Affection shows just how much your girlfriend likes you.

The affection level can be raised (or lowered) through Chatting.

The content of Chat conversations also changes by Affection level, for each personality.

There are even some Special Scenarios for reaching certain levels of Affection.

Your Girlfriend's current Affection level is shown by the following sort of icons.

Affection 01

-500 to -100

Affection 02

-99 to -50

Affection 03

-49 to 0

Affection 04

1 to 29

Affection 05

30 to 79

Affection 06

80 to 99

Affection 07

100 to 499

Affection 08

500 to 999

Affection 09

1,000 to 1,499

Affection 10

1,500 to 1,999

Affection 11

2,000 to 2,499

Affection 12

2,500 to 2,999

Affection 13

3,000 to 3,499

Affection 14

3,500 to 3,999

Affection 15

4,000 to 5,999

Affection 16

6,000 to 9,999

Affection 17

10,000 to 29,999

Affection 18

30,000 to 49,999

Affection 19

50,000 to 79,999

Affection 20

80,000 to 99,999

Affection 21


Affection Rewards
Affection Reward
Closet Space +10

Closet Space +10 x1

Outfit Space +1

Outfit Space +1 x1

Album Space +1

Album Space +1 x1

Gacha Coupon Multiple

Gacha Coupon x5

Gacha Coupon Multiple

Gacha Coupon x10

Trait Treat UP

Trait Treat UP x5

Closet Space +10

Closet Space +10 x1

Gacha Ticket

Gacha Ticket x1

Outfit Space +1

Outfit Space +1 x1

Kiss Ticket

Kiss Ticket x1

Gacha Ticket Multiple

Gacha Ticket x2

Gacha Ticket Multiple

Gacha Ticket x3

Kiss Ticket

Kiss Ticket x1

Gacha Ticket Multiple

Gacha Ticket x5

Personality Icon Hearts

Increasing your Girlfriend's Affection will also increase the number of Hearts on her Personality Icon.

The First is obtained when your Girlfriend reaches 500 Affection.

The Second is obtained when your Girlfriend reaches 6,000 Affection.

The Third is obtained when your Girlfriend reaches 50,000 Affection.



Chatting lets you communicate with your Girlfriend, verbally and physically.

Reaching certain Personality Ranks will unlock Special Scenarios.

Chat conversations will change based on Personality and Affection.

Chat conversations also change slightly by season, as well as some special days, so make sure to chat with your Girlfriend every day.

Girl's Talk

Having two or more Girlfriends will allow you to use Girl's Talk, which allows your Girlfriends to talk amongst themselves.

Girlfriends will earn Pal Points as they talk to one another. Receiving certain amounts of Pal Points will raise their Pal Gauge Level, causing them to deepen their friendship and become closer to each other.

Lvl 0 Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3
Pal Gauge Lvl 0
0 Pal Points
Pal Gauge Lvl 1
1 Pal Point
Pal Gauge Lvl 2
1,000 Pal Points
Pal Gauge Lvl 3
5,000 Pal Points

Once their Pal Gauge reaches Level 3, Your Girlfriends will start to talk nicer about one another during your chats with them. Level 3 Pal Gauges will add a separate ability on the Study/Work tabs to Study/Work together with a Pal Lvl 3 Girlfriend of your choice. This allows for more efficient Timesaver use, with each item effectively saving twice as much time.

Collected Pal Points can then be used to exchange for useful items.

Stamina Bento Rainbow Drink Choco Heart -10 Choco Heart -100 Timesaver 5 Timesaver 10 Timesaver 30 Timesaver 60 Sugar Key Closet Space +1 Closet Space +5 Closet Space +10 Outfit Space +1 Album Space +1
Stamina Bento
1800 Pts
Rainbow Drink-0
1800 Pts
Choco Heart -10
360 Pts
Choco Heart -100
3500 Pts
Timesaver 5
180 Pts
Timesaver 10
320 Pts
Timesaver 30
1000 Pts
Timesaver 60-0
2050 Pts
Sugar Key
540 Pts
Closet Space +1
900 Pts
Closet Space +5
3600 Pts
Closet Space +10
7200 Pts
Outfit Space +1
1800 Pts
Album Space +1
1800 Pts

Girls' Talk can be carried out up to a maximum limit of 10 times. However 1 hour of either Study, Work or sleep will restore it.


*Pal Gauges will decrease by 1 level for every 30 days since your Girlfriends last talked to one another, so be sure to keep them chatting as often as possible.

*Study, Work or Sleep under 1 hour will not restore any Girls' Talk plays.

*The amount restored will vary based on the length of Study, Work or Sleep carried out.

Study & Work

Time Girl's Talk Plays Restored
1hr 1
2hrs 2
4hrs 5
8hrs 10


Time Girl's Talk Plays Restored
1hr 1
2hrs 2
3hrs 3
4hrs 5
5hrs 6
6hrs 7
7hrs 8
8hrs 10

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