There are three Booster Pack options to choose from:

  • Booster Pack: Avatar Set: Includes a set of three Avatars including an MR Outfit for 200NP.
  • Booster Pack: Item Set: Includes 600NP worth of useful items for 200NP.

Item Set Contents

Closet Space +100 x1
Timesaver 120 x10
Timesaver 60 x20
Stamina Bento x10
Super Stamina Bento x5
  • Booster Pack: Avatar + Item Set: Includes both the Avatar and Item sets for 300NP.


  • Only one pack per Player is available.
  • Purchasing either Avatar Set or Item Set will prevent you from being able to purchase the Avatar & Item Set.

Past Avatar Item Sets

Kitty Cat Set
Swimsuit Set Booster Pack banner
Loving Wife Set