1 Year Lucky Bag


Image Item Image Item Image Item
Body 01
The Elven Goddess
Body 02
Little Pink Lolita
Body 03
Can I Take Your Order, Master?
Body 04
Jewel-Encrusted Dress
Body 05
Bastet, Goddess Of Cats
Body 06
The Goldfish Mermaid
Body 07
Operatic Beauty Dark
Body 08
Operatic Beauty Purple
Body 09
My Idol Cheerleader
Body 10
Cool Japan Blue
Body 11
Cool Japan Red
Body 12
Sexy Kyudo Orange
Body 13
Sexy Kyudo Purple

Acc. 1

Image Item Image Item Image Item
Acc 1
Elven Wings
Acc 2
Little Pink Headdress
Acc 3
Cakes Counter
Acc 4
Elegant Ruby Headdress
Acc 5
Bastet's Gilded Ears
Acc 6
Playful Goldfish
Acc 7
Songstress Hair Silver
Acc 8
Songstress Hair Green
Acc 9
Mic Stand Purple
Acc 10
Mic Stand Pink
Acc 11
Butterfly Wings Purple
Acc 12
Butterfly Wings Yellow
Acc 13
Songstress Accessory Blue
Acc 14
Songstress Accessory Orange
Acc 15
Spotlight Start
Acc 16
Spotlight End
Acc 17
Mic Stand Green
Acc 18
Momoka-Yui Cheer Squad!

Acc. 2

Image Item Image Item Image Item
Acc. 1
Elven Ears
Acc. 2
Little Pink Ribbon Frame
Acc. 3
Fancy Curtains
Acc. 4
Shining Like Stars
Acc. 5
Mysterious Cave Paintings
Acc. 6
Goldfish Mermaid's Headdress
Acc. 7
Japanese House Noon
Acc. 8
Japanese House Night
Acc. 9
Traditional Twilight
Acc. 10
Traditional Transience
Acc. 11
Lolita Bunches Dark
Acc. 12
Lolita Bunches Snow
Acc. 13
Cool Girl Bob Blue
Acc. 14
Cool Girl Bob Pink
Acc. 15
Soothing Bell Accessory Gold
Acc. 16
Soothing Bell Accessory Silver
Acc. 17
Blue-Dye Mask
Acc. 18
Red-Dye Mask

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