Autumn Date Event Gacha Banner

This is the Event Gacha from the Autumn Date Event.

MR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Crepe Date For Two
Crepe Date For Two Clothes

SR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Sharing Is Caring
Sharing Is Caring Front
Town In Fall Evening
Town In Fall Evening Background

RR Outfits

Icon Name Type
Autumn Rain Red
Autumn Rain Red Body Acc.
Autumn Rain Yellow
Autumn Rain Yellow Body Acc.
Autumn Rain Green
Autumn Rain Green Body Acc.
Autumn Rain Brown
Autumn Rain Brown Body Acc.
Red-Leaf Memories Red
Red-Leaf Memories Red Clothes
Red-Leaf Memories Yellow
Red-Leaf Memories Yellow Clothes
Red-Leaf Memories Brown
Red-Leaf Memories Brown Clothes
Red-Leaf Memories Green
Red-Leaf Memories Green Clothes

R Outfits

Icon Name Type
Red-Leaf Bonfire Red
Red-Leaf Bonfire Red Front
Red-Leaf Bonfire Green
Red-Leaf Bonfire Green Front
Red-Leaf Bonfire Brown
Red-Leaf Bonfire Brown Front
Wait For Me Red
Wait For Me♪ Red Clothes
Wait For Me Yellow
Wait For Me♪ Yellow Clothes
Wait For Me Blue
Wait For Me♪ Blue Clothes
Wait For Me Black
Wait For Me♪ Black Clothes

N Outfits

Icon Name Type
Autumn Coat Pink
Autumn Coat Pink Clothes
Autumn Coat Red
Autumn Coat Red Clothes
Autumn Coat Orange
Autumn Coat Orange Clothes
Autumn Coat Beige
Autumn Coat Beige Clothes
Persimmon Earrings Orange
Persimmon Earrings Orange Face Acc.
Persimmon Earrings Yellow
Persimmon Earrings Yellow Face Acc.
Persimmon Earrings Green
Persimmon Earrings Green Face Acc.
Persimmon Earrings Red
Persimmon Earrings Red Face Acc.
Dragonfly Red
Dragonfly Red Hair Acc.
Dragonfly Blue
Dragonfly Blue Hair Acc.
Dragonfly Yellow
Dragonfly Yellow Hair Acc.
Dragonfly Green
Dragonfly Green Hair Acc.


Icon Name Type
Parfait Event Item
Pancake Event Item
Pudding Event Item
Donut Event Item
Macaroon Event Item

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