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: ... ! Please, [Player]! Help me, please!
  • [Girlfriend]: Please, [Player]! You're a hero. You're my hero! Help me!
  • [Girlfriend]: I'm here! Please! I'm right, huh? WHAT THE?!
  • [Player]: Oh, hey [Girlfriend]. You looking for me?
  • [Girlfriend]: W-w-w-w-what? [Player]?! You're huge! S-sixty meter class?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Eeeeeeeeee!
  • [Player]: Hey, [Girlfriend]? Where are you going? She's so small, I can't see.
  • [Girlfriend]: I hate this! This isn't some comic book!
  • [Girlfriend]: If this is a dream, then I wanna wake up! Where's the reset button? Where's the reset button?!

Tropical Paradise

  • [Girlfriend]: Fu wa ha ha ha! Blow, mighty winds! Blow! Crash, mighty waves! Crash! Clean and restore everything, restore it to nothing!
  • [Player]: [Girlfriend], let's calm down. You're disturbing the other pool goers.
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh? What are you doing here, [Player]?
  • [Player]: If I don't take you out places every once in a while, all you do is hole up in your room.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yeah, but this is just a warm water swimming pool. It's not exactly an exotic location, ya know.
  • [Player]: Well, I'm sorry. We're on a tight budget right now.
  • [Player]: Seeing as how someone had to go and buy the latest video game.
  • [Girlfriend]: ... Uggu.
  • [Girlfriend]: W-well, anyway! Since we both are here at the pool and all... !
  • [Player]: You want to go for a swim?
  • [Girlfriend]: Let's just break out the beach chairs, unwind and play some video games.
  • [Player]: Denied.
  • [Girlfriend]: Wha?! Hey! C'mon, give it back!
  • [Player]: We're at the pool, not an arcade. Come on, let's go swimming!
  • [Girlfriend]: Y-yea, but.
  • [Girlfriend]: I-I'm not good at swimming. A-and I don't look good in a bathing suit.
  • [Player]: Pfft. Ah ha ha ha ha!
  • [Girlfriend]: Jerk! Why are you laughing?!
  • [Player]: I-it's just. I'm sorry. I'm just surprised that that's what you were worried about.
  • [Player]: Relax, [Girlfriend]. You look great in that bathing suit.
  • [Girlfriend]: Huh?!
  • [Player]: I'm proud about having such a cute girlfriend. So come on, let's go swim. There's nothing to worry about.
  • [Girlfriend]: OK! Fwa ha ha ha ha! Now, my true powers have awakened!

Cleaning Up!

  • [Player]: [Girlfriend]? Are you in here? Can I come in?
  • [Girlfriend]: Wait, wait! I'm in the middle of something!
  • [Player]: Hm? What are you doing? Although, I could take a guess.
  • [Girlfriend]: Youp. Hup! Aggh! YES! Level cleared!
  • [Player]: Just as I thought. Another game?
  • [Girlfriend]: OK, [Player]. I just cleared the level so you can come in.
  • [Player]: Thanks.
  • [Girlfriend]: Ku ku ku. You've entered my territory. Don't think you can get out alive. Bwa ha ha ha ha!
  • [Player]: Uh huh. By the way, [Girlfriend]. Now, what was it I came for again.. ?! Wait, what in the.. ?! What in the heck is this?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Was that some line from an old TV show?
  • [Player]: No! Look at this room! It's a mess!
  • [Girlfriend]: Really?
  • [Player]: Yes, really! Comic books strewn all over the place, game console cords all tangled up! It's crazy.
  • [Player]: Half open cakes left on the floor, is this even a girl's bedroom?!
  • [Girlfriend]: Sure♪ Everything's perfectly reachable for maximum convenience.
  • [Player]: ........
  • [Player]: We're cleaning up. Now.
  • [Girlfriend]: Wha-hey! don't just... ! You fool, you dare to touch my treasured valuables without permission?! The Sword of Damocles will fall on your... !
  • [Player]: Either start cleaning or I start trashing.
  • [Girlfriend]: OK OK OK OK OK! I'll clean! I'll clean!
  • [Player]: Come on now! Don't just push things under the bed, that's not cleaning!
  • [Girlfriend]: Awww, but I'm just gonna use it again real soon.
  • [Player]: Alright, that's it. I'm gonna show you the proper way to tidy up, so you'd better get ready.
  • [Girlfriend]: Nnnggu!

After School

  • [Player]: Phew! Class is finally finished. Alright, Let's go home.
  • [Player]: You all ready to head home, [Girlfriend]?
  • [Girlfriend]: So like, I was already to take a break but then the final boss shows up!
  • [Girlfriend]: I know, right?! I thought the exact same thing! They totally didn't need to revive that character.
  • [Player]: Sounds like she's talking to some friends.
  • [Player]: But she's talking about some hardcore nerdy stuff. It'd be awkward to call out to her right now.
  • [Girlfriend]: Oh, yeah! I really like that voice actor too!
  • [Girlfriend]: I mean he has a cool voice and all, but his acting level is... ? Oh, hey [Player].
  • [Player]: Sorry. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
  • [Girlfriend]: No, it's OK. I was just killing some time. Are you headed home?
  • [Player]: Yup.
  • [Girlfriend]: OK, I'll come with. See you tomorrow, guys.
  • [Girlfriend]: Come on, [Player].
  • [Player]: Hey, those kids back there. Were they friends of yours?
  • [Girlfriend]: Yea. They like anime and games too, so we really hit it off.
  • [Player]: Well, now. Isn't that a surprise.
  • [Girlfriend]: Just what is that supposed to mean?!
  • [Player]: Aha ha ha ha! Sorry, sorry. Still, I'm glad you found some friends with common interests.
  • [Girlfriend]: Yea, but you know? Out of all of us, I'm the luckiest one of all.
  • [Player]: Oh yea? Why's that?
  • [Girlfriend]: Because I have someone like you, [Player]♪
  • [Player]: Ha ha ha. That's what you're most thankful for, huh?
  • [Girlfriend]: He he he♪ So as thanks for being there for me, I'm drawing a dojinshi based on you!
  • [Girlfriend]: All my friends are looking forward to it. So, I'm going to get it ready in time for the next convention.
  • [Girlfriend]: Which is in three days.
  • [Player]: I don't know why, but I have a baaad feeling about this.

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